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  1. Brill, thanks. Will have a gander at the code, I can the basic editing so I'll have a play. If anyone else want's to chip in then its appreciated..
  2. Hi, I have an ugly looking customer screen on PS It has too many columns as I had some added by my web developer. My question is how can I customise this page in particular to only include the columns I need and hence tidy up the positioning/size of the table. See pic... Thanks in advance Tom
  3. C'mon! Someone must have something...free nail file to the person who replies! Thanks
  4. Hi, my first post..wooo Anyway, I'm wanting to edit some customer information in a field that my web developer created. Its a field called 'Account Number' and under the usual editing symbol for the particular customer the field can't be seen to edit? It shows in the list of customers name as a column but I want to be able to edit their account numbers incase they are incorrect or need changing? I've attached a photo for your per-use... Any help would be appreciated Thanks
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