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  1. I am also interested in it, because my hosting provider limits the database size for their clients and I will exceed the maximum soon. Any idea?
  2. The biggest problem of the open source projects to provide the financial background. I am pretty sure, the PresaTeam has been received only a few donations. PrestaStore is the right track IMO to ensure the future of the PrestaShop project.
  3. I also would appreciate this, however it is not so simple IMO. These purchases also should be logged to be able to retrieve the generated invoices at a later time. RegNow, a shareware registration service uses such a method: you can purchase without registration and there is an Order Lookup feature on their site. Providing some details (e.g. your e-mail address and order ID) you can find your completed order displaying some details with a link to the printable invoice.
  4. I would recommend you to contact the Presta Team, because the purpose of the upcoming PrestaStore would be the same and it would be a great way to support this excellent project
  5. It was a requested feature by me, but thanks to memex, there is until then a solution
  6. It's because USA is available in the default list. Please make sure checking file /install/sql by finding PREFIX_country_lang
  7. I recently wanted to purchase a PrestaShop template via a PrestaShop powered shop and I couldn't select my country because only a few of them are included in the PrestaShop distribution and the owner of the shop didn't extend the countries. It inspired me to extend this country list. The job has been completed. The needed SQL files are attached. You should import them using your database management tools. This list is also bilingual, English and French (BTW, anyone, please proofread the French country names). The original country list (34 items) is presumed. If you modified any of them or added new ones, please review the attached files first. 244 countries will be listed after the import. Of course, you can disable the unnecessary ones on the Back Office -> Shipping -> Countries screen, if you want. Enjoy! ps_country.zip
  8. Yes, you can. Simply select the check box of the additional category on the Info tab of the Product page.
  9. Great! Watching these hi-res shots is much better
  10. Have you got a live demo? The screenshot is too small to check it out.
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