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  1. Hello, Thank you for your response. Yes I've seen that you add the records in ps_newsletter using SQL. But I suppose that a hook is not triggered when someone registers using your popup, since it is triggered when using blocknewsletter. In mailchimp, for instance, I can find a function that contains those lines if (Tools::isSubmit('submitNewsletter')) { $email = Tools::getValue('email'); this function is called on those hooks : hookDisplayHeader, hookDisplayLeftColumn, hookDisplayRightColumn, hookDisplayFooter I think it is why it works with blocknewsletter. So do you know where should I add some code in your module to trigger the right event
  2. Hello, I've just bought your module. It works fine except one feature. I'm using SendInblue and MailChimp mail services to manage the newsletter subscriptions. When a guest or a customer signs for my newsletter using your popup, this subscription is not sent to those mail services, since it is, when using Prestashop BlockNewsletter module form. IYou told your module is based on PS blockNewsLetter, so I'm surprised that it does not work. How should I do it, please ? Can you tell me where I can add some code to send the subscription to MailChimp or SendInBlue ? Thank you for your help
  3. Bonjour, En désactivant le hook header de paypal, il me semble que les ipn ne fonctionnnent plus. Dans mon cas, PS et Paypal 3.10.2, plutôt que de dégreffer du hook header, c'est le fichier /modules/paypal/views/js/paypal.js que j'ai modifié en commentant la ligne $('.qty-field.cart_quantity_input, .cart_total_bar, .cart_quantity_delete, #cart_voucher *').remove() Si ça peut aider qqn,
  4. Bonsoir, Si ça peut aider. Dans mon cas, je ne fais aucun bon de réduction cumulable, donc je me suis confectionné une solution radicale en interdisant d'ajouter plus d'un seul bon de réduction, en modifiant cartrule.php vers la ligne 660 Après if (count($otherCartRules)) { foreach ($otherCartRules as $otherCartRule) { if ($otherCartRule['id_cart_rule'] == $this->id && !$alreadyInCart) { return (!$display_error) ? false : Tools::displayError('This voucher is already in your cart'); } if ($otherCartRule['gift_product']) { --$nb_products; } J'ajoute cette ligne ici (que l'on retrouve un peu plus bas dans le code) return (!$display_error) ? false : Tools::displayError('This voucher is not combinable with an other voucher already in your cart:').' '.$cart_rule->name; La suite reste inchangée if ($this->cart_rule_restriction && $otherCartRule['cart_rule_restriction'] && $otherCartRule['id_cart_rule'] != $this->id) { $combinable = Db::getInstance()->getValue('
  5. Bonjour, Bon, pour ma part, je me suis résigné à acheter le module "Non Cumulative Cart Rules with other Discounts", qui effectivement fonctionne avec des produits en soldes et d'autre pas
  6. thank you for your response. I understand that I will have to buy the full module for this feature. But I would like to be sure that it will work on my test local 1.6 PS. So, I think I've configured everything (in fact just the api key) but I can't get the headers and footers from PS.
  7. Thank you for your reply. Now I can activate it. I've copied the api key into Wordpress plug-in (The PrestaShop Theme Provider module is connected!). But I can't get the header and footer from my PS 1.6. I'm using Twenty Fifteen theme Other question : Does the free version can display the left column in the blog page ?
  8. Hello, Thank you for your help, I've been able to install ioncube on my WampServer. Now I encounter an issue with activation. I can activate my S/N as developpement site, but when it gets back to the modules page (after a few seconds) I must activate it again. (Click here to activate). Note that I'm testing on a local machine with WampServer. What's going wrong, please ?
  9. Thank you for your response. That's what I did, I added both lines zend_extension=<full_path_to_ZendLoader.dll> zend_extension=<full_path_to_opcache.dll> But i'm getting the failed loading errors. I can see in the readme.txt, that the ZGL should work using : Windows non-thread safe. I think that wampserver is installed with thread safe. How can I make it work ? Should it be more simple using ioncube loader ?
  10. Hi inweb, I'm trying to install PrestaShop Theme Provider module 1.4.13 on my local wamp test pc with PS But I can't install zend guard loader - > error : Failed loadind zend guard loader. Do you know if it is possible to install zend guard loader on wamp (php 5.5). Is it possible to avoid installing it ? thank you for your help. ... As it is on a local pc, I can't provide ftp access to you
  11. Hi Prestacar, I've seen that you've been able to integrate your wordpress in PS 1.6. I'm trying to do so but I get a blank page. Could you show me please the content of your index.php file in Wordpress Thank you
  12. Bonjour, Effectivement, même pb ici. downgrade vers 2.06 ok. Merci pour l'astuce. Qqn sait si on perd quelque chose par rapport à la v 2.1 du module sur une 1.6.014 ?
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