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  1. i know its the second day today that i cannot access the shop. in the same time i can access back office but not product in back office. Everything else except products
  2. my shop is http://polis.net23.net/shop/index.php? can u check please?
  3. hello guys im new to this but i install prestashop 1.5 and everything was perfect. The second day i couldnt add new products and i was deleting cookies all the time in order to let me do it. Next day i finally add all my products but now when i try to access my shop gives me blank page. Also if i try to add new product gives me blank page but if i go to categories is ok Anybody knows something to help me? Thanx in advance
  4. hello my friend. Whatever i change to top nothing happen doesn't move. I try 500px but nothing Im using mozilla firefox. What i did i change top and i make it 340. I upload to my server. modules/blockcart/blockcart.css but when i refresh my page and i right click on the page and i choose view page source there is still show me top:65px so the problem is that is not here that i need to change and upload and i don't know where
  5. www.cloud9.webege.com yes its there where u said i found it i change it i copy it back to the server but when i open the page and i right click to see if it changed again it gives me 65px
  6. i just try it but in /themes/default/css/modules/blockcart2/blockcart.css there is such a file. actually i have only /themes/default/css and nothing else. i have modules/blockcart/blockcart.css i change it but nothing happen
  7. hello guys i have a problem with my shopping cart after i put a picture at the top of my page when i go to my shopping cart instead of opening automatically under the cart is opening at the top of the cart. i attach a photo to understand what i mean
  8. sorry u r right this is the site that i want to have the same shopping cart http://xmas2011.prestaworks.se/
  9. how can i put this kind of shopping cart on my page? Now the shopping cart that i have on my page is the one that comes with prestashop 1.5 and i dont like it. Is there any way to change it with this one without changing theme?
  10. Hello guys im new here i install couple of days ago prestashop 1.5 and i started playing around in order to see how it works. I manage to do the site categories and so on but now unfortunately my site doesnt work i cannot access the shop not the admin panel what im doing wrong. I check through smart fto and the files are there i went to my hosting page and i thing everything works perfect where is the problem??
  11. guys sorry i interupt but its very difficult for me to do this installation im not very experienced like u first time to work with this does anyone can make the installation for me?
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