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  1. Is this possible ? Both companies have an API that can be used but no module. Is it possible to add API to PS 1.6 and if so how in the world is it done ? How much do pros charge to implement this feature ?
  2. Any way of making a module for Prestashops in the UK to EU ? I am trying to find an easy way to send parcels to EU countries from the UK. I realise your module is for the other way around. Is there any way to make a module for UK to EU ? Thanks,.
  3. Please see attached photo. When I try and change the "1.60100" to "1.00100" it just reverts back to "1.60100" again, I can't seem to change it, even when I save it then it just goes back again to that. Not sure why this is. Any ideas ? Many thanks. Prestashop Version Standard shipping tool built in to PS.
  4. I have a PS website with third party theme and there is a bug on either the theme or within PS code, I am presuming the theme. The theme developer is unable to help as they say it is not their theme at fault. However I am not sure what it is then, as obviously if this was a PS issue surely others would have this issue, and I can not find anyone else with this problem. I got a bit hopeful when I was advised there is a recent (summer 2019) 1.1 version of the 1.0 theme I am using, but after checking it the 1.1 zip file it contains identical files to 1.0, even the changelog still says 1.0 and all files are dated 2017. If I was a cynical person I would presume this may have been done to make it look newer on the product sale page (making it show 2019 instead of 2017). Or maybe there is a more innocent reason, such as a mistake in the listing. Anyway, the bug is that when a customer, who has more than 1 address in different postage zones, changes that address on the checkout, the shipping cost changes to "free shipping!" and the carrier doesn't change (we don't offer free shipping). However, if they then refresh the page the carrier corrects itself and the postage becomes correct. So for example, let's say I have an address in the UK, if I change this (on the drop down address chooser on the checkout) to mainland Europe or America (or any other country) then the above mentioned bug happens. It does NOT happen if the customer changes to an address within the same postage zone. So changing France to Germany, for one of many examples, would not trigger the free shipping bug because it is within the same postage cost zone (EU). A very good PS expert looked but was unable to work out what was causing it, we hoped changing from to would solve it, but it hasn't. So we are a bit stumped. I realise this error is not too major, as not many people have multiple properties in different countries, but we get 1 or 2 customers a month who do it is annoying enough to try and fix. I can show a video of the error if it will help, but the above probably describes it well enough. Any ideas or suggestions on what I can try ? Thanks all.
  5. Just to let people know I have had 2 offers already, so if contacting please just post a reply in case others fail. Jeevanoss, thanks for the message, I had 1 PM a few minutes before your post, so out of fairness I will try them first but if they fail I will be in touch via PM with you. Thanks.
  6. I have a PS 1.6 store, and the virtual product info email that customers should get after the status is changed to "Payment accepted" is not being sent. Another person tried their best to fix it, but was unable to, but they did give me a very useful description of what they found during their attempt. So I will paste that info below. Sadly I can only afford to pay 30 euros for this fix as we can still run the shop without the email so it is not compulsory, but if anyone is sure they can fix it, and will only charge once fixed, then please let me know. Hopefully the info from the previous helper is enough to let you know if it sounds something you can do. Perhaps it can't be fixed at all though. Thanks. Info below............ It sends the normal mails but not the mail with the downloadable file. Another issue is that it asks you to select a carrier instead of saying that no carrier is needed when there are only virtual products. It had a look in the source code: There is a javascript variable isVirtualCart that is set to 0 where it should be 1. This variable is set in OrderOPCController.php with: if ($this->nbProducts) { $this->context->smarty->assign('virtual_cart', $this->context->cart->isVirtualCart()); } And this is where it gets strange: $this->nbProducts is true so the assignment runs. However, if you put debug code in the isVirtualCart() function in the Cart class you see that it is never called. Somehow this function is masked and returns an empty string. Still stranger is that the version I have running on my localhost is working ok. But the copy of it on the server of the customer gives the problem. It becomes yet stranger when you have a look at the content of the Cart object near this operation in OrderOPCController.php. Normally Cart->_products is an array of the products in the products in the cart. However, on the localhost (so when it is behaving correctly) this array is empty when the cart contains only a virtual product.
