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  1. Hi, thanks for your reply. See attachment, there are elements missing in my shop that where there before the link started to appear. Also, in the back office there are things that no longer funtion correctly, for eg. the filter under products. Something is effecting the code somewhere as there are things in my store that no longer work properly. Thanks for the GREP tip, I will try that today. I hope to find it. The link displays in your browser when you browse my store, it keeps saying waiting for decktech.org before it loads any page. Regards Pete
  2. Hi, thanks for your suggestions. It is possible to use the ack without admin rights to the main server. My hosting provider only gives me certain permissions within my hosting space. It is possible to install in in windows , then download the site and scan the folder with the downloaded shop files? Regarding the antivirus scan, I have downloaded the whole site but my Eset internet security has niot picked it up. It did before with my previous intusion last year but not this time. This is why I am kinda lost as to where to look. Thanks for more info on the ack. Pete
  3. Hi, thank you for your reply. I have replaced your suggested files, infact, I have replaced the whole folder "js" but still my store is throwing a link to www.decktech.com. I dont get where it could be this piece of code. One thing I have noticed, on my home page, the left category menu is all unfolded (uncollapsed) before it was collapsed. Maybe this has something to do with the inserted code? I would be glad if you could again check to see if the piece of malicious code is inserted anywhere else. Thank you! Regards Pete
  4. Hi everyone, yes, that's right, it is one of those pleeeaaase help me post. I usually don't do this kind of thing as I try to sort out things myself buuuuuut, time has come where I could use some advice from you regarding my recent hacking. Now, this kind of thing has happened before where my store was compromised and code was inserted into my pages. I have been able to clear things up pretty quickly getting rid of the code that was inserted in the past. However, the recent hacking has left me at a loss, I just dont know where the malicious code is inserted and I don't know a way how to find it. Reason I know it is there is if I browse my store, my store connects to other pages like for example www.decktech.com which can be seen in the bottom left corner of my Mozilla browser as it loads a page. Also it is very slow browsing the admin and front end of my store. I would really like your help in indentifying the infected files. I have not uploaded or changed anything in my store for months so it cannot be something which I have personally loaded into prestashop. I just cant find the inserted code anywhere, I know it is there. Can someone recommend a way how to indentify the problematic files, I've tried downloadfing the whole store and scanning it with my antivirus but not luck, says it is clean. my store is www.kendesign.cz Thank you in advance for any tips Pete
  5. Dear Vekia, thank you for your reply, I thought as much that after finding the error, it would be in the database. My friend has a module Heureka which is used for xml export feed into a Heureka search engine where customers can compare prices and find the closes dealer. Seems like this module has an error where it doesn't create a field for the information input when creating a category. I have added a screenshot of how I have added the heureka_category_column to the database. I hope I had added it correctly. I am not really sure what NULL, Default, Collation mean. Maybe you can just check that it is correct. I can confirm that after adding this column to the database, i can create categories again without error. Thank you for your help, I still have faith in this forum Mad
  6. Dear Veika, I have turned on error reporting but ti gave no new error, just the same as above, However, I have switched Prestashop into debug and dev mode and upon trying to create a category it gave me this. I am not sure if this will be much help to you. See attachment. Thank you for any tips Mad
  7. Dear Vekia, the error in the attachment is this > An error occurred while creating object. Category () - only it is in czech. Regards Mad
  8. Thank you for your reply, I believe that installing the newest version does usually sove many problems, however, I have also come across threads where upgrading had caused more problems or the problems remained. Having spent hours of work translating the front end into Czech which is our local language, an upgrade would not be ideal. The Czech translation pack has many mistakes and then there are many phrases that are missing so it would take again more time to actually upgrade and get the store into the same place as we have it now. Plus there is no guarantee that this error will be solved by upgrading. Also the free template being used only supports Presta So it could cause more problems. If anyone could help with fixing this error I would be greatful. Mad
  9. Dear All, a friend of mine who has started her own online store has all of a sudden got this error message An error occurred while creating object. Category () when trying too add a new category to her shop. I have some experience with editing all sort of things in Prestashop, I have tested her store and I can confirm that the error is happening. Please see attachment. I have read forum threads about a similar error where people were not able to add a product to their shop. However, I have not been able to find a solution that I could try. I am at a loss with this one, I believe it could be caused by a database mismatch. If anyone could she some light on this issue I would be very greatful. Maybe someone has experience a similar or same error. Her store is Using the Graphileom template Than you in advance for any help.
