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  1. I currently have a fresh install of presta 1.4.3 on my site and i have asked on forums and everywhere elese on how to get the shipping to show more than just 1 means because i need pickup in store and a additional fedex home or ground delivery added. Right now it will only allow 1 method to be displayed. Also on taxes I can not get it to show correctly. It currently shows taxes on everthing or no taxes. I need taxes in Texas USA applied and thats it. Finally emails for orders I have not been receiving a copy of, the only way i know of them is if i log on to my backoffice. If someone familiar with presta could configure these three items correctly I would be willing to compensate you for your time. Its probably something simple but it is not working for me no matter how I do it. Contact me if your interested in helping and we could work something out. Leroy http://www.dfwwholesalesecurity.com/securitycameracart [email protected]
  2. I am trying like crazy and cannot get fedex to show more than 1 shipping option and I looked through these forums and did as it says i think with weight ranges zones and so on but it will only show 1 shipping option alltogether and it wont show local store pickup either. Anyone know something I dont. Thanks in Advance
  3. I have a host that just closed down and the nite before all went off line I did a mysql database backup and now I got the backup fil for prestashop 1.4 and need to put to add it to my new servers prestashop i installed. I am very new at this sql stuff but not wanting to sound like a idiot could someone possible send instructions to like clone it. Again i am not familiar in writin with this csv categories and stuff but i do follow steps well . Thanks in advance, Leroy
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