  7. I purchased a Add-On about 8 days ago and it isn't working right, I emailed the developer of the add-on 7 days ago and heard nothing. Who do I contact ? I have looked all over for a email contact for Prestashop but it just sends me around in circles to either the developer again or to sign up for a support plan. If my add-on isn't working right and the developer won't reply, surely that is grounds for a refund or something ? Thanks for any help, apologies if I have missed the obvious contact info.
  8. When people buy a virtual product on my 1.6 PS site they are not sent an email with a download link on, even after the order status is changed to accepted. Any ideas what I can do ? They can still download via their account but this isn't ideal.
  9. EDIT : I may have jumped the gun, I just tried the site in a different browser (Chrome) and it seems to be loading okay, browser (Firefox) related then I guess maybe ? -------- One thing I have noticed with my new Prestashop 1.6 site is that I can click on a product, or a catagory page, and sometimes the images don't load, but if I refresh the page they load. This doesn't happen everytime but does happen enough to be annoying. Any ideas what it could be or how I diagnose it ? Thanks.
  10. See attached image for what I mean (just a random screenshot from my site, click it to see better of what I mean), on my custom 1.6 Prestashop theme the line spacing for everything seems to be double, doesn't seem to matter where the writing is, CMS, or product, etc. I presume the change is within global.css but I am unsure where to look, any ideas ? Thanks.
  11. I am really stumped on this one. When people pay for our 2nd shipping carrier, using our Agile PayPal module (it may or may not happen with the official PayPal module too, I am unable to test), and it will show up with the wrong price in the back office, our email invoice and the customers email invoice. The price that shows up, and the carrier, is our 1st carrier. So for instance, if the customer wants basic postage they can choose our 1st carrier at £1, but if they want a signed for delivery then they can pay £3 for postage. But when people select that option, and pay via PayPal, then their invoice, our invoice, and our back office will show the 1st carrier name and price (£1). Even though they are correctly charged the full amount (£3) and the correct amount was shown when they clicked submit. In our back office it shows up as the wrong price, with an error that says ""Warning xxx paid instead of xxx", insert whatever the price was. The even stranger thing is this only happens with the PayPal module, not with our credit card module. The credit card module processes the transaction perfectly with the correct carrier info and price on the invoices. So what I need to work out, is why does the PayPal module make it select the 1st cheaper carrier as postage price (and carrier name), but this doesn't happen with the credit card module. Also why does it show the correct price when they click submit, it is only post transaction that the wrong info shows up. I have tried changing the rounding up info from item to line, but this doesn't make any difference. Any ideas ? Thanks.
  12. Could be exactly what I am looking for, perfect timing. I use 1.6, I presume it is fully compatible with that ? Does theme matter at all ? Also does thi mean it is an "exact match" search ?
  13. EDIT : I have fiddled around with the live hook edit fuction for the module and managed to get some audio samples appear on screen as hoped, not sure if this has fixed it fully but I guess it is all due to hook positions. I am still happy to hear any advice as to what this all means. Thanks. ----- Okay, thanks for the clarification, but any ideas how I fix this ? What does not having a hook mean ? As I can see the hook outline on the live edit. I have tried the other hook options too with not much luck. Would using the transplant hook option help (see image attached to this message for what I see) ? I don't know what it all means. I need to make it that "Product Media" hook that is showing on the live edit page, what is that hook position called ?
  14. I purchased the official MP3 Product Media module and it doesn't seem to work right with my custom theme. The theme developer has said I have to contact the module maker, but my support has run out with them. Just wondered if there is any ideas ? See below for photo, when I try and add the audio samples to the product page it says "An Error Occured During the Hook Registration" (please see attached photo for full message). I am not sure if this is a theme error or a module error. When I check out the hooks live edit page, the "Product Media" outline hook appears to be on screen in a suitable place (under the picture, which is fine). Any advice appreciated, thanks.
  15. I tried to find a way to contact Presta direct but couldn't find a way. I purchased a module last May, then paid for 12 month extended support a couple of months ago, just noticed the 12 months Zen starts from when the module was purchased (not when Zen was purchased) which means it runs out in May. I thought I was buying a fresh 12 month support, especially as 3 months is meant to be free and included. Am I missing something here ?
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