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  1. OK I apologize sorry if my style of writing was a bit unfriendly just tired from all this school work i've had to get done. I was able to find the menu in the global.css file, but still no luck with the other two. Does anyone know where I can find those at? Thanks
  2. For number 1 I want to know if its possible to get rid of that space or move the information from number 3 up to that spot for number 2 I want to know how i can add an image to that spot or put some text up there or something also where can i change the ugly green color for the menu's? Thanks
  3. OK i've come a long way today but i need help editing the information tab on the left portion of the home page it has the categories: delivery, legal notice, terms and conditions. i found where i can add or remove those items in the module portion of the site, but how do i edit the text within them to say something different
  4. OK i'm a student and i've got to link prestashop to the site i've created. First of all i'm having a ton of trouble editing global.css as I don't have much experience in css i need to create a theme for my site...it doesn't have to be too complex, but i'm having alot of trouble finding those default IPOD images. I've found most of the text, but so far I've only been able to change the color of it. Please help i'm willing to invest the time in this as I realize it will probably be alot since i'm a noob. I can't find much on the internet about editing it
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