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  1. Hi, Is it possible to download the current product file to update it and then reload it? Mero
  2. Thank you so much for your help. With the multiplication of daily offer websites, you would have thought that somebody would have invented a module to upload vouchers...
  3. I really cannot believe that nobody on here has a solution to this. Not even a single suggestion!
  4. HI, I am trying to find a solution to do the following: I regularly place adverts in the paper for goods from my website. I would like to create a page with a specific URL so my customers can land on the page showing just the two or three products from the advert. Those products are normally available on my site. I have tried to create a separate category called "Special Offers" on my site and add those two products to this category but then to work, I need to make this category live, which then shows in the menu on the left. Ideally I would like this special offer, not to appear on the menu. Does anybody have a suggestion on how to do this?
  5. HI, I created a new category and gave it the unrl "tgrapr" at the end. Why is Prestashop showing it as http://www.kindtoys.co.uk/4821-tgrapr How can I get rid of the "4821" so my customers can enter http://www.kindtoys.co.uk/tgrapr and get to the right page?
  6. Anybody has tried it? Do you have the same issue?
  7. HI, Installed the module and it seemed to work but have found a floor. If you go on my site www.shop.asobi.co.uk and click on one of the featured products, add it to the cart.... It will show you the price in the cart without being logged in. How do I block this?
  8. Hi, I am starting to seriously wonder if there isn't some sort of fraternity or secret society one needs to belong to to get questions answered on this forum. I have been working very hard on my websites over the past few weeks and am not adversed to spend money wehn necessary. I have bought various modules and am very happy with my purchase. Hosever in some cases, despite looking very hard on the forum, there is no module or twicks to do the things that I am looking for. I have therefore posted various questions and none of them have been answered. So, could somebody be kind enough to let me know if there is another forum or if I need to pay some sort of membership or become member of a club to get those questions answered? I would be very grateful.
  9. HI, I have re-uploaded my shop after a major crash. My fault.... All products seem to be here, including pictures in the backoffice but when you click on a product, I get this error message "Category ID is missing" and no pictures are visible. Why? Mero
  10. HI, 1) Broken link Some of my products although loaded properly seem to have broken links, I can't understand why. Any suggestion? Have a look at the puzzles on my www.kindtoys.co.uk and click on the world puzzle. Everything is loaded but for some reason you can't get to the page. 2) Site speed www.kindtoys.co.uk size: 26.95 KB load time: 7.92 seconds avrage speed per KB: 0.29 seconds Is this slow? I feel like it is but not sure what to compare it to. Mero
  11. I should have a module very shortly. Anybody interested, PM me.
  12. Prestashop calcule les frais de transport sur le prix TTC. J'ai besoin que le system calcule sur le prix Hors taxe.
  13. Nice module but at €95 + VAT this is a little pricy!
  14. Have you found a solution? I am also trying to do the same thing as I am just about to start advertising in National Press so need a landing page for the customer to only land on the page selling this product but then have access to the rest of the website is they chose to have a look. Mero
  15. I installed it as well and it is not working. Anybody found a solution?
  16. Bonjour, Je voudrais calculer les frais de transport avant TVA. C'est a dire que pour toute commande the moins de €300 hors taxe, il y a des frais de tranport de €20. Ou dois-je changer le code? Mero
  17. Hi, I am trying to set up shipping costs on my wholesale webshop. 1) Where do you change the shipping charge? 2) I want to charge shipping £20 + VAT on any orders of less than £300 excluding VAT. I have been trying various changes for over two hours now and can find a solution. Any suggestions? Thierry
  18. Avec ou sans lunettes..... Je ne vois toujours pas ou telecharger!
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