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  1. Hi Guys, I've done the above on and when I go to order options in orders it says 'tab file not found' anyone know where i might be going wrong. I've definitely uploaded the file too. (admin/tabs)
  2. Really struggling with this guys. I've even tried changing the form order in address.tpl. It's the "add an address page" I can't get the format to change. Edit address shows fine and so does the invoice format.
  3. Hi, I have the address format I want when editing addresses already entered and on invoices etc, as i changed this in Shipping/countries. But for some reason on add a new address I cannot get the address format to change, I have postcode before City, this doesn't change no matter what country I select. Any help on getting this changed would would be much aprecciated. Ideally I want the postcode at the top on the add a new address page, As I have a postcode lookup service.
  4. Thank you sir. This worked a treat. Much appreciation for your help.
  5. Thanks again. I have added the first bit of code to this part of the product controller public function preProcess() { global $cart; if ($id_product = (int)Tools::getValue('id_product')) $this->product = new Product($id_product, true, self::$cookie->id_lang); self::$smarty->assign('product_id_category',$this->product->id_category_default); if (Tools::isSubmit('ajax')) { if (Tools::isSubmit('submitCustomizedDatas')) { Thsi is around line 73. Is this right? I have then tried your code for the header tpl like so. <body {if $page_name}id="{$page_name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}"{/if}{if $smarty.get.id_category} class="category{$smarty.get.id_category}" {elseif $default_category} class="product{$smarty.get.id_product} category{if isset($product->id_category_default)}{$product->id_category_default}{/if}{if isset($product_id_category)}{$product_id_category}{/if}"> But now I get a blank page, I think this is down to the TPL code as when i change this back the page loads. Where am I going wrong?
  6. Hi Thank you, sorry but where in hte header.tpl do I put this in relation to my current code, and what goes where blah blah is ? Sorry if I am been a little slow here. And when you say you have to make a choice how is this done ? thank you again
  7. Hi, i have managed to get a category class in all my category pages within the body class, but I can't get the parent category id of my products to be dispalyed in the body class of product pages. Please see my code I have in my header.tpl file below. How can i get the category id in hte product pages too? <body {if $page_name}id="{$page_name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}"{/if}{if $smarty.get.id_category} class="category{$smarty.get.id_category}"{elseif $default_category} class="category{$default_category}" {/if}{if $smarty.get.id_product} class="product{$smarty.get.id_product} category{$product->id_category_default}"{elseif $default_product} class="product{$default_product}"{/if}> as you will see i have tried class="product{$smarty.get.id_product} category{$product->id_category_default}" to obtian the category id for the product page body class, the product class id is working. Any hlep much appreciated. i am using prestashop version
  8. Anyone have any developments on this issue?
  9. Hi Everyone, I'm new here, and have been trawling these forums for a few days now and finally need to ask my own question. Can you set up this module (Julien BREUX Menu V 2.7 ), so that the drop-down has multiple columns, eg. 4 rows with 8 categories per column , I will have quite a number of categories in the each one of my drop downs. Having one massive long list will not be very good. It needs to to be similar in appearance to: http://www.next.co.uk/ many thanks in advance.
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