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  1. Thank you to both of you! The problem turn on to be a missing file on the Cnames files on Godaddy. I appreciate the support of te forum for your quick and responsable response! This community is really commited to help. Happy Prestahop to you all! Bernie
  2. Thanks I wil try that right now. By the way hosting is with GoDaddy Cpanel.
  3. Site not working when www's included on domain url but when you type the domain without the www's it works. I changed the settings on SEo & URL under Set Shop url with the www's and it goes offline. The prestasop versions is PrestaShop™ This is a screen shot of my current settings, right now is without thw www's to avoid being offline. Any ideas? Thanks.
  4. Do I have to upload or download files in binary mode, ASCII or auto mode? because some scripts only work on binary mode.??? Thanks
  5. Thank you Ken I will give it a shot. I found that using installatron has a tool for importing and existing installation but I have used and it installs a inclomplete prestashop site. If this Installatron doesn't works I will try it manually. Thank you again!!
  6. I need to know the procedure to Migrating from Old Linux Godaddy Hosting to New Cpannel Linux hosting in Godaddy in easy English please. Is there is a tutorial on this? Or can someone correct me in the way I think It should be done. This is what I think; make a backup of all files make a database backup upload everything to the new hosting find the specific file that names the database name, password and path to the database and modify the new path. Does anyone knows? Create a new database with the same name and password This is my humble or "stupid" way of what i will do but i will appreciate is someone can show me the correct way to do it. Thanks to all!!!
  7. Hi everybody! The problem is with Go daddy and NOT with Prestashop or its moderators. After acussing incorrectly the moderators in this community and trying to get into the head of the people in GoDaddy I learned that the problem is Godaddy and not Prestashop or the Moderators. Godaddy will not turn off the settings Prestahop needs to stop the Tabs error. I changed to one of Prestashop's hosting partners and the installation was quick and problem free. The error of the Tabs is gone and my client is happy. Don't waste any more time trying to solve the problem with Godaddy that will be a waste of time. Prestashop is a premier software that needs premier hosting and unfortunately at this moment Godaddy isn't. Sorry if I make feel bad any member that uses Godaddy but I feel worse because i have over 70 domains with them and now I must start to move them to another server and that's no easy task. Thanks everybody and pardon my previous postings Prmag
  8. Its a shame..... All day and no answer to my problem. This is baaaaad support from the community and the moderators. So like no one reply with a solution I have to assume that for some strange reason now Prestashop, the premier eCommerce software is not compatible with GoDaddy servers???? unless you have a dedicated server with GoDaddy to tune it specially for Prestashop? This is incredible! now, because of lack of support I have to change the domain to another hosting company compatible with Prestashop on a shared hosting account. You see my clients need a class A support and they can't be waiting for hours or days without a solution, otherwise they will penalize me and not the support and moderators of this community. Maybe now someone will reply? or not?
  9. I have the same issue with Godaddy and the Tabs Not Loaded Correctly Error. But I have other prestashop sites on same shared hosting account and they are working fine
  10. Every time i try to enter a new product or edit one i get this error "Tabs Not Loaded Correctly" and it doesn't let me save anything. I am on Godaddy shared Hosting and on apache web server. I have other prestashop sites on the same shared hosting account and they are working fine. Any ideas??? anyone??? I am on a tight schedule with my client. Thanks!! Attached is a screen shot
  11. How do I configure Shipping Cost as a % of total sales. Example: I want to charge a specific country in a zone to charge 6% of the total sale as the shipping cost to the customer. The price and weight ranges don't allow me to do this. Any ideas?? Thanks!
  12. You where Correct!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot!!!! Really thanks!! I own you one!
  13. Store Admin doesn't receive email of new orders. Version I haven't installed any templates yet until all my testings are completed. I do receive emails from the server from the advance parameterts/email tab. Clients receives email but not admin. Any ideas?????????
