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  1. I need help to figure out how to remove the available quantity of in stock items on the product page, but leave the "in stock" text. Also I would like the text to behave as this: 5 or less items in stock = "few in stock" more than 5 items in stock = "in stock" 0 in stock = "out of stock" If anyone has a solution just with icons or colors (like red, orange, green) please share as well. Thanks!
  2. I can't find out where to translate this one word - I have checked all translations and all modules. I can't find that one word anywhere. Anyone know this? Thanks in advance
  3. How can I insert a picture in the footer ? I have tried different things but neither did the trick. Could anyone help me? Thank you It was quickly fixed - i tried the free Sotewsadd module - didnt think it would work with ver. 1.4 but it did
  4. I have other problems as well. If I put an item in the cart, and want to check out - I have activated One page checkout. But the whole left column is sitting below all the checkout stuff? It should be placed right beside it instead. Can anyone please help with this? I know there is some who have fixed this problem, but I don't know how to do it. This is only in Internet Explorer, it works fine in Chrome. [solved] stupid me, i had the compatability view on - when i turned it off it looked like it should.
  5. I have a problem with the Matrice theme when I have a product that i sold out and can not be put in the cart, it should only line the "cart" word. When I go into the "new products" page. But instead it lines almost everything on that page? Even the categories and newsletter? I have attached a screenshot of my shop, and the demo shop from the maker of the Matrice theme - this is how it should look. www.byroseanna.dk/test If you want to have a look at it live. Hope someone is willing to help, so I can get my shop running soon.
  6. The problem is solved.. I had deactivated the special "languange and currency" module that comes with this theme. After I installed it it could use Danish as default language.
  7. How can I edit the pictures and the text of the Slideshow in the startpage? I can't find the module anywhere in backoffice. I am not very technical, and prestashop is new to me, so I would appreciate any solution that makes it easy to change images and text without too much messing about.
  8. I managed to make the language picker appear now. Now I just have to figure out how to make the Danish language as default?
  9. Hmm that is weird. Yesterday there was 2 drop down menus in the bottom of the page, one with languages and one with currency.. Maybe I have deleted a module by mistake. I will have to look into that. There is already a language block installed and hooked to the page - but it does not show. And Danish is already set as default language - it just won't show in the front end.
  10. Hi all I have just installed the 1.4 version of prestashop and the lovely Matrice theme. I installed the Danish language pack, but even after everything in both front and backoffice is translated, the shop is still in English - it must be something with the theme? My shop is here www.byroseanna.dk/test/ If you would like to have a look. To me it looks like only the word "Kategories" is in Danish - the rest in English. I can't figure it out. Does anyone know what I should do for it to accept the other language?
  11. Jeg har gennem et par år brugt det gratis webhotel på www.domaindirect.dk - med eget domæne som man selvfølgelig betaler for Men det har altid fungeret upåklageligt.. så jo gratis webhotel er muligt - hvis man vel at mærke ikke skal bruge mere plads end man får.
  12. i saw someone who asked how to get prices on homefeatured products, but sadly nothing about this to read. i want to have prices on the homefeatured products, could you please tell me how i get that? Thank you very much
  13. Hi milton Yes that was it - thank you very much
  14. I wanted to have an advertisement block to put ads in the columns and the footer on my shop. but after installing this module i get the same error nomather what kind of image i try to upload - "failed to upload this file" how can that be? i use the right format on my images but it still will not work. Please help
  15. Hi all im looking for a theme to ver. 1.2 that looks like this on this link http://www.prestathemes.com/freethemes.html prestasweet, #5(the last one) in the first horizontal line. Does anyone know of such a theme to the new prestashop version? or could anyone make me such a theme (payed of course) hope to hear from anyone Thank you!
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