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  1. I need help with fixing my facebook login. I am using 1.4 version. Please let me know if interested. Thank you.
  2. I had someone make some changes to my product page and now everything is messed up when it's viewed. II cannot get the person who did the work to fix it. Can someone help me? The products appear correctly with pricing etc. But customization and the calendar for delivery date is now at the bottom of the page. All that info should be above everything else really and added gift items and products in the same category should be the last things on the product page. .
  3. Hi there, I have two prestashop shops both running with different themes but all of a sudden they stopped saving product info. I have changed cache preference etc yet nothing seems to work. If I keep trying eventually it will update but hell it is becoming a very time consuming task. Just adding a new product could take up 10 minutes. Any idea why this is happening? I called my hosting company they insisted it was a software issue. Considering nothing had been changed to the core files I don't get how this could be software related. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi there, I had a great working website until I made a mistake of changing the theme to leotheme. Even though some issues have been fixed they keep coming back and new ones keep appearing. I was hoping someone could fix these problems for me for once and for all. 1. Cookie handling error. Cookies placed by the website causing the shopping cart to empty itself. Which means if you are browsing the website today and place and order today all is fine. However if you try to place an order the next day all cookies will have to be deleted from the browser before any items in the shopping cart are retained. I am not sure if this is a http to https issue or what but I never had this problem until I moved over to leotheme. 2. I have a date picker calendar that stops working from time to time. Basically any adjustment I make on it i.e. disable a delivery date or change cut off date - stops it from working. Then customers try to place an order but cannot because somewhere in the program this module still wants a date picked! I have uninstalled this program already but now I cannot reinstall it because of some existing override issue. This module worked perfectly fine until I switched over to leotheme. 3. Paypal module no longer completes the order and doesn't add tax to it even though it is defined to do so. This worked until recently I even tested this but for whatever reason this is not working again. Please let me know if you think you can fix these issues permanently. Thank you.
  5. I have changed to a new theme and no idea how to change things back. This is my website http://www.stpeteflorist.com I need to remove the "add to cart" button from the featured product page, specials page etc so items can only be added from the product item page.There is nothing in the theme's product-list.tpl reffering to "add to cart". The other thing is my images are no longer re-sized. I have no idea why that is. Shouldn't this core setting remain the same regardless of the theme? I also want to move the "add to cart" button below the calendar in the right column on the product item page. How do I do that? Thank so much.
  6. I have the same problem. The zip file is to big according to the uploader. FTP-ing the theme and the module folders did not solve the problem either, nothing shows up in the backoffice. Maybe it is to do with limitation of some sort with the hosting company because it worked fine on my computer. Has this problem been solved yet?
  7. I made some changes to the images and now the "new label" is not showing correctly. What size should the image be or what happened to the label size?
  8. Thanks Pascal, This command inserted all the products in the other categories into the add-on gift category where xxx was the gift category. So it kinda did the opposite of what I need. I am not an sql expert so how should I word this command so the xxx gift category and all of its products are inserted as an accessory category for each product in the other categories? So when a customer is looking at an item the gift category items are displayed also. Maybe this? select ps_category_product(id_category, id_product, position) insert into xxx id_product, 0 from `ps_product` a or is it an invalid command? Thanks! Thanks!
  9. I have a category called added gifts. I would like to associate this category to every product so the added on gifts appear under each product as accessories. I want to do this because it seems visitors do not check out the "added on gifts" category at all.I know I can manually add all my added gifts to each of my products but this looks very time consuming. Has anyone done this before? I am running the 1.6 version. Thanks for all the answers in advance!
  10. After trying many different avenues I finally gave up and now I am looking for a developer/coder to fix my paypal module. It is the built in PayPal USA, Canada v1.3.8 - by PrestaShop that does not work. I am running prestashop 1.6. I need two problems fixed:- 1. Orders do not complete (no auto return to store like in the previous 1.4 version) 2. Total charged by paypal is not the same as total charged by prestashop. I have another store that is running prestashop 1.4 with no issues with paypal which is the old PayPal v2.4 version. Please let me know the cost of fixing it and the time it will take for the fix. Thank you.
  11. Hi there, A few months ago I upgraded to the new version of 1.6 and I have noticed when customer uses paypal the order does not complete. I have been trying to manually complete the order and keep an eye on the emails from paypal but the other day one of the orders did not even show up when the customer/guest placed two different ones one after the other. I am getting tired of this problem. Also I have no idea how paypal calculates the total but it's wrong and I have to correct it manually. This is just so frustrating. I am thinking about disabling it but so many of my customers use this module there has to be a way to fix it. Can someone please let me know what to do. Thanks.
  12. I think I may have found something. Upon checking the php.ini files I saw several versions in the root folder. Looks like someone made a change to the original php.ini file July 30th. Since all problems started happening after this it could be it. If you think this could be fixed please pm me for access. Thank you.
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