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  1. Feature of including Product Identify available for PrestaBay long time. You just need to activate EAN/UPC option in Selling Profile. Then module will send to ebay data from PrestaShop Product. If you use 1.6.x or 2.x version you also can activate option to insert "Does Not Apply" to EAN field instead of real value. Also for both of this versions available option send EAN/UPC number for Variation data.
  2. Ci pochi modi per farlo. In primo luogo, è cercare di esportare i prodotti ebay come file CSV. Quindi importarlo per PrestaShop. In secondo luogo, utilizzare uno dei moduli di importazione pagati per fare questo. Per esempio il nostro addon http://involic.com/prestabay-import-prestashop-ebay-import.html
  3. 1) Yes you are right. You even can list in a few month 10000 products and all following months by 5000. We not block list more that allowed items. 2) For PrestaBay Startup version we does not include free upgrades. Only bugfix updates included in price. Upgrade to new version of module is flexible and depends from number of features. Currently we support PrestaShop 1.5, 1.6.
  4. We apology for waiting. As we already reply to your email we can't provide you immediately support. We need to arrange time with developer that can check close for your problem on server. Thank you for your understanding and patience.
  5. One of the reason of mix products from orders it PS cache for order import. If in one synchronization/call imported more that one order, data can be mix up. Please try to remove cache after each order import. Open file classes/PaymentModule.php Find lines // For each package, generate an order $delivery_option_list = $this->context->cart->getDeliveryOptionList(); $package_list = $this->context->cart->getPackageList(); $cart_delivery_option = $this->context->cart->getDeliveryOption(); Replace with // For each package, generate an order $delivery_option_list = $this->context->cart->getDeliveryOptionList(null, true); $package_list = $this->context->cart->getPackageList(true); $cart_delivery_option = $this->context->cart->getDeliveryOption(null, false, false);
  6. Can you please try to run synchronization one more time? Should be ok now. If not please send access details to your store backend and server FTP (please send it to email [email protected]). We will take a look.
  7. As you may understand this error generated by ebay. From our experience very often this happens to new seller due to ebay restriction. Please check this article http://www.theonlineseller.com/2012/07/02/ebay-uk-restricts-use-of-3rd-party-listing-tools/ Only possible way to solve it it's contact ebay customer support. Sometimes this also be connected to number of listings allowed in specific ebay category. So please also try to do manual list in exactly the same category.
  8. One of your installed module does not allow PrestaBay to save information in cookies. Module name is exportog. If you don't need it please deactivate it. Please let us know if you will need additional help.
  9. Thank you for waiting. For issue "Address country is not active". You need to go to PrestaShop configuration and active country for shipping. As you already get from our email we release updated version 2.4.1 that had following feature: - Item condition. You can select it from PrestaShop product data - Order list page show eBay Records number (affect PrestaShop orders list and PrestaBay order list) For upgrade please reference to manual http://prestabay.involic.com/HowToUpgrade
  10. Thank you for waiting. Can you please duplicate your request to [email protected] if you still don't get answer to your question. Usually, PrestaBay take care about PrestaShop => Ebay QTY synchronization. In Ebay => PrestaShop synchronization come only with purchase. This done by order import or QTY synchronization task (if order import disable). So we can suggest you check order import log. Most common case it's problem with order import and as result QTY of PrestaShop product is not reduced.
  11. In this case you need to put 'Does not apply'. So in the code you can put something like if (empty($eanNumber)) { $xml.= "<EAN>Does not apply</EAN>" } (Please notice this is not working code, just example) But please notice in this case you can be penalized in search result (not always).
  12. We show ebay api number OrderArray.Order.OrderID as first column on Catalog -> Ebay-> Orders Is that field you need?
  13. Good day. Please send to our email [email protected] access to your store backend and server ftp. We will check close the issue. Most of all it connected to server configuration or other module conflict. Thank you for your patience
  14. Sorry. Miss your question. At least 5 minutes. PrestaBay synchronization run every 5 minutes. So system know about changes in qty up to 5 minutes. How quick this update come to Amazon we don't know. This is depends from Amazon module cron settings.
  15. . We have problem with processing support request. We have plan to solve it in the next couple of days. Thank you for waiting and understanding.
