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  1. Seems like Prestashop in not in any hurry to fix this very serious flaw.
  2. I have the same problem , I checked countries as CarlosC suggested, all countries are ok. When that didn't work I deleted all of the countries except USA because that is the only country I will ship to and still no happiness found. I started poking around and noticed that when a shipping address has a leading zero "0" as the first digit of a zip code destination OR if the origination of the shipment starts in an area in which the zip also starts with a zero "0" I would get the same error as BlueBell got above. Does anyone know how to hack this so that it wouldn't matter what the zip code is. Seems like a major flaw with Prestashop at this time.
  3. Any help would greatly be appreciated. From what I could find this is a huge problem with Prestashop 1.6+ that many have encountered and have not found an answer. Maybe it's out there but I failed to find it. Here is my predicament: I have products that have more than two attributes, when added to the shopping cart check-out page only one is listed. For example if I have various sizes as one attribute and have 4 other attributes(i.e. color for eyes, color for hair, etc) then only one of the attributes is displayed on the checkout page. The customer does not see all of the choices that he or she had chosen. I read that using the "Product Combinations Generation" should correct this, it does not. It changes to a white screen when you try to use it. Evidently this "white screen" seems to be a major issue with Prestashop 1.6+. And since this "white screen" can not complete doing its thing then the attributes can not be added to the shopping cart check-out page. I also tried adding ini.php files and increased the memory level to up to 2048m to no avail. You should not need or have to use a "specialized" module for something that seems should be a basic feature of Prestashop. Oh, I am using the Prestashop default theme so there are no conflicts going on with added themes. Has anyone encountered this issue and have a solution for it? Many thanks in advance.
  4. Hi jincmd, As Benjamin said you should use Prestashop older than version 1.5. The way the Prestashop team coded version 1.5 is completely different than the previous versions that is why you are having some difficulty with these files. At some point I will make a newer version of the files to work on 1.5, I just haven't had the time to do it yet.
  5. I fixed my problem that works with version and Please take a look at my solution here: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/180487-solved-upload-zip-file-error-image-format-not-recognized-allowed-formats-are-gif-jpg-png/page__p__893518?do=findComment&comment=893518
  6. I had the same problem with a client who had their Prestashop with GoDaddy. My solution after trying to fix this issue for a couple of weeks was quite easy.....I convinced the client to dump GoDaddy and go with another hosting company. Problem solved in under an hour.
  7. Take a look at this http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/181684-inventory-stats-and-profit-margins/ The file named "AdminProfitMargins.php " will actually show you how much the retail value of your inventory that you have for available for sale..
  8. Updated the AdminProfitMargin to version 1.0.1 on 08/12/2012. I have updated three files that I wrote a few years back that helped me track the product I had in a shop. With it I could view what items that were on sale, out of stock and what profit margins were had for each product. Whats good about this is that the information I need is easy to get at and it gives me a quick look at my inventory. I have added a quick statistical look at the inventory that easily shows you how many items you have for sale, the total retail value of your items for sale, your costs for your products, your total potential profits from your items in stock and also the average price of your products. Its still a work in progress, it has a couple of small glitches but works for what I want it to do. I have tested it in the latest version Maybe someone else will find it useful to them as well. All you have to do is upload the three files to your admin/tabs folder then go to your admin panel and click on the "Employees" tab then click on the "Tabs" tab. Now click "Add new." You have to do this three times for the three files you download. 1. In the box Name enter: Profit Margins & Stats In the Class enter: AdminProfitMargins In the Parent choose: Stats 2. In the box Name enter: Out of Stock In the Class enter: AdminOutOfStock In the Parent choose: Stats 3. In the box Name enter: On Sale In the Class enter: AdminOnSale In the Parent choose: Stats AdminOutOfStock.php AdminOnSale.php AdminProfitMargins.php
  9. I am pleased to say that I found the problem myself. I had the same problem on two different versions( and and the fix is the same except for the line number fix is different. The problem I found is with the Prestashop script not playing nicely with my server settings. I still believe this change was necessary because of a server upgrade that occurred from my hosting company (they did not find an issue with their server settings). Why this fix has to be done, I don't know but it's the only way I got it to work. Solution: Go to your "admin" folder. Open the "tabs" folder. Choose to edit file AdminProducts.php Now depending on what version you have.... Around line # 1033 for version, and around line #1025 for version Comment out or delete these lines: if (!isPicture(array('tmp_name' => $subdir.$file, 'type' => $type))) { $image->delete(); throw new Exception(Tools::displayError('Image format not recognized, allowed formats are: .gif, .jpg, .png')); } If you get a resizing error message then comment out or delete this line also (around line# 1037): $image->delete(); throw new Exception(Tools::displayError('An error occurred while resizing image.') ) ; That's it, after doing this I was then able to upload my zip files containing my product images. I hope this will help those who has the same problem as I did. Please let others know if it worked for you as well.
  10. Yea, I had read that thread before and many similar ones as well. Unfortunately that thread was started in 2009 and the fix does not apply to version 1.4.#.#. I too think its a server issue as well. I have contacted my hosting company GreenGeeks about this issue and I will post here if I get it resolved..... or not.
  11. In the product page where you upload your images. Where it says "You can also upload a ZIP file containing several images. Thumbnails will be resized automatically." I used to be able to upload a zip file containing a few images but now for some reason I am unable to do it.
  12. Maybe I am beating a dead horse here. I've spent weeks trying to find a solution with no success. Most fixes I have found are for pre-version 1.4.#.# which do not work at least for version 1.4.#.#. For the first few months I was able to upload a Zip file containing images,all of a sudden a few weeks ago I am unable to do it any more. Here is the error message I get when trying to upload a zip file containing images: 1 error Image format not recognized, allowed formats are: .gif, .jpg, .png The version I am using is that started to get the error. After no luck trying to resolve this issue I installed the latest version on another hosting account and I am still having this same error. Could this be a server configuration issue since both versions are on the same hosting company (GreenGeeks) but on two very different accounts. I know that a lot of people are also having this issue and hope someone from the Prestashop team can step up and look into this problem many people are having. Maybe have a list of the required server settings that must be activated for Prestashop to work optimally. Thanks in advance.
  13. I had the same problem and kineotech (#5) was correct. The img folder has to be writable, mine had a permission of 755. All I had to do was change it to 777 and it worked! Correction: Spoke too soon. Problem still exists. Using two version and both have the same issue.
  14. Same problem here. Had it on version 1.4.62 then I install a fresh copy of version 1.4.82 and the same errors occur when I try to upload a zip file with images. This must be a server configuration issue. Anyone have an answer on how to actually correct this?
  15. I too am having the same problem also and its driving me crazy. Does anyone know how to correct this issue?
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