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  1. both these clients just switched to prestashop from 2 different other solutions. without these crucial features they may be unable to use prestashop as they both have items that require these features. that would be a very sad thing and a waste of a lot of money and time. i've added official feature requests. hopefully these features will be added soon as they are standard for many online retailers. thanks again for the advice, wish there was more that could be done.
  2. that doesn't make sense. if it is more then one item you can ship in multiple packages/boxes. that should only be eliminated if exceeded per item. do you know of any addon modules that add a more mature/robust shipping feature set? looks like that is one area seriously lacking. thanks.
  3. Anyone know of a module that add more robust/mature shipping options? Needed: Ability to flag a product as FREE SHIPPING. Ability to add EXTRA SHIPPING FEE to a product. Ability to set CUSTOM SHIPPING COST for a product. Bonus: Ability to flag a product as OVERWEIGHT/OVERSIZED. These are desperately needed as clients will have to switch back to another solution otherwise. They both just switched to PrestaShop from 2 other solutions and have products that need these options and are used to have these features. Many thanks to whomever can point me in the right direction. THANK YOU.
  4. thanks for the reply rocky. what a major disappointment that such basic and crucial feature was overlooked. i guess i'll have to price out if it will be cheaper for them to custom add that feature or to switch to a different solution with more robust shipping options. i'll start a new thread to ask my next question, but I'll ask it here just in case. is there a way to flag an item as oversized or overweight? (all carriers have weight and size restrictions, and different fee schedules when those are exceeded.)
  5. I have several clients that have a number of items that drop ship directly from the manufacturer. This is a very common thing for heavier items. How do you set free shipping for certain products? Seems like it should be easy to flag an item as exempt from shipping, but I can't seem to find it. I've thought about doing some sort of zero weight rule hack, but that is very kludgy and a poor workaround. these items do have a weight we'd like to display it. Thanks.
  6. Fixed: Quick Search Block 1.0 (Can now be transplanted to footer, left column, or right column) Install: In the modules folder replace the blocksearch folder with the one in the attached zip. Note: You can now transplant this module to the footer, left, or right. While you could move the module visually with CSS, if you wanted/needed to move its location in the actual code via transplanting, you were previously out of luck. No longer! The fix was easy and half stubbed in by the original developer. It looks like they intended to add this but just never got around to it. This is a solution to anyone who wanted to move or transplant the Quick Search Block. Thanks. blocksearch.zip
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