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  1. I wish I can speak French. I have the same problem, no one in English is helping.
  2. Found it. It's under homefeatured.php not homefeatured.tpl . I was looking at the wrong place. Thanks. I spend all days look for this code on internet.
  3. Nice theme. Thank you! Does anyone know how to fix top menu? My disappear. http://abellagifts.com/ I also need to know how to show newest product on Home featured products. I know I need to change code on homefeature.tpl. But not sure how to do it. Can anyone help please?
  4. Would Ricky's method work on I am unable to find "$products = $category->getProducts(intval($params['cookie']->id_lang), 1, ($nb ? $nb : 10), 'date_add', 'DESC'); under line 72 of modules/homefeatured/homefeatured.tpl . Please help? My features products are showing bunch old products. I want them show newly added products. Thanks!
  5. Hi, Mike, Yes, I need help and need to know how to remove the short description code from my products.tpl. Please help. Thanks.
  6. Hello, Can someone please help?? My website look terrible with products display out of order in Sub-category or any of my product page like "new products. When I click on sub-category, each product has product description on it. It's making each product out of order. See attached. How can I take that product description off when I click on sub-category. I still need that description on the actual product page. Hope this make sense? Please help. Thanks. Janet abellagifts.com
  7. Can someone please help? After upgraded to My items description are missing. http://abellagifts.c...welry/599-.html This must be a stupid question. No one is helping me. I need to know the product is under what module. So, I can restore it to the new My items short and long description are missing. .. Thanks.
  8. I found this and hope it help if you still have problem. My link
  9. I have the same problem. Category is missing when edit product in the back office? Can someone please help?
  10. Hello, I hope someone can help on bellow paypal checkout error. I tested my Prestashop shopping cart with paypal for my store www.abellagifts.com Sometime Paypal will take it with tax. Other time Paypal will not take it when I add Washington State Sales Tax. Paypal will rejected the order & give me this error. PayPal response: TIMESTAMP -> 2011-07-12T03:39:49Z L_ERRORCODE0 -> 10413 L_SHORTMESSAGE0 -> Transaction refused because of an invalid argument. See additional error messages for details. L_LONGMESSAGE0 -> The totals of the cart item amounts do not match order amounts. L_SEVERITYCODE0 -> Error PayPal returned error Apparently when the order get to paypal with tax. It will not take it. Is there some code I need to add to stop this error? Please help. Thanks in advance. Jan
  11. Hello, someone please help, Thanks! (1) This is simple problem. I can not save my preference setting in back office. I try to change preference/products show from 9 to 6. I keep clicking on Save and Prestashop BO will not save and keep going back to 9. (2) The second problem is my featured products are not showing up in Internet Explorer. http://www.abellagifts.com
  12. Here is the link to my store. Maybe that will help on what I need.
  13. Hello, everyone, I am extremely new to PrestaShop & CSS edit. Can someone please help me shorten a gap on Front Page Template between Home Page Slide Show & Featured products? My Home Page Slide Show image is not that big. The front page template has 945px x 394 px. I need to shorten it and move Featured products/carts up right below Home Page Slide Show image. Thank you for any help! prestapGap.docx