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  1. Hi guys, I had a bit of time today and found the issue. Perhaps quite an obvious step for more advanced users... Following El Patron's advice, I started by disabling overrrides and I could select the carrier properly in the standard PS checkout (the third party OPC module stopped working). Back to ON (the overrides) the problem persisted. Almost panicking not knowing what file inside the \override folder was causing it, found a readme_override.txt file telling me about the behaviour of the /cache/class_index.php file when adding or removing overrides . I deleted it and....Bingo!! Works as it should. Thanks to all. Cheers! Al PS. It is not perfect, Still a few hiccups but much better. BTW....how do I mark this topic as solved?
  2. Hi all, Thank you very much for your replies. modprestashop: He didn´t know why. I am preparing a test page for him to play around. His module resolved the issue for a while and suddenly (I believe after updating his module) I was back to the problem which I had by default. selectshop: I tried so many things...the curious thing is that whichever carrier I select as default, that one is the only one my customers can use. If one of the carriers was misconfigured, I guess it would not be possible to select it at all. One of the carriers (the one that should not be the default one) is exclusive to a particular zone, and if there is a customer from such zone, it works perfectly. Moreover, I can trick the system around by selecting first a province from such zone and back to a province outside of it and it remains selected (but I cannot change to the other one until I refresh) El Patron; Good suggestion. I will start by checking for 3rd party issues. Hopefully that could narrow the culprit. I will upgrade to this weekend and work on it I will come back to share my findings (if any) Thanks again for your assistance. Al
  3. Hello, I am experiencing a problem where I don´t know what else to do. For my country, Spain, I have two carriers where our customers can choose one or the other with no restrictions. It used to work alrigth but one day, customers could only choose the default carrier. Cart shows both carriers, but if I pick the other, it changes back to the default one. I have tried: -Deleting and recreating carriers, -Changing the default carrier -Flushing cache and forcing compilation -Getting help from the developer of a popular carrier -played with the db trying to copy exactly the default carrier The only thing that worked for a while was with an OPC module we bought which worked for a few months, but now we are back to not being able to choose between carriers (don´t know what triggered the change). We´ve been suffering this problem since (or so), now we are in and still the same. Welcome all suggestions. Many thanks for your attention. Kindest Regards, Al
  4. Hello all, My site is behind a CDN (incapsula) but some of my stats are worthless because it acts as a reverse proxy. All I can get is the IP address of the perimeter. They (Incapsula people) have published some generic code and instructions but I don´t know where in PS 1.6 I can put it. There also seems to be a small mod in line 13 Could any of you Gurus give me some assistance? It may be simple for someone who knows, I don´t want to be poking around and quite possibly mess things up. Many thanks in advance. Cheers! Aldo The code is: <?php /** * This file should be included at the beginning of your PHP code * * It changes the value of $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'], to the value provided in the Incap-Client-IP header. * If such a value is not provided, or is not valid - no change is made. */ //name of HTTP header with the initial client IP address define('HEADER_NAME','HTTP_INCAP_CLIENT_IP'); try { //stop process if there is no header if (empty($_SERVER[HEADER_NAME])) throw new Exception('No header defined', 1); //validate header value if (function_exists('filter_var')) { $ip = filter_var($_SERVER[HEADER_NAME], FILTER_VALIDATE_IP); if (false === $ip) throw new Exception('The value is not a valid IP address', 2); } else { $ip = trim($_SERVER[HEADER_NAME]); if (false === preg_match('/^[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}$/', $ip)) throw new Exception('The value is not a valid IP address', 2); } //At this point the initial IP value is exist and validated $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] = $ip; } catch (Exception $e) {} ?> Instructions given: ===Incapsula Changes the value of REMOTE_ADDRESS using information for Incapsula proxy This file should be included before any usage of REMOTE_ADDRESS in PHP code. ===Usage instructions Update line 13 in the file with the HTTP header name you need.
  5. Hello everyone, I am trying, as suggested by the 1-click upgrade module, to change the php version to anything newer than 5.4 from 5.3.8 Every single time I try it, I get 500 error, which resolves after reverting back to 5.3.8 Somebody wrote that he resolved it by removing php.ini and .htaccess from the /public_html folder and by regenerating .htaccess fom the backoffice. Problem is, if I upgrade the php version, both front and backoffice fail with error 500 (not possible to regenerate .htaccess or to clear caches), and I have no php.ini in the /public_html folder. I haven´t been able to find any clear answer to this problem that I can apply and it quite surprises me that being such necessary change there are no clear instructions to achieve it. Any suggestions or could somebody point me in the right direction? Many thanks in advance. Kindest Regards, Al PS thinking on upgrading to and fearing an old php version will break it all apart.