  14. Now I am getting this: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/content/46/10800346/html/coquieloriginal/tools/swift/Swift/Plugin/MailSend.php on line 161 This is a screenshot of the MailSend.php Thanks!
  15. This is line 160 of MailSend.php file if (!ini_get("safe_mode")) $success = mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers, $params); This is line 141 on Tools.php file header('Location: '.$url);
  16. Hi, Thanks fo the reply. I did the changes in classes/order/OrderHistory.php and nothing happen. This is the changed text; Mail::Send((int)$order->id_lang, $result['template'], $topic, $data, $result['email'], $result['firstname'].' '.$result['lastname'], null, null, null, null, _PS_MAIL_DIR_, true, (int)$order->id_shop); Any other idea? Error I am getting: Warning: mail() [function.mail]: Bad parameters to mail() function, mail not sent. in /home/content/46/10800346/html/coquieloriginal/tools/swift/Swift/Plugin/MailSend.php on line 160 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/46/10800346/html/coquieloriginal/tools/swift/Swift/Plugin/MailSend.php:160) in/home/content/46/10800346/html/coquieloriginal/classes/Tools.php on line 141
  17. No email received when making an order or modifying the status of an order in back office I got this message. Warning: mail() [function.mail]: Bad parameters to mail() function, mail not sent. in /home/content/46/10800346/html/coquieloriginal/tools/swift/Swift/Plugin/MailSend.php on line 160 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/46/10800346/html/coquieloriginal/tools/swift/Swift/Plugin/MailSend.php:160) in /home/content/46/10800346/html/coquieloriginal/classes/Tools.php on line 141 I am receiving email fine when I test the email on advance parameter. Spam folder is not collecting them. Any ideas?
  18. I need to enable magicquotes on my godaddy share server hosting account. i have this on my php5.ini and php.ini files. Someone knows what I need to add? I added this line and nothing happens---- magic_quotes_gpc = on register_globals = off allow_url_fopen = on magic_quotes_gpc = on expose_php = Off max_input_vars = 1300 max_input_time = 60 variables_order = "EGPCS" extension_dir = ./ upload_tmp_dir = /tmp precision = 12 SMTP = relay-hosting.secureserver.net url_rewriter.tags = "a=href,area=href,frame=src,input=src,form=,fieldset=" ; Only uncomment zend optimizer lines if your application requires Zend Optimizer support ;[Zend] zend_extension = /var/chroot/home/content/46/10800346/html/ioncube/ioncube_loader_lin_5.3.so ;zend_optimizer.optimization_level=15 ;zend_extension_manager.optimizer=/usr/local/Zend/lib/Optimizer-3.3.3 ;zend_extension_manager.optimizer_ts=/usr/local/Zend/lib/Optimizer_TS-3.3.3 ;zend_extension=/usr/local/Zend/lib/Optimizer-3.3.3/ZendExtensionManager.so ;zend_extension_ts=/usr/local/Zend/lib/Optimizer_TS-3.3.3/ZendExtensionManager_TS.so ; -- Be very careful to not to disable a function which might be needed! ; -- Uncomment the following lines to increase the security of your PHP site. ;disable_functions = "highlight_file,ini_alter,ini_restore,openlog,passthru, ; phpinfo, exec, system, dl, fsockopen, set_time_limit, ; popen, proc_open, proc_nice,shell_exec,show_source,symlink"
  19. Fixed it solution is here http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/209951-registration-user-problem-with-internet-explorer-solved/page__hl__internet+explorer+account__fromsearch__1
  20. Can't create new user account. When I click on create an account nothing happens. Help please!!
  21. I fixed it. the problem was the dump file from the new template was messing up mu database. I reinstalled the script and when installing the new template I did the positions by hand instead of using the dump file. Now I can't register new uerss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAA!!!!!!
  22. I added the fields but still getting the error. I have included the image for you to review it and check If I did it correct. Thanks
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