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  1. καλα κανενας δεν χρησιμοποιει αυτο το template...μονο εγω????
  2. Καλησπέρα στην ελληνική κοινότητα. Οποιος έχει εγκαταστησει και χρησιμοποιει το δωραν theme velvetsky και μπορει να συνεισφερει, μπορει να γράφει...ξεκινάω με το δικο μου προβλημα: Xρησιμοποιώ ps 1.4.3 ειμαι λιγο πριν το τελοσ του στησιματος και έχω προβλημα με το module newsletter δεν λειτουργει σωστα..βγαζει συνεχεια erro...ποιο συγκεκριμενα : (συνχωρεστε με για τα αγγλικά , αλλα για λογους συντομιας) I am having a problem with BLOCKNEWSLETTER in velvet sky. If I type in an email address, I get the error: "E-mail address already registered", even if the address hasn't been registered. And the email address is added to the database. If I do this with several different email addresses - I get the same results. If I go to a product page where the BLOCKNEWSLETTER has an UNSUBSCRIBE choice, and unsubscribe the email address, I am returned to the Home Page and the Newsletter Block has the errorL "E-mail address already not registered" - which is ok. But then all email addresses I try and register after that are also met with: "E-mail address already registered" error. Ευχαριστω προκαταβολικα.
  3. and now the unbelievable...i do not see the step 5...but the link work...what to say...
  4. PAUL...just look this please...i make new subdomain...i try to install new and fresh prestashop edition (1.4.3) and build the template and all the other for the begging...and look what i found....the installastion take my at the step 4...i fill all the fields and i put next...nothing...is not take my at the final step...why????
  5. i do it ...it takes the code..ok.. i clear the cache on your browser (and probably restart) but nothing appears...i don't know what to do... Paul..any other idea...i send you an private e-mail
  6. i transfer my site (for the other host, for a url just like that :www.mysite.com) to onother host (with url, just like that: http://e-shop.mysite.com). all the step go well, expect step 5...i don't know why..do you know if this say something? And about the ps_configuration table (because i am not so expert,just like you) i go to phpmyadmin, i open the database ...i found the ''ps_configuration''...and i press ''code sql''under the value (SELECT * FROM `ps_configuration` WHERE 1) i put ... UPDATE `ps_configuration` SET `value` = 'e-shop.mydomain.com' WHERE `name` IN ('PS_SHOP_DOMAIN','PS_SHOP_DOMAIN_SSL') [/code] ????????????????????...
  7. Paul C..i did what ever you told me...at topic 9 and when I hit : http://e-shop.mydomain.com the url changes to www.mydomain.com....whats this/ What I have done wrong?? Do you have any idea….. And there is no redirection…at the sub domain…normally it has to point at the subdomain…but unfortunately tern to main domain…why???? and something...because it can be useful at the installation of prestashop...and at the step4 ...i the values in the fields and i put next...it seems like it do something...but it stop there...it is not pass at the final step (step 5).....thanks so far..
  8. paul i feel so stupid....you have right i use a share hosting plan (at surpasshosting.com if you know, i found then very good )and when i try to create now ddomain name it called it subdomain, when i create a think just like (shop.mysite.com) it called add on domains. Thats why i call it....maybe you have right...
  9. add on domains is something like this ....http://shop.mysite.com...the ''shop''is the addon domain... In the install quide its said that you can install prestashop in a domain or in a folder (www.mysite.com or www.mysite.com/shop) . i suppouse that maybe i can't install it on it...if you now something more ??
  10. i look the file you told me and i get this... /* Debug only */ @ini_set('display_errors', 'off'); define('_PS_DEBUG_SQL_', false); do you know if there is a problem with addon domains? because i install it at addon domains...
  11. there is no errors...maybe ...prestashop is not install it at add on domains but only at subfolder...do we have any official answer....
  12. I try to install 2 times prestashop in an add on domain (example: http://e-shop.mysite.com) and it stops at the 4 step ...why is that? There is an issue with an add on domains? thanks?
  13. no nothing...a take back a white page....i dont know....i still wounder why there is not a official answer for this topic?
  14. Make sure __PS_BASE_URI__ is set to the new URL.........could you please give an example...
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