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  1. Im looking at the rss feed modules in the prestashop 1.5 but what are they? I subscribe to a drop ship site who has given me a link for new products and another for product catagorys. As i understand do i install the module and click configure and install the link i have (have done that but get error invalid code) and it displays a box with scrolling products from this site on mine. Any help i am a "complete dummy noobei". Also is there a module that when i install a product in my back office it auotmaticaly updates and goes out to my face book like subscribers any help please.
  2. On my front page I have 8 featured product( the defualt prestashop 1.5 template) pictures that are 124x124 how do i make these images bigger like 200x200
  3. I did manage to do it ages ago but cannot remember, i made the image 980x300 and uploaded to image folder then i had to later some code but cannot rember where and how that is where im stuck any help please
  4. dosnt work you cannot adjust the size
  5. what code and where do i alter it? I have made my logo 980x200 and called logo.jpg and uploaded to images but it is still small, i need to alter code somewhere but dont know where, i have looked in global.css but cannot find any code relevant to alter the size any hepl please thanks.
  6. I have prestashop 1.5 but cannot find how to make the prestashop log bigger, i want to make it so it stretches across the page to make a header.
  7. I have tried everthing, have set up my carrier set the weights and prices according, but in my shop when someone clicks on a product it keeps saying free shipping tried allsorts any help please
  8. i also need something like this as i am selling personalised items, so the customer can upload a photo or text and see what it will look like on a product but cannot find anywhere that can do this
  9. i am wanting to sell personalised products, like printable mugs, how can i make it so the customer can upload a photo or text once they have picked their product to personalise. Is there a module or is this not possible.
  10. I am building a site for my printing bushiness ans want to know how for example a customer picks a shirt, a menu will be shown giving the customer a choice of size. Once picked the customer can upload an image and place it on the garment when happy fix and post ready for processing. Or they can access a menu to pick several stock images they would like printing. Very similar to like what vistprint use. Am i asking too much from prestashop , should i get a custom made site
  11. installed latest version and began configuring but it doesnt show the prices of my products i have looked for an option to turn off/on but cannot find any how do i make it so it displys the price of my products. Also the shopping cart will not dsplay....
  12. I have attached my global.css file i cannot find any of the code that you mention so i can move my search box any ideas thanks. global.css
  13. have wiped my bleeding eyes and took another look mysite/install/theme/css/global.css i cannot find any refernec to my search_block_top, i thought prestashop was user freindly Here is my file i understand needs to be change to move my search box across the page global.css
  14. i am looking everywhere for help but cannot find any, i have seen posts that describe how to move the search bar by going to my global.css file and looking for search_block_top but it dosnt exsist i have done a search in my cpanel and there is no file ive looked till my eyes are bleeding what is wrong surley it cant be that hard to move the search bar along.
  15. I hve looked several times for that code in my global.css #header_right #search_block_top But it is not thereim pulling my hair out to move the search bar but time to go back to zen i think. in my control panel i do a search of files in the whole of my root directory and it is not there.
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