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  1. We response to your ticket with module archive and your email/domain that you can use for downloading.
  2. Good day! As existing user, you always can get latest version of PrestaBay on page http://involic.com/downloads You will need to enter your email and domain address.
  3. Possible case - you upgrade your PS installation not fully. So open file classes/order/Order.php Try to find in this file line with updateOrderDetailTax. It should be in this file. If you don't see it please try upgrade your PretaShop installation manually.
  4. I'm not fully sure but look like you forgot add comma after each of new items. So this not correct: $condition_types = array( EbayCategoryConditionConfiguration::PS_CONDITION_NEW => 'new', EbayCategoryConditionConfiguration::PS_CONDITION_LIKE_NEW => 'like new', EbayCategoryConditionConfiguration::PS_CONDITION_VERY_GOOD => 'very good' EbayCategoryConditionConfiguration::PS_CONDITION_GOOD => 'good' EbayCategoryConditionConfiguration::PS_CONDITION_ACCEPTABLE => 'acceptable' ); Correct is $condition_types = array( EbayCategoryConditionConfiguration::PS_CONDITION_NEW => 'new', EbayCategoryConditionConfiguration::PS_CONDITION_LIKE_NEW => 'like new', EbayCategoryConditionConfiguration::PS_CONDITION_VERY_GOOD => 'very good', EbayCategoryConditionConfiguration::PS_CONDITION_GOOD => 'good', EbayCategoryConditionConfiguration::PS_CONDITION_ACCEPTABLE => 'acceptable', ); There manual of php regarding arrays http://php.net/manual/en/language.types.array.php Hope this information help you. Also we can suggest try to verify your file that it have correct php syntax. There couple of free validators from google http://phpcodechecker.com/ http://www.piliapp.com/php-syntax-check/ http://www.icosaedro.it/phplint/phplint-on-line.html Not fully sure that it's work but you can try.
  5. Dobry dzień! Obecnie kilka modułów, które można zintegrować swój sklep z Ebay. 1) To nic nie kosztuje oficjalnym zespołem ebay Moduł PrestaShop formularz (można go znaleźć na stronie addons). Moduł ten pozwala ci lista forma poz PrestaShop -> Jak założyć zrobić synchronizację Ilość, zamówienia importowe i tak dalej 2) Oferujemy również płatnego rozwiązania, które zrobić sam, jak nr 1, ale z większą ilością funkcji i większą liczbą kontroli (link do niego można znaleźć na dnie naszej wiadomości). 3) Istnieje także nasz płatne rozwiązanie, które pozwala importować EBAY do prestashop - PrestaBay importu (http://involic.com/prestabay-import-prestashop-ebay-import.html) 4) Jako alternatywę do 3 można znaleźć w dodatki wypłacane rozwiązanie od strony 202, które również zrobić handlu import przedmiotów 5) tam również dodatkowe płatne rozwiązanie od innych firm, które robią eBay -> Synchronizacja prestashop Również możemy Proponuję spojrzeć na PrestaShop chmury, które mogą łatwo pozwalają uruchomić swój sklep w Internecie. Ale proszę zauważyć tylko dodatki z dodatkami prestashop miejscu będzie działać w tym przypadku. ---- english version ---- Good day! Currently there couple modules that can integrate your store with ebay. 1) It's free official ebay module form PrestaShop team (you can find it on addons site). This module allow you list item form PrestaShop -> ebay and do synchronization of qty, import orders and so on 2) We also provide paid solution that do same as #1 but with more feature and with more controls (link to it you can find in the bottom of our message). 3) There also our paid solution that allow you import ebay listings into prestashop - PrestaBay Import (http://involic.com/prestabay-import-prestashop-ebay-import.html) 4) As alternative to #3 you can find in add-ons site paid solution from 202 commerce that also do items import 5) also there additional paid solution from other companies that do ebay -> prestashop synchronization Also we can suggest you look at PrestaShop cloud that can easy allow start your store online. But please notice only addons from prestashop addons site will work in this case.
  6. Sorry we don't know how this can be done exactly. What we found over internet http://pages.ebay.com/turbo_lister/csv.html https://community.ebay.com/t5/Archive-File-Exchange/How-to-Import-Export-XML-or-CSV-file/td-p/1532615 http://community.ebay.com/t5/Archive-File-Exchange/How-to-include-in-EXPORT-in-CSV-format-1000-ITEM-DESCRIPTIONS/td-p/2401420 http://www.linnsystems.com/supportforum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=410 http://www.vitalbodies.com/blog/2009/05/18/using-file-exchange-and-turbo-lister-with-ebay-listings-in-ubuntu/ Other link you can find https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=export+ebay+listings+to+CSV As we see most easy solution is use Turbo Lister or Selling Manager Pro Hope this information help you.
  7. Good day! As we know there currently not a free solution that allow you do it. We provide one of the paid solution http://involic.com/prestabay-import-prestashop-ebay-import.html The second one you can find on the add-on marketplace. As one of the possible free solution, it's to do CSV export from ebay and then import update CSV to PrestaShop. We didn't do this so not fully sure that this is possible.
  8. Guten Tag! Wie wir wissen, gibt es derzeit kein Modul für ebay Kleinanzeigen Integration. Wie wir sehen auch API, die für Sendepunkt verwendet werden kann, schließt (http://www.ebayclassifieds.com/m/apiDocs/home) Wenn Sie Interesse an klassischen ebay Integration können Sie unsere PrestaBay Modul versuchen.
  9. This error means that token (unique key for use ebay account to list/relist data, get orders etc.) is become expired and PrestaBay application can't use to perform any actions with ebay. Solution for this is re-assign ebay account. Usually expiration term for account token about 2 years.
  10. Please check what countries available for checkout/purchase. Look like ebay module try to import order for country that not enabled for delivery.
  11. Sorry we not possible promote our module there. If you interested back to us by email [email protected] we will provide you more information about our module. Also you can ask any question at our forum thread https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/113270-module-prestabay-prestashop-ebay-integration-ukusitfres-and-other-marketplaces/
  12. No existing user can continue use 1.5.x version of module. We will still continue provide support for that users and service will continue working. But all new features released to 2.x version.
  13. We update PrestaBay to version 2.0.0. Bellow you can find change list for this upgrade. Detailed blog post about all new features you can find on url http://prestabay.involic.com/prestabay-new-version-2-0-0/ Existing customer please look close for "New License Policy" http://prestabay.involic.com/prestabay-new-version-2-0-0/#new-license-policy New: Ebay Feedbacks management New: Auto ebay feedbacks New: Ebay messages management New: Images on multi-variation Enh: Edit Selling List Details New: Ebay data in PrestaShop product New: Category Mapping New: Ebay store categories mapping New: New License policy New: Hidden variable [product_image(1,large_default)] Fix: Relist QTY mass-action task New: Synchronization task - Automatically list "Not Active" in Stock products New: Possibility Edit Selling List details Enh: More information on Selling List detail page New: QTY Mode option - Reserved QTY Fix: PS 16, TinyMce Initialization Enh: Each specific allow select Feature and other custom value from product
  14. Does your issue solved? We will communicate with you over email does it work correctly now. As we remember issue was connected to QTY mode in Selling Profile. If you use "Custom QTY" mode then there not synchronization for QTY. If you still want synchronization but not list more that specific QTY use "Not more that QTY" mode. In this mode item can be stopped, variation option can be mark as "0" qty.
  15. Hi. Yes we understand. This tips is not for our module. In case there not currently working solution from 202 Ecommerce we try to provide some workaround that can help you and other users to solve issue. Sorry for misunderstanding.
  16. For ones that have issue with ebay store categories we suggest you look around Cache. Mostly of all module cache list of categories that have on ebay. So this cache need to be reset to correctly get list of it. At least we can suggest try to re-add account to module.
  17. Good day Nick, We found similar issue on ebay forum http://community.ebay.com/t5/Tools-Apps/Gallery-error-code-6/td-p/23337990 Mostly of all link to image in your store return error 500 or not found. So in your case we suggest to check what image link send to ebay. It possible that image not exist, or image size not exist. Also please notice that ebay not accept https protocol for images. Only http allowed. In your case we suggest activate somthink like "Log" and check what XML send to ebay. In this XML document you can find link to images (mostly of all this is will be UploadImage request). Try to open this image in browser. Additionally you can check your host error/access log for have error reported connected to images. Like error 404 (not found) or 500 (Internal error).
  18. Involic

