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  1. BlizzardUK's post in "Add to Cart" missing from some Home items, any idea ? was marked as the answer   
    Solved. The module maker fixed it for me, he said it was a cache issue. I didn't get the details but I guess maybe it was linked to what you said PSFever, unless he meant a cache issue with the slider. Either way, it has been fixed, and it was due to cache of some sort. Thanks everyone for your advice. 
  2. BlizzardUK's post in Prestashop 1.4 - How do I change and add more order notification options ? was marked as the answer   
    Okay, didn't hear from anyone but I will update this with the solution as I found myself after digging away. You go to "Statuses" under the "Orders" tab. Within that you can add or remove. You can see what the customer sees by clicking on the status and then clicking the "eye" icon for view, this will pop up a window with the message they see. You can enable or disable whether a customer is sent a notification email.
    Just thought I should answer my own questions in case anyone has the same issue and finds this via Google in the future, or even myself if I forget. 
  3. BlizzardUK's post in [SOLVED] How do I activate Smart Cache with write error ? was marked as the answer   
    Sorted it myself. Seems the theme maker never had a "cache" folder made within the theme, I had to create one there. The cache folders I was changing were the ones outside of the theme. 
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