  10. Hi, I have this great module running on Prestashop in a two colum layout of the presta theme, however, the bread crumbs on the FAQ page has a problem, see attachment. Please could someone advise how to fix this? It is the only problem I have with this module. I would be greatful for any advice on how to adjust this module so that the breadcrumbs appear correct as on all my other pages. Thank you Pete
  11. Hi I am trying to set the same thing, is it possible for you to share your adjusted home featured module that you have made for your theme? I know the mouse over still does not work but it is the best solutiuon so far for this theme. Its a shame there is no home fatured on the home page. Also, I have noticed that at the bottom of your page where you have Payment optios you have nice logos of Paypal, Visa etc. What module is this, I have installed this theme but I do not have these logos installed. Thank you for your help. Mad
  12. Hi, please can any one help with the social link images, I have downloaded a lea theme and in the footer the social icons are not displaying as they should as on this website http://www.leotheme.com/demo/prestashop14x/?template=leo_converse Thank you in advance for advice on how to fix it. Mad
  13. Hello all, I have today finally got this module to work after hours of struggling, however, I have a question regarding the shadow around the outside of the frame, how can I get rid of it. There seems to be no where within the css where it is set. Please can some one instruct me where I can find the settings for the shadow around the images. Thank you very much Mad
  14. Hi, thanks for your reply please, can you specify which files I should give access rights to? I have given access right to the whole minic module folder. Thanks for your reply Pete
  15. Hello all, module looks great from the demo, however I have not managed to get it working. I am using Presta, installed the module, set few test images, I have not changed the hooks from the default installation and i get nothing displaying. I have added 3 images, turned off the home image slider which is installed with the default theme and I get nothing. I have turned on error reporting and no errors. I am confused why i dont get anything showing in my front office. I have the default theme installed, only modificaton that i have made is that left column is off and i have set products to grid display. That is all, anyone have any ideas? Thanks for any suggestions. I have read the whole topic aswell as all instructions. I have some experience with Presta. Pete
  16. Hi, I would like your help with the matrice theme, is there a way to shows product availability on the product-list category pages? Right now, customer will only see that a product is available only when clickin on a certain product to find out the details, I would like to show the availability on the homepage, category pages products lists. Does anyone know how this could be done. Thanks in advance for any advice. Pete
  17. Dear all, I have been searching the internet and this forum for a solution and have not been unable to find a fix for an unusual problem that I have with the € and Kč currencies being displayed in the invoice. I have updated my PDF.php and TOOLS.php files accordingly to get the Kč to display correctly instead of the letters KAT being displayed. PDF.php code static protected function convertSign($s) { $arr['before'] = array('€', '£', '¥'); $arr['after'] = array(chr(128), chr(163), chr(165)); $s = Tools::iconv('utf-8', self::encoding(), $s); return str_replace($arr['before'], $arr['after'], $s); } TOOLS.code } if ($isNegative) $ret = '-'.$ret; if ($no_utf8) return str_replace('€', chr(128), iconv('UTF-8','CP1250',$ret)); return $ret; } These are the two files and lines of code I had to update in order to show the Kč instead of KAT on my invoices, however, if a customer buys something in EURO (we also offer this currency) then in my EURO invoice the € is not displayed, I mean that where the € should be there is nothing, not even the ASCI code nothing. However, if i remove a line of the code from PDF.php { $arr['before'] = array('€', '£', '¥'); $arr['after'] = array(chr(128), chr(163), chr(165)); $s = Tools::iconv('utf-8', self::encoding(), $s); << (if i remove this, Kč turns into KAT but euro works in my invoice!!) return str_replace($arr['before'], $arr['after'], $s); } See attachment how my invoices look. Please would any one have a fix for this so that the currencies display correctly on both invoices? Thank you very much in advance Pete
  18. Dobrý den, uživatel PS verze 1.4.1 Také se snažím zprovoznit ceske faktury ale, zadny z nahranych souboru na forum mi nefunguje (mám bílou obrazovku), mohl by mi nekdo prosim poradit jak zprovoznit fakturu s dodavatelem pro PS v. 1.4.1? Predem děkuji. Pete
  19. Hi Jarome, I have searched through the files but have been unable to find the code for the input box and quantity text, I would like some guidance as to where to remove code to get rid of it as it does not work. I hope someone can give me some tips. Pete
  20. Please... anyone have a solution my above post? Pleaseee! Thank you Pete
  21. Dear all, I would be very greatful if anyone could help me, I have setup my e-shop using the Matrice theme but have encountered one small problem. On the subpages, there is a value input box under each product on the page, please can someone tell me how to remove this value input box as it does not work, no matter what value is entered when clicking add to cart only 1 pc is added, I would like to only have add to shopping cart (see image). Thank you very much Pete
  22. Hello, yes I would like to do the same thing, it is nice to have a customer service in the BO but for me it is not needed and I would like to turn this feature off and use a contact email instead. Maybe what would be good is a small form which would forward the email to my outlook. This would be very useaful. Pete
  23. Please, can someone help me with the quantity problem in the above post, I am sure it is not hard to fix for someone with little bit of experience with prestashop. I will be greatful for any help. Pete
  24. Hello, I have found a new problem with Matrice theme and AJAX, when in sub category and I enter a quantity amount and add to cart, it only adds 1 item even if I have imput into the value box for example 10. Please would someone have a fix to this issue? See attachment. Please would someone have a fix to this_ Also, is there a fix to the category displacement and left block abot the Ajax cart, there is a white gap which i would like to get rid of and have the cart alogned at the top? Thank you Pete
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