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  1. I've uploaded my test version to my dedicated server, and no problem online anymore ! Seems that my online server is faster that my local computer, which is weird... Thanks for your help ! Wolfib
  2. Once again my online version is still in (which is running very well). I'm testing the upgrade locally so unfortunately I can't send you an url... Wolfib
  3. Thanks for your help. I'm testing on my local computer with Wamp. Nerver had any permission problems, but I've put full access to the admin folder and no changes : I still have the blank page... Any other idea ? Wolfib
  4. Hello, I have a multistore Prestashop installation I'm testing to upgrade. Everything seems to be ok, except that I have a bug when I'm trying to access to a customer admin page in a "all shops" mode (with no specific shop selected). It seems to be a problem with my installation since there is no problem with a new installation of the latest version (that's why i'm not posting this message on the forge). The trouble is that I have no clue to find what's the problem because I have no error message but only a blank page. Of course I've changed the config/defines.inc.php variables to be in dev mode : define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', true); I've even changed to the debug profiling mode : define('_PS_DEBUG_PROFILING_', true); Also tried to increase the memory limit of my Wamp installation. But still blank page. I tried to search within the source code but it's a nightmare because it's always a function call depending on a function call... So is there a way I can have more informations to see exactly what's wrong ? Any help would be great ! Thanks ! Wolfib
  5. Hello, I've been migrating my 1.5 shop to When I switch the theme to any 1.5 previous theme, the image sizes always return to the default-bootstrap values. So I have to change it every time I make any theme changing. It's a serious problem because I use the multi-store system, so when I change the theme of a store, all my images are messed up on the others... Is there something I can include in my theme folder so that I can fix theses values ? Thanks ! Wolfib
  6. Except that I didn't touch on my online version ! I downloaded my whole website to upgrade it locally with Wamp server. Usually I have no problem...
  7. Hi, Just tried to upgrade my website by using the updated 1click upgrade module. But it never ends. Everything's ok until the database upgrade. I looked to the web developper toolbar and in the console section, I have a javascript error : ---- TypeError: res is null addQuickInfo(res.nextQuickInfo); (http://www.mydomain....96b1733272d00a5 line 944) ---- No error is displayed on the backoffice page. Does anyone have the same problem ? Any help ? Thanks ! Wolfib
  8. Hi, No resolution yet. I posted a topic in the forge (http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PSCFV-6223). Tried fastely the solution of mitesh but it didn't work. I didn't have enough time to test it deeply. If you find something that works, let us know.
  9. Me again. I tried to make the cash on delivery module by hacking the paypal module but it still doesn't work. Here's what I've done. First I put in modules/paypal/views/templates/front/express_checkout/paypal.tpl the content of modules/cashondelivery/views/templates/hook/payment.tpl. Because if I don't, I have no choice except paypal on the payment page. Didn't find what code to add on the cashondelivery module to show it... It works fine on the non-mobile version because it redirects to http://www.myshop.tld/index.php?fc=module&module=cashondelivery&controller=validation and I can complete my order. But on the mobile version, I only have a message "undefined" on the top of the page. Can't do more... I posted a message on the forge (http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PSCFV-6223) but no answer. And I think it's quite ridiculous to communicate about the great mobile version of Prestashop on blogs and newsletter if users can only pay with Paypal. I have clients that just accept cheques only or that have their bank payment solution. So the mobile theme seems just useless... And as there is to documentation or communication from Prestashop, where can I find any answer ??? Thanks to any answer !
  10. Hi, What do you mean by "need to code the pay on delivery module into the mobile theme" ? In fact, the real name of the module that need to be modifed is "cash on delivery" which is a module included in the pack. Thanks anyway !
  11. Hi, I'm working on a project for a pizza delivery service. They want a mobile version of their website. The default mobile theme is perfect, except that the only compatible payment module is Paypal. The trouble is that I want to use the "pay on delivery" module. Can someone tell me what code to add to any payment module to make it compatible to the mobile device theme ? I've posted a topic on the forge, but the only reply of the Presta team is "only the Paypal module is compatible at the moment"... Thanks ! Wolfib
  12. Hello, Ok merci. Je pensais récupérer des choses comme des éléments du thème ou certains modules.
  13. Hello, Après avoir lu ce post, je commence à piger l'intérêt de GitHub. Par contre, il y a un truc que je ne comprends pas (je dois être bête). Je ne pense pas avoir les compétences malheureusement pour contribuer, mais par contre je suis intéressé par le téléchargement des fichiers modifiés. Et là je ne comprends pas, j'arrive pas à trouver un malheureux bouton "télécharger" pour un fichier ou un dossier. Une piste ? N'étant pas coutumier de GitHub, n'y aurait-il pas une page quelque part du genre "GitHub et Prestashop pour les nuls" ? Parce que je lis partout que c'est génial d'être passé à GitHub, mais pour un néophyte, ce n'est pas évident. Je ne pense pas être le seul à être largué, et encore, j'ai eu le courage de lire ce post, les liens attachés etc...
  14. Hello, La seule chose que je peux te dire c'est "bon courage" ! C'est la grosse galère. Y a zéro doc (celle dispo sur le guide est pour la 1.4 donc inutilisable). J'arrive peu ou prou à m'en sortir en détricotant toutes les classes, ce qui n'est pas chose aisée. J'avais donné plus haut la hiérarchie pour utiliser view.tpl ou form.tpl. Ben j'ai perdu une demie journée simplement parce que si la classe est du genre NomDeMaClasse, il faut ajouter des underscores entre chaque mot, soit nom_de_ma_classe. Ravi d'avoir perdu une demie journée pour quelque chose qu'il était difficile d'imaginer. Idem aujourd'hui, je voulais simplement avoir une classe avec des données stockées en base, et un formulaire d'ajout et de modification, dont un avec une image. J'ai passé la journée à comprendre à peu près comment ça marche en regardant les contrôleurs des statuts de commande ou encore celui des transporteurs. Très pratique ! C'est vraiment dommage parce que le modèle MVC est vraiment top. C'est un sacré gain de temps et une meilleure organisation. Mais sans doc, c'est l'enfer !
  15. Ok noté ! Merci pour le fix et dès que je trouve autre chose, je poste sur le forge. @+
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