  6. Hello all, For a particular requirement, I would like to bypass the "Free Shipping Starts at X kg" for just one of my three carriers. In other words, two of the carriers would obey this rule, while a third one would stay constant at a particular rate. Is there a way to do it? If so, what code would I need to modify in order to make that particular carrier skip the rule? I am already using Price Zones for other calculation. Welcome any suggestions! Many thanks. Cheers! Al
  7. Hello all, A little annoyance is getting more relevance as it is affecting my customers browsing experience in my website. At "random" (or at least with no pattern I can identify), when using Firefox 11, if I click on any links within the site, Firefox gets a blank page stuck on "transferring data from www.google-analytics.com" and never goes beyond that. If I stop the browser and reload, it gets the page correctly. Has anybody seen this? Is there a way to resolve it? Many thanks for your attention. Al Site is on
  8. Well, I hope shoppers are persistent, and search instead of abandoning at the first problem. Google Search has still got entries with old links... If a PS developer is reading, please don't eliminate language URL extensions without giving a warning or providing a stable redirection method. Now, instead of adding other languages when needed, I will use a new site within a subdomain, like uk.fitovitalia.com, for example. Don't want to risk it. Thanks for your answers, Mandy.
  9. Hi Mandy, Yes. I tried that. Because the /es is no longer being used, it has ruined my SEO (all Google search links are messed) and the Google Shopping feed had to be rebuilt. I wonder if anybody thought of this before deciding to remove the country extension whenever somebody selected only one language. My issue was very short term. Now it is no going back for me as I have corrected whatever I could and now is just hoping my next round of Google crawling comes back ASAP!! Advice for Newbies like me: Disable languages BEFORE your site is live...or you will fall into a Google black hole for a while. Thanks again, Mandy
  10. The thing is, Mandy, is that I did not delete any languages, I only disabled all languages but Spanish. I can clear my cache, but imagine you have to ask that to your customers/returning visitors...not very elegant vs. my competition. This morning my adwords were rejected (thankfully!) because the link was going nowhere, as my change removed the /es bit from the URL. There must be a solution for redirecting traffic....my incursion into the .htaccess did not give results. And I wonder what may happen once I decide to start working with the English language, which is in my plans as soon as I find a decent-priced courier from Spain to the UK...perhaps not as problematic in the short term. I will try to research on your suggestion to add a refresh, but I am not a php programmer....I know a little VB and that´s it. Thanks a lot
  11. Mike, please don't misunderstand me. Once browser cache is cleared (or if you access it for the very first time AFTER I disabled the other languages), it shows OK. Reason why you don't see any problems. If you are are returning AFTER I disabled the surplus languages, it shows the 404 unless the returning visitor clears his/her browser's cache...and in IE9 is a little bit more complex as it has a new option for clearing the cache. My thought is that the browser keeps some kind of information cached from the previous .htaccess (?) which prompts it to change from www.fitovitalia.com to www.fitovitalia.com/es which we know it no longer exists. That is why I was trying to make the browser (returning visitor's browser) to believe it was accessing the old page (/es) as it used to work before I innocently made the changes. But it didn't work. Thanks once more. Now is almost midnight, my neurons are shutting down, Good night!
  12. ohhh...give up for today. I think the page http://www.fitovitalia.com/es is cached in my laptop's IE and FF(and presumably my recurring visitors' computers). I tried to add the following to .htaccess in order to allow a permanent redirection to the ".com/" site: Redirect 301 /es / or RewriteRule ^es/$ / [R=301] But is the same as nothing, even by refreshing... (sigh) I'll be back...if I find an answer. Cheerio!
  13. Mike, I cleared the cache of my desktop PC's IE and FF but not in my laptop, and I can see the difference. I am only extrapolating from there as the desktop PC behaved the same as the laptop until I went clearing the cache of each installed browser, apart of Chrome which never gave me any issue. I will check from my shop's PC tomorrow morning. I think I hit the same issue as this guy, but with a "live" site. So far, I can only think of modifying my 404 page with some instructions on how to clear the visitor's browser cache, or discover how to find and redirect such ghost page to the real home page, if such is possible. Thank you for your assistance.
  14. Sadly, it doesn't work. I originally tried disabling the cache, forcing compilation and flushing the cache. It seems that the browsers keep cached a page that no longer exists and instead of re-directing recurring users, the server responds with a 404. And it all happened by disabling the languages. Perhaps if I knew which page I could play with the .htaccess (and learn how to use it) and redirect it from there? Or am I dreaming?
