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  1. I have been having issue after issue with Multishop so decided to disable it today and concentrate on one shop. However after deleting the shop group all my catagory names and products in the back end are blank (front end of site is working fine). Basicly the procedure I did was: 1, move any orders on the DB from shop "1" to shop "2" (there was only 1) delete any customers on shop "1". Delete the shop group Disable multistore I've tried creating new catagorys and they also appear as blank on the backend. I have also tried re-enabling multistore with no luck... My question is how do I get the backend to match the front end as I now cant edit any catagorys etc? It seems as if the backend is still trying to read shop "1" rather than shop "2"
  2. Ok I've found a slight workaround, not 100% happy but it works... 1, Deleted all currencys other than GBP, 2, Restricted paypal to only use shop default currency, Some how that has made it work.
  3. No the paypal account is a UK one in GBP (Its used for several sites some are in USD but this site has never had a issue until now, Other UK sites are not having the issue so it seems to be related to this one site and the 1.5.6 update or the paypal up-date). When the order comes back to the site it also converts to USD as well.
  4. We have just up-dated our store from 1.5.2 to 1.5.6 and are having a nightmare... We have a UK store and everything is in GBP however when placing a test order when the site passes over to paypal, paypal is in USD. This is a major issue as our customers will be more inclined to leave if the currencys do not match... Anyone got any ideas?
  5. We also need a resolution to the issues with the paypal module 3.4.4 This is a big issue for a lot of store owners and seems at the moment to be being ignored!
  6. I'm guessing there is no official fix for this yet as I also e-mailed the dev the day we found the issue... No reply as of yet Fortunately we have other payment options available but its a bit of a pain because paypal is popular and easy to use... not a good loss when your trying to convince the boss that prestashop was a good move...
  7. No problem, Module is working for me now. Just need to figure out the correct re-direct code that works with prestashop as i can get it working on non www but not for both non and www requests... www requests always end up at the 404 page... Tried this: RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^petremedies\.co\.uk$ [OR] RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www.petremedies\.co\.uk$ RewriteRule ^checkout\.asp$ "http\:\/\/www\.petremedies\.co\.uk\/" [R=301,L] Which unfortunately only re-directs on the petremedies.co.uk/checkout.asp and 404's if you try to go to www.petremedies.co.uk/checkout.asp
  8. Hi can you get intouch with me as i am trying to buy that module and its refusing the transaction (on callback it says the postcode is blank but there is no postcode field on the site...) and there is no contact phone number on your website.
  9. Oh also forgot, A example would be http://www.petremedies.co.uk/checkout.asp (hits prestashop 404) http://petremedies.co.uk/checkout.asp (directs correctly to the index page)
  10. Hi, We have recently migrated from a .asp cart to prestashop and therefore need to do quite a few redirects from the old pages. The problem is prestashop seems to fight the re-direct and send us to the prestashop 404 page. How do we add 301 / 302 re-directs to prestashop as we have seen that we shouldnt manually edit the .htaccess file? At the moment our buisness is suffering as the re-directs are not inplace, customers hit the 404 and exit the site instead of reading it or using the search button...
  11. We are using prestashop 1.5.2 and the paypal module version is 3.4.4 the issue we are having is that once you click on paypal as your payment service provider the next page 404's "Remote server or file not found You tried to access the address https://www.petremedies.co.uk/modules/paypal/express_checkout/payment.php, which is currently unavailable. Please make sure that the web address (URL) is correctly spelled and punctuated, then try reloading the page." This module was OK until the up-grade we have also tried re-setting and re-installing the module. If you like i have a test customer group setup on our site and can add you to it if you create a account so that you can see for yourself?
  12. Anyone else having this issue today since the paypal module up-dated? Page that the module points to from the last checkout screen is no longer in the module directory... Anyone got the old module so that i can restore our site?
  13. We setup our site using the new multistore functionality thinking it would be a good idea... its caused so many issues its now come to the point that the site has been live 2 days and we need to find a way to migrate back to a single shop. At the moment we are running 1.5.2 is there any easy way to migrate to a single store install or would it have to be a fresh install and then migrate the products, customers ect from the multistore db?
  14. The modules we used to get these are: Product Questions http://addons.prestashop.com/en/content-management/4514-Product-Questions.html Facebook, Twitter, Google Full Pack http://addons.prestashop.com/en/social-commerce-facebook-prestashop-modules/4568-Facebook-Twitter-Google---Full-Pack.html Hope that helps,
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