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  1. Hi! there In your mails/en folder (ftp), also some need customization in your modules folders that are sent to customers
  2. hi! yes in bo , modules, products comments ,configure........validation required
  3. Hi! Ah! good, glad you got it ,sorry ... to change the text, go to your modules , Home text editor and then configure your text and titles in there.....that is not french that is lipsum (dummy text)
  4. Hi! there Modules - positions.....then move it up where you like up in the bo
  5. Ok! In the modules folder blocklanguages, edit blocklanguages.php on line 21 change if (!$this->registerHook('top')) the word top to leftColumn so you have if (!$this->registerHook('leftColumn')) on line 32 change function hookTop($params) the word hooktop to hookLeftColumn so you have function hookLeftColumn($params) then in the bo, go to modules positions and Transplant a module and transplant block languages to the left column, you may need some css styling to set it right and then just position where you like Hope this helps!
  6. This may help http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/12555
  7. Hi! In the bo under preferences have you ticked yes to re-display cart at log in?
  8. Hi! Can I ask why you want to upgrade? It's still in testing phase - alpha, it's not really advisable for production
  9. I'm not sure, as I don't have that theme...but if you get the prog like 'compare it' and see the differences with current default theme. If I remember I think there was some js added to the newer version. Sorry ...I can't be more specific as I don't have the gloss theme to pin point the difference
  10. Under the preferences tab....v1.1 theme compatibility: yes or no (down the bottom of the page)
  11. in the bo you have the option to use 1.1 themes, you just have to select it. But...you may have issues with SSL
  12. hi! the theme is for 1.1 not for the current version
  13. Olaf your theme folder should be 0755 and the other folders, your files should be 0644...sorry not much help, it is puzzling!
  14. in the theme folder, there is a config folder, inside there there is conf.xml change the name to reflect your theme name on line 2 and let me know if that works
  15. nope! you don't...just looking through the files
  16. Hi! Olaf It seems strange...it can only be your permissions if you copied the default theme...did you change the name of the folder? If you did then you will need to update the header to reflect your new theme name.
  17. Hi! there If there is no preview picture in your themes folder, you cannot or it won't let you change it...is the preview pic in the folder?
  18. Great! news..thank you very much David
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