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  1. I get a warning message when I click on your link, suggesting it's a dangerous site. Slightly worrying given you're promoting a module to prevent fraud/dangerous activity on a prestashop site. This is what I see when I click on the link: However, I am very interested in a module that can be used to check/fraud score all payments made through my shop. If anyone knows of a good and reputable module, please let me know, Thanks for your help Andy
  2. Hi, Thanks for your reply I am using this theme: http://www.themespresta.net/pres-6 I updated to the latest PS version last week. All my products are linked to a categories. There are 4 that are also linked to 'home' so they appear in the featured products block. Is duplicate content and Canonical URL the same thing? Many Thanks Andy
  3. I don't get that error, but when I try to add or edit an employee I get the following: An error occurred while creating object. employee (Unknown column 'bo_show_screencast' in 'field lis Also, some employee have not been able to log in since the upgrade.
  4. Please can someone recommend a module to help with duplicate content caused product pages in multiple categories? I have seen quite a few of these modules, but don't know which one I should use. I would like the following: Deal with duplicate content caused by products in multiple categories When sorting A-Z, Price etc, this isn't seen as duplicate content. Also Meta tags aren't seen as duplicates when in multiple categories There are probably more things I need from the module, so any advice would be very helpful. Many Thanks Andy
  5. Will this work with the latest version? Is it the same as a duplicate content module?
  6. I am getting this error message when I import a CSV file Rewrite link for item-name was re-written as item-name Does anyone know what this means? Many Thanks Andy
  7. I have tried to upload my latest csv file to the B/O and most things work ok, but the images don't import. My supplier has provided all the images within a spreadsheet, which looks similar to the following: As each image is in it's own cell, I used the following formula to put all images into the same cell, with a space after each comma. =CONCATENATE(Y2,", ",Z2,", ",AA2,", ",AB2,", ",AC2,", ",AD2) This then gave me all the images in one cell, like this: However, when I come to import the csv file into the B/O I get the following error: I have no idea why the images can't be imported. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? I also have no idea what the item-name rewrite issue is, but that's another problem Many Thanks Andy
  8. Preferences - Contact Information - Shop Name
  9. I have recently changed the domain name on my site. I notice the Meta title of some of my pages have the old name on them. For example Price Drop - My Website 1 should be Price Drop - My Website 2 I have searched the B/O and can't find where I would change this. I have found the Preferences\SEO section, but changing anything in there just changes the beginning of the meta title. The last bit stays as it is. Does anyone know how to change this? Many Thanks Andy
  10. I rang paypal and they said to get the fee I need to phone them, but they could be wrong. Either way, since buying your module our sales have doubled (no exaggeration) so having the odd issue with a refund isn't a big loss.
  11. You can get the fees back from paypal, but you need to phone them to do this. If an item is out of stock and the customer wants a refund I think the only way to do this is to send them a payment. Then the fees are not refunded. I am also having problems at the moment because a customer has purchased an item, but wants a refund. He paid via the module but doesn't have a paypal account. I think the only way for me to refund is via paypal, but if he doesn't have an account what will happen?
  12. I probably do have access, but I have no idea what I;m doing with this sort of thing. If I do it, the whole of the internet will probably get deleted.
  13. Oh, that sounds like hard work for me, I have very little experience with this. I may have to ask my host for help. How do I download a mysql backup of my site? To backup the ftp, can I just drag and drop the top level folder to my desktop? Thank you for your replies. Andy
  14. I have almost completed my furniture website, but realise I should have chosen a better domain name. I am about to buy the new name and will need to transfer everything I have done in Prestashop to the new domain. For example, old domain. www.myfunituresite.co.uk New domain.. www.furnitureforsale.co.uk When I buy the new domain, what steps do I need to do to ensure everything transfers/works ok without any problems? Many Thanks Andy
  15. Hi Kinro, Is it possible to set this up in back office to 'capture' payments for Paypal? The standard Prestashop module has this option which is very good as you can do instant refunds if the product is out of stock. The benefit of this is that you don't get charged the paypal fee until you capture the payment. They way your module is working at the moment the payment is instant and I get charged the fee by paypal. If the item isn't in stock then I sometimes need to refund the money, but paypal will still take their fee. Many Thanks Andy
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