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  1. We are using Prestashop Last week Prestashop stopped creating customer orders and customer service messages in backoffice. We get the emails from PayPal showing the orders were created and we get the email copies of the customer service messages. When I look at the customer's record I see that there's a cart with the items they paid for, it's just not converted to an order. I'm still waiting to hear back from Hostgator but I'm hoping someone here has some wisdom to impart. We've had the site shut down since Monday and I'd like to get it back up one day.
  2. Hello All, I've got a small problem that's oddly enough recently started popping up with some frequency. When customers register for the site and place an order they are not being required to enter a province. I've done some googling and searched the forums and I've found what looks like they could be solutions but they're for an older version of Prestashop than I'm using. I am currently using I've read that I could edit a configuration file and make the province mandatory but I'm concerned that doing so would mean that customers from countries that do not have provinces or states would not be able to propperly register and give me money So, what I'm wondering is, is there a way to require the province be entered if the country is Canada? It's not that big a deal for people outside of Canada because they don't pay tax but the customers in Canada keep getting the shorts in a bunch (somehow it's my fault) because their order gets delay while I wait on them to pay the tax on their order so this is becoming something of a hassle and has started to cost me in canceled orders (when customers have too long to think about products they want they realize they don't actually need them and they'd rather keep their money). Any help you can provide would be great whether it's a fix or a module. I'd really appreciate your help. -Charles
  3. Hey guys, I meant to post this update some time back. We originally encountered this error after switching from the PayPal payment module to the PayPal US & Canada version of the module. The original module had stopped working for some reason and the US&Canada version was exhibiting the behavior described in this thread. We uninstalled and deleted both modules, reinstalled the regular PayPal module and then called PayPal to verify the settings. This solved our problem. I hope this helps someone. I'm not an engineer so we didn't do any hacking, just troubleshooting. Good luck.
  4. I just spent my morning creating a newsletter for our customers but when I was finally done and went to send the message it acts like there are no customers to send the message to. I was able to send a test message okay but the link that is supposed to show the newsletter for customers who cannot get it to display correctly in their email client just loads a blank, white page. I'm hoping someone in the forum has a suggestion on how to fix this. I would like to get this newsletter out before the sale ends.
  5. I have Prestashop installed and today I noticed that percentage discounts are no longer being reflected in the selling prices listed on the computer. I typically use Presta Pricing to do price changes but for trouble shooting I used the back office web interface to create a discount and again, nothing happened. I am not aware of any changes having been made to the server in the last couple of months and I know the discounts worked fairly recently. Tomorrow I am going to go through and change all the percentage discounts to dollar off discounts (this is still working) but I would love to know if anyone has any idea of what is causing this so I can avoid having to do the math every month. Thanks, -Charles
  6. There seems to be a lot of confusion on this topic. It would be great if the Paypal, as moderator, would make some comment. Preferably a helpful one would be nice.
  7. I don't really understand what you're trying to say. Are you saying that you switched to using the Europe version of PayPal and it solved your problem or that you removed and reinstalled the PayPal module or were you simply not aware that you needed the PayPal module to use the service and that was your particular problem in the first place? Just curious. If you actually found a solution I would love to hear it as the problem, as far as I can tell, is still ongoing.
  8. Well, I've got the same problem. The paypal module fails to create the orders in back office. Additionally, I've noticed the order totals are off. It appears PayPal is trying to charge tax on the shipping and then tax it again.
  9. Okay, so now it's not just international orders. Xpresspost isn't showing for order which it should be valid for. The problem is that this module wasn't made by Canada Post so they have no answers and Prestashop isn't responding so there's no help there. I'm going to start looking for alternative shipping modules. Maybe something by another company like Presto Changeo will be more reliable.
  10. My IT person found the problem and was able to fix it. I'll be posting the fix here for others that have the same problem.
  11. Yeah, it's a complex feature and it's poorly documented. I am suprised no one from Prestashop responded to this thread since it's a very simple request. They're usually really good about responding to direct, non-technical requests like this but maybe no one knows how to use it.
  12. I've still not been able to find the answers to these questions. If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it.
  13. Good morning, Our site has been up and running for several years now. We have been specifying quantities manually for inventory but it's getting quite cumbersome to update and we may be adding another warehouse soon so I thought I'd do some research on the advanced stock managment feature of Prestashop however I am still unclear on some issues. The first is, how to enable advanced stock managment for all of my items without having to go through one product at a time. I can't find anything about this so I'm not sure if there's some reason the products must be entered one at a time or if I'm just missing something. The second question I had is related to us being open for several years running Prestashop with the manual stock management. When we swtich to advanced stock managment, what's going to happen to the quantities that were already entered for the manual stock entry? Will stock be carried over into the warehouse or is this something that will have to be done manually. Also, if there's manual stock and I enable advanced stock managment, will it cause any difficulties with inventory tracking? I think that's it for now. Any advice you could give is greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Charles Angerstein
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