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  1. no problem I like the new alpha, many improvements!
  2. hi! check up the top of the modules list, there is an option to show modules that available for your country ...tick _> untick
  3. David come back!! please Is there any news for the aust post module, I don't even mine paying . Anyway, thank you for all your work. It would be great to have aust post.
  4. http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/40914/help_configuration___use/total_stop_of_all_ps_emails_ps_or_isp Maybe try this solution, worth a shot!
  5. Is the error above using mail or smtp? I always though that you couldn't use shared SSL, but I could quite possibly be wrong. Has to be host problem....I don't have any solution sorry.
  6. No! problem, wish you could find a solution though do you have SSL with dedicated IP or just shared SSL?
  7. ok problem is you need to have SSL enabled, not sure on port no# , but google uses 465. Sorry I never use smtp to be honest, because of the problem you are having. I always use mail and have never had a problem. see some here too....I think it depends on your host http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/36284/#171780
  8. hi! what are your settings in the bo is SSL enabled and what port no#?
  9. Hi! there You just need to set the permissions for your folders through your cpanel or ftp usually 755 depending on your host, so they are writable
  10. Hi Metta I know the one from K's theme works well, just with some styling. I didn't have to put anything in the db just install the module http://dgcraft.free.fr/blog/index.php/themes-prestashop/fennecs-theme-prestashop/ Maybe delete what you have entered in the db and install again
  11. Thanks! very much for sharing....excellent!
  12. 1.2.5 was a security update only......and if you read the french forum, 1.3 will have many bug fixes that the presta team are aware of. They have been working on the bugs, if you look through the svn. So that it will be a stable release and they are working hard to at it!! For a free ecommerce solution, I think it's better than some of the paid ones and bigger ones! Out of the box!! Just my opinion ...of course
  13. Hi! there this may help http://www.prestashop.com/wiki/Special:Titles
  14. I've read that if you uninstall in the bo and then re-install it works perfect, something to do with the hook....just give it a try
  15. lol!! no problem glad it's working for you
  16. Hi there! in the bo under payment tab did you check off your Payment module restrictions? for your currency
  17. for your username, just try the test without your .com string after in the configuration eg your username is not [email protected], it's just test. Is that how you have set it up?
  18. Hi again! Try reducing the padding-left on line 562 to 1em of the css sheet
  19. hi there! In your global.css on line 23 of the theme folder, look for ul#idTab2 li span and change the width from say 100 to 120 and try to see if that changes your label from dropping down a line.
  20. hi! there this may help you http://www.prestashop.com/wiki/Shipping/
  21. Hi! there Can you add the battery as a combination for the product to add, with a zero weight and just add a note in the short description, that shipping is free for that item (as a bonus)? Then add a another weight range in shipping weight is 0-20g with 0.00 shipping? Sorry if not the solution, I'm just setting up
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