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  1. hi! In your back office (admin) - preferences tab - choose Friendly URL option
  2. in the preferences tab in your admin (back office), scroll down and you will see the option to use version 1.1 themes , tick yes. The only problem is that it may throw SSL warnings.
  3. Hi! Carlos.....no that is fine thanks very much. I just wasn't sure if after they were generated, they would accumulate on the server (cache). Thank you again, it's a very generous! contribution
  4. Hi! Maybe the theme is for 1.1? if so you can go to the preference tab in th BO and choose v1.1 theme compatibility --> yes. Sorry I'm not familiar with the theme
  5. Hi! IE always throws an SSL warning on pics, you can solve it by making your pic links https eg: say you had an extra pic in the footer
  6. Hi! Carlos Excellent! mod thanks very much...can I ask when the PDF are generated where are they stored? I know that you can download, but do you need to go into the DB if you wanted to retrieve all your orders?
  7. Hi! Do you mean like a product question? If so, this may help http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/10915
  8. Hello! This might help http://www.prestashop.com/bug_tracker/view/3519/
  9. Hi! If you go to phpMyAdmin (cpanel) and look for ps_customer or customer, you will see a list of customers. You can delete there. They delete from the BO and database, but not by the red cross...it deletes from the database as well if you tick and press the delete button. ( that's my experience) Hope this helps
  10. Hi! Ben I would say hostgator, to be honest. Plus they have a business plan ( I think off hand) for 14.00 a month, which includes dedicated IP & SSL in the package. ( FREE Dedicated SSL & IP and FREE Toll-Free Number) They answer tickets fast too, which is a bonus. I've never personally used bluehost, but I think they are affiliated with hostmonster , which had many mail problems.
  11. This is excellent! thanks very much for sharing
  12. Hostgator works very well with prestashop, I never had any issues .I only just changed to Australian hosting, only for the speed !!
  13. Hi! no problem...sorry that it's not working did you clear the cache? and are you using 1.25? <!-- Block manufacturers module --> {l s='Manufacturers' mod='blockmanufacturer'} {if $manufacturers} {if $text_list} {foreach from=$manufacturers item=manufacturer name=manufacturer_list} {if $smarty.foreach.manufacturer_list.iteration <= $text_list_nb} getmanufacturerLink($manufacturer.id_manufacturer, $manufacturer.link_rewrite)}" title="{l s='More about' mod='blockmanufacturer'} {$manufacturer.name}">{$manufacturer.name} {/if} {/foreach} {/if} {if $form_list} <form action="{$smarty.server.SCRIPT_NAME}" method="get"> {l s='All manufacturers' mod='blockmanufacturer'} {foreach from=$manufacturers item=manufacturer} {$manufacturer.name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'} {/foreach} </form> {/if} {else} {l s='No manufacturer' mod='blockmanufacturer'} {/if} <!-- /Block manufacturers module --> this is the tpl file, very odd? that's it's not working.
  14. I'm not sure about 1.3, because it's alpha For 1.25, this one works....I updated from the svn and have had no probs. If you can, you should restore your old database edit; got it! mailalerts.zip
  15. Hi! whitelighter That's great! thanks very much...but I have noticed it knocks out the SSL on the order.php, I've tried changing the url to the thickbox for the cart to SSL, but still no worky? do you have a solution at all please... Thanks! very much
  16. Hi! Just a question...under payments in the bo, do you have your payment/country restrictions set?
  17. Hi! there Emails are set up in preferences , contact details and preferences, email in the bo. The emails are sent to the address that you choose in the bo, whether it be IT provider, gmail or hosting email.
  18. Hi! I think this is from a bug in the blockmanufacturer.tpl at line 23, change to this {$manufacturer.name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'} currently it is this {$manufacturer.name}
  19. No problem! Rocky...thanks very much for your help
  20. Hi! Rocky Thanks! very much for that....but you know I did that, but it's still knocking out the SSL? That's why I thought it may be calling from another file. The whole checkout process works under SSL, no glitches, until you read the pop up? and then it knocks it out.....
  21. sorry! yes...but which file please? http://www.prestashop.com/bug_tracker/view/3160/
  22. Hi! did anyone ever get a solution? every time you read the terms is knocks out the SSL
  23. hi! http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/24710/P15/modules___development/module_delete_test_orders post #17
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