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  1. I have been attempting to setup friendly URL for version and continue to get missing image files. getting "404 .gif" NOTE: There is no option to regenerate .htaccess file in tools function NOTE: Regenerated images in Back office I have attempted the things listed in the article with no success http://ardianys.com/...o-tutorial.html I have restored everything to run without friendly URL until I can find someone skilled enough to help with the problem. I will be paying you to assist with the issue. Thanks for your time everyone Cheers Chris
  2. Hi Everyone Trying to figure out how to add wysiwyg or tinyMCE function to lets say a CMS page. Customer goes in and enters what he/she wants to write in the same way we use the tinymce in the backend. Provided a photoshop edit of what It would look like on a CMS page. Cheers
  3. Allowing a user to select an item and customize it with a text or a design is something an ecommerce site needs to stay current. It will save time dealing with customers over the phone, and having to wait for approval.
  4. Thanks for your response , I have sent you an email . I also tested the module and like what I see so far. If anyone else needs this module please post a response so he has motivation to complete it. Cheers
  5. I found this topic in the French section of the site The Module to allow the user to create custom items like tshirts hats and business cards Has anyone else been working on such a module because there is a large group of guys waiting to purchase this tool. you may need to translate in google to read this post. http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/23824/discussion_generale/module_personnalisation_de_tshirt_ou_autres_produits
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