  15. I didn't uninstall any language, Mike. I only disabled them using Tools->Languages and clicked on the green ticks next to the unused languages. Toggling them back on did not restore the original scenario. I disabled the surplus languages because I noticed that more and more pages from installed languages other than Spanish (the only one I am using at the moment) were showing in Google search...obvious after checking my sitemap.xml I am now running the risk of loosing some business thanks to this 'feature'...It is not the end of the world, but it hurts. Thank you
  16. Hi Mike, I still feel there is something missing. I disabled extra languages and for the 25% of my visitors (the returning ones, according to Google Analytics), my site shows the 404 page. Does anybody know what has changed and how can I avoid the risk of loosing a proportion of my visitors due to the bad impression it gives to show the 404 on the homepage for them? Thanks
  17. IE9 has got an additional option to "Preserve Favorites Website Data", apart for the typical Temporary Files, Cookies and History...I didn't notice it at first with the stress. I clicked the refresh button sooo many times, I almost broke it I think this "Preserve..." option would not respect a meta refresh. Thank you, Mandy Aldo
  18. OK, IE 9 had an additional bit to uncheck before it completely cleared everything. It now shows in my desktop and laptop. But something has changed in the site's redirection. For the 25% of returning visitors I've got...Do I have to explain how to clear their caches for FF and IE whenever they hit the 404 page? Not very elegant for a running e-commerce site...but, do I have any other option? All ideas are welcomed, thanks.
  19. Really, Mandy? It doesn't in my IE9....after clearing all cookies, cache, etc etc 3 times. Thank you for checking.
  20. Yes, Mike....all works OK with Firefox (after clearing the cache) but it is not the case with IE, no matter what I do. Majority of my visitors, as expected, use IE. Thank you for replying
  21. Hello all, I broke my website. I went to disable all languages but Spanish in my PS and suddenly the home page only shows "Page Not Found". Chrome had no issues, FF needed clearing cache. IE does not change even if I clear ALL files, cache, history. Regenerated .htaccess, tried re-enabling all installed languages, enabled/disabled Cache and Force Compilation...and nothing!! Webpage had a few months working so the "clear cache" option for all visitors is not ideal...but again, it does not work in IE9, at least. Any ideas, please?? Thanks in advance and Happy New Year!!
  22. Hi, I spent the day w/ Paypal and it is really weird...All the failed payment attempts were logged against my PERSONAL Paypal account, even if I never logged in. The failed transactions never appeared against the Paypal account I use for the shop. That is why they never showed up when I first contacted Paypal. And they said that my site probably had "communication problems" which caused my confusion. Was it the e-mail address? I used different ones, maybe not. I blame the bloody cookies but I have no certainty of the cause. Now I realise that my credit cards are originated in a different country to Spain. I changed the address with the issuers, and I can use them locally everywhere and in sites like Amazon, etc, but they fail with Paypal. I will contact Customer Support again on Monday to find out why Anyway...thank you for taking the time for checking and your suggestions. Have a great weekend. Al
  23. Thanks for your reply. Yes, I have it configured. As I said, I can make a payment by using another Paypal account. It is the credit card business without using an account that is not working at all. I have got the theory that Paypal account use is not very extended in my market in Spain, so without Credit Cards, I am stuffed. My website is Fitovitalia . I will switch the admin mode off. Thanks again. Al
  24. Hello all, I am a bit desperate because I cannot find information about this issue and helpdesks are not helping. After launching our website, we had many abandoned shopping carts but no purchases. I tried buying stuff with my personal Paypal account and it worked but never with a credit card, without using an account. From feedback I discover that the site is unable to receive payments by credit card, in the best of the cases it says that it is unable to use that card and to try another one (I have tried 5 different in total, own and from family) and now it only displays a warning sign with no explanation whatsoever. I am using PS 1.4.4 (plus tha security patch) and the PayPal module is the latest I believe (2.8). Called Paypal helpdesk and they say they cannot see any attempts from my credit cards, as if the attempted transactions never happened and suggested we had communication problems (!!!???) and referred me to a FAQ. Helpdesk by e-mail is hopeless as 2 days later I have no feedback. Tried Moneybookers and they seem to be even worse!!! Any ideas, please??? Is there any other payment gateway (not expensive as we are starting up) that works well in Spain? Otherwise I would be forced to abandon ship and go to another solution. Thanks in advance al
  25. Thanks!! My Avast Antivirus has been giving warnings for a couple of weeks, and it is now that I realise what was going on. Won't ignore it again!! I thought I had messed my Theme yesterday when all carousels and a slider went mad. I wonder why a news service was capable of giving access to download files and who knows what else...perhaps we should be allowed to opt-out in the future? Apart of money, we are loosing credibility with our customers. Anybody knows what was the intention of such hack? What did the injected code do? I thank again for everybody's efforts to bring this into control Al
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