    Memory leak

    This mean you use phpfpm. Please check https://www.google.de/webhp?q=php+fastcgi#q=php+fastcgi&start=1 In your case better to contact your hosting support. If you have ssh access you can see what run for php by command. ps aux | grep php-fpm will show you workers
  19. Involic

    Memory leak

    PHP design to die after all request. So after your request to service is finished memory is cleared. But if you use php-fpm on server side they workers can eat memory and not free it correctly. In your case ebay module eat lot of memory that become "eaten" by php worker. Solution for this it's modify php-fpm configuration to restart workers after 300 request. Settings for this in pool configuration pm.max_requests = 500 So summarise. Curl or some php code that executed for small period can't be reason of eating memory. This is more related to server php-processor.
  20. Buona giornata! Se questa domanda collegato al modulo di integrazione ebay pagato PrestaBay piacere di nuovo noi dal email [email protected] Cercheremo di aiutarvi con questo problema.
  21. Buona giornata! Grazie per il suggerimento. Se possibile si può contattare il nostro servizio clienti per quanto riguarda il problema ([email protected]) Controlleremo chiudere l'installazione. Vuol di contattare prima il nostro servizio clienti? Purtroppo non è possibile che si trova per nome "Markyons". ==== Good day! Thank you for your feedback. If possible can you please contact our customer support regarding your issue ([email protected]) We will check close your installation. Does you contact before our customer support? Unfortunately we not possible find you by name "Markyons".
  22. - You can select by Categories. Mean create Selling List with Category mode and then specify what PrestaShop categories should be send. Also you can select multiple products and add it to Selling List.. - Yes this is supported. There 2 synchronization option - Resynchronize Catalog (handle new added product by CSV file) and "Automatically add new product". But please notice you need to have created Selling List with Categories mode. And new inserted products should be put to PrestaShop categories that mapped to ebay (it still be added to Selling List but automatically) .
  23. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Sale. Please use coupon code "Merry_Christmas_2014" to get 14% discount to purchase PrestaBay module. This coupon valid till 31 Dec 2014.
  24. Frohe Weihnachten und Happy New Year Sale. Bitte verwenden Gutscheincode "Merry_Christmas_2014" zu 14% Rabatt auf PrestaBay Modul erwerben. Dieser Gutschein ist gültig bis 31. Dezember 2014.
  25. Feliz Navidad y Feliz Año Nuevo Venta. Por favor, utilice el código de cupón "Merry_Christmas_2014" para obtener 14% de descuento para la compra de módulo PrestaBay. Este cupón válido hasta el 31 de diciembre 2014.
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