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  1. Where do I put that in excactly? How do I do that then?
  2. I have a problem with my header, the distance is too big between the top bar to the searchbar. what is wrong, and how do I make it smaller
  3. jeg har samme problem. Jeg vil gerne have en lager status hvor der fx kan stå til levering uge 12 eller sådan noget
  4. I have a problem with my cs mega menu. All the menu text is missing when the page starts up as you will se on www.youstar.dk, but when you hover the mouse onto to the menu options it appears again. What is wrong, it hasnt been like that all the time?? Also The prices on the featured products module is now missing. please help
  5. after cs theme editor there is: 21. cs header links block 22. CS slider 23. CS block categories popular 24. product coments 25. layered navigation block 26. CS home Tab 27. CS Static block 28. CS. catalog Menu block 29. Add feedback form I simply do not know how to remove the "buy this theme"
  6. I have a problem with my theme. In the right top corner there is a "buy this theme" box, I cant seem to remove. With file do I have to edit to remove it. I have looked through endless files for it with no luck. www.youstar.dk
  7. My prestashop cant find this module for install when I import it. what is wrong. prestashop v1.5.3.1
  8. I jut saw this theme and taught that even though alot would have to change for me to use this theme, that it has some great modules. I am exstatic about the advanced rich menu which I really need. And also the "Best sales" module wih the flipping product pictures, I would just need this module in a "featured products" state. anyone selling a theme with modules like that cheap?
  9. I am interested in this theme. please sent me a pb
  10. I can not get my logo on it i stead of the leoshoe logos in header and footer. and you see in the top of the advance footer module there is some kind of carusel which i cant seem to remove, it seem semi hidden behind dvanc footer. please help www.youstar.dk
  11. I just saw this theme and I though it was very simple but also efficient for a customer. I would like a Header to be like this. All of it. from where the logo is to the drop down menu. Is there a template in which thes settings will be easy to work with to get it to look similar to this template? Do you know which module is used for the drop down menu? What do I have to do to make my header page look like this?
  12. This can be done at the admin page, ( the backoffice ) Under the button modules and then under the title "Other modules" There you can disable the " Slide Show Home Block v0.1 " succes No the space is still there enthough I have tried to both uninstall the Slide show home Bloack v0.1 and delete it. I want that space to be gone
  13. come on. Make proper threads with pictures of the themes ect.....
  14. Ive tried to press "Download" on your site but nothing happens??? Please fix
  15. When will this be finished and ready for download?
  16. I like the language flags on your site. where di you get those?
  17. I dont want the homeslider. I think it leads the attention away from the products in the featured products furter down. I want my product to show in the frontscreen without the customer having to scroll down, so that space has to go. How do I do that?
  18. I like the block structures. How do I implementate them on another theme?
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