  16. File modules/prestabay/models/Order/ImportModel.php Find: $payment->validateOrder((int) $cart->id, $this->_getOrderStatusBasedOnEbayStatus($orderInformation), $total, '[ebay '.$orderInformation['id'].']'.$orderInformation['payment_method'], null, array(), (int) $cart->id_currency, false, $skey); Replace: $payment->validateOrder((int) $cart->id, $this->_getOrderStatusBasedOnEbayStatus($orderInformation), $total, '[ebay '.$orderInformation['account_id'].']'.$orderInformation['payment_method'], null, array(), (int) $cart->id_currency, false, $skey);
  17. This functionality is not available. But we can provide you custom solution that will show account ID near order payment method. Examples: [ebay 1] PayPal [ebay 2] PayPal
  18. PrestaBay 2.4.0 is released. Changes in this update: - Move existing ebay listings to PrestaBay control without stop & list. - Global Shipping support - Calculation Shipping Handling Cost - EAN/UPC/ISBN/MPN send 'Does not apply' when product don't have number (special option in Selling Profile) - Possibility include EAN/UPC option in Variation data The feature "Move existing ebay listings to PrestaBay control without stop & list" allow you integrate PrestaShop store with ebay without relist all items from PrestaShop store. We will write a separate post with more information about feature and how you can use it. For download latest PrestaBay version please follow manual from http://prestabay.involic.com/HowToUpgrade
  19. Ok. We send you email. Thank you.
  20. Hi Jon, Can you give PrestaBay another chance? As I can see from our ticket system you have an issue with module installation. Look like something not correctly installed. And part of the system didn't work properly. We stop our communication in ask for backend access. You send to us email/password but not link to the admin panel. Thank you!
  21. PrestaBay - für eBay können wir unsere Modul empfehlen. Wenn Sie Interesse an unserer Lösung lassen Sie es uns wissen und wir werden für Ihre Testversion zu erstellen. Werbeblock gelöscht Forenregeln beachten. Whiley
  22. Überprüfen Sie bitte dieses Thema - [Moderate antwortet nicht an die Frage] Dort finden Sie eine Lösung von unseren Nutzern finden.
  23. In case that you miss our latest news. Latest versions PrestaBay 2.3.0 - July 2nd 2015 PrestaBay 1.5.12 - March 31th 2015 Release history Version 2.3.0, July 2nd 2015 Adding error debug handler, for shutdown and error_handler Out-of-Stock Feature Version 2.2.0, June 25th 2015New: Support for PrestaAttributes ISBN, MPN Fix: Add save button to PS Ebay tab Enh: Improve support widget, provide version number Enh: Selling List Grid sized adjust Fix: UTF-8 decode fix Fix: Shipping template, correctly work with min qty product Enh: Variation option compare, console.debug removing New: manufacturer_id and product_id as variable New: Tracking send callback Enh: Weight option to Price Template Fix: Ebay motors calculated shipping New: Min qty variable Version 2.1.0, April 2nd, 2015New: Attribute listings, item specific filled up from attributes Fix: Add compatibility for old module call system New: Original price as price source Fix: min qty for variation Enh: Shop PrestaBay order id in PS imported order Fix: Correctly select specific with double quote Fix: TinyMCE for new PrestaShop version Version 1.5.12 March 31th, 2015New: Original Price variable in Selling Profile New: Hidden variable [product_image(1,large_default)] Fix: Relist QTY synchronization task New: Synchronization task - Automatically list "Not Active" in Stock products Fix: TinyMce in PrestaShop 1.6.x
  24. From our side we also can tell that our paid solution support this ebay required. PrestaBay 2.x and PrestaBay 1.x have feature to include EAN, UPC. ISBN + MPN can be added only with installation additional free module PrestaAttributes https://github.com/involic/PrestaAttributes In PrestaBay 2.x we will soon add possibility specify Product Identify "Not available". That will help also list items that don't have EAN/UPC/ISBN/MPN but ebay category required it. Our topic in PrestaShop forum - https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/113270-module-prestabay-prestashop-ebay-integration-ukusitfres-and-other-marketplaces/"
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