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  1. Hello, I need to keep the shop of prestashop up to date. When selling on amazon the stock will shrink. I need a module or ERP or Inventory management module that updates the stock in prestashop. thanks for posting a solution. P.S. A lot of shop owner do sell their products not only in their webshop. besides, they sell on ebay, and they sell on amazon and they sell on so many platforms without having to fear selling more than they have. Please understand that I cannot sell products on different platforms, when prestashop cannot update the real stock. So there might be a solution for this.
  2. Hello reco233, great to have somebody with the same problem, I am not alone I got replyies here: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/140658-solved-how-to-create-a-unique-theme/page__fromsearch__1 Prease read th links I (DaMarv) posted. I followed the instruction without success, but it seems that other shop owner had success by following the instructions. My Prestashop hates me, there is always something that won't work (while others doesn't have problems with same issue)
  3. Hello and thanks for replying. I like your shop, but you have modified a lot. Question Number 2 and 4 is answered.
  4. Hello, is there anybody willing to reply to my question ?????????????????
  5. Hello, ETA = http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Estimated_time_of_arrival You want to see an example??? Click here: http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=102&cp_id=10203&cs_id=1020304&p_id=569&seq=1&format=2 How to ust ETA for prestashop???
  6. Hello, I just imported the .csv-file. Same issue as the screenshot (above) shows. I tried to upload several pictures from several sources, without success. I installed a new copy of prestashop (local on XAMPP and on my FTP), the picture import never works. I read and followed the instructions from: http://www.prestasho...ternen-quellen/ (for English you need a translation tool) http://www.prestasho...es/page__st__20 http://www.prestasho...ni-webu/#195931 (for English you need a translation tool) http://www.prestasho...-import-issues/ I tried to put my picture into a picture-folder within the prestashop-folder and uploaded without success. I put a ../ and also a "..." to the picture URL, doesn't work. I am going to install the new V1.5 beta, maybe it's a bug in the stable
  7. Yes, for the import issue I opened 2 topics (I should do so) The topic I combined several questions was http://www.prestasho...__fromsearch__1 The 4 questions are all related to theming and modules, so I hoped that at least a single question will be answered. I am also happy when somebody replies like "no, it's not possible". However, I always search on the internet for a solution before asking, but I didn't found a solution by myself
  8. Hello Mike Kranzler, I imported a .txt file. I just tried to ust the import-feature again. I loaded a picture from the internet that really exists, but in the admin panel I always get an error: (You will find the full size screenshot here: http://i41.tinypic.com/14961yf.png)
  9. Hello Mike Kranzler, big THANK YOU !!! This is exactly what I was looking for. *EDIT by Adding* I just tried to modify the templated as described in the comments, it works perfect, exactly as imagined I am so happy!!!
  10. Thanks for answering, I didn't know that it possible to enable this feature in the backend. I have found a new free template that is displaying the stock in realtime, this is the tag in the template {$product->quantity|intval} Yes, I am sometimes very unpatient. But understand, not all questions well be answered in this forum. Watch my profile then you will see that more that 50% of all started topics will not be replied to
  11. Actually, I would like to make changes that go beyond the CSS. I do not fully understand the template system of prestashop, but I do have the ability to modify the template-files as I want. Btw. I already gave it up to search for a documentation on the template system for prestashop, but since smarty is used I found some helpful pages. bagatelle.fr (see example above) is (according to the weekly newsletter) the prestashop of the month. They had modified their shop and are able to show the left column when displaying the category, but when accessing a product the left column is hidden. I would like to know how to modify my template to hide the left column in the product-view only Thanks
  12. Hello, 1. I am looing for a module that only shows the bestselling products within the category. The shop xt:commerce has this standart feature for more than 5 years. I am missing this feature in Presta Shop 2. I am having problems to move the Module "customers who bought this also bought" into the right column. How is it possible to move this module to the right column or to the very top of the product view??? 3. I am looking for a module that php loads content. I have seen this very unique prestashop you all have visited before http://addons.presta...-office-tools#2 When clicking on "back" or "forward" there is NO page reload 4. Last question is concerning this feature: http://www.bagatelles.fr/14-cadeau-d-amour When clicking on an item, the left column disappeares. How is it possible? By just modifying the templates only or is it made by a module? Best DaMarv
  13. Problem soeben gelöst. Ursache: Den Kategorien wurde die Anzeige für Gruppe "Handel" nicht zugewiesen, deshalb konnte Kunde C auch keine Produkte ansehen. Hallo, ich stehe vor einem riesengroßen Problem! Kategorien und Produkte werden nur Kunden der Gruppe "Default" angezeigt. Vorbereitung: - neue Kundengruppe "Handel" angelegt - unter Produkte -> Preis -> Spezifischen Preis hinzufügt (für Kundengruppe "Handel") - Kunde A angelegt (Gruppe "Default" zugewiesen) - Kunde B angelegt (Gruppe "Handel" zugewiesen) - Kunde C angelegt (Gruppe "Default" und "Handel" zugewiesen) Problem - Allen Kunden die der Gruppe "Default" zugewiesen wurden erhalten Zugang zu allen Produkten und Kategorien, auch wird unter dem Kategorienblock alle Kategorien angezeigt. In diesem Fall kann Kunde A und Kunde B alle Funktionalitäten nutzen - Allen Kunden die der (neu hinzugefügten) Gruppe "Handel" zugewiesen wurden erhalten keinen Zugang zu Produkten oder Kategorien, auch wird unter dem Kategorienblock keine einzige Kategorie angezeigt. In diesem Fall ist nur Kunde C von diesem Problem betroffen. Hier ein Screenshot der fehlermeldung Problemlösungs-Ansätze: - Das Problem kann vom Shop-Administrator umgangen werden, indem er dem Kunden auch die Gruppe "Default" zuweist. - Das Problem kann von Kunde C umgangen werden, indem er sich vorerst nicht einloggt sondern den Warenkorb füllt. Nachdem Kunde C sich eingeloggt hat kann er (zwar nicht mehr auf Kategorien oder Produkte zugreifen aber) den Warenkorb einsehen und die Bestellung erfolgreich abschließen/absenden. Mir ist unbegreiflich, wieso Kategorien und Produkte dem angemeldeten User (hier Kunde C) nicht angezeigt werden (stattdessen diese Fehlermeldung). Hat jemand eine Lösung? Mache ich etwas falsch?
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