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  1. Hi, Great module thanks, but I can't get the category image feature working. It only removes the original category image leaving grey backgound... Edit. Found the activation, seems to work now. The orinal category image still disappears. Removing slider brings it back though
  2. Same here, appears when firebug on, disappears with firebug shut and page refreshed ... Don't work on IE. Any solution?
  3. Try deleting demo slides and creating new ones for each shop instead just uploading new image. Seems to work for me.
  4. Yes, i just noticed the same thing. I have several demoshops created with multistore and when I change image in one shop or put inactive these changes apply to all shops. So multistore feature isn't working with homeslider at the moment?
  5. You may have Prestashop Theme Maker generated theme? In addition to those little images most of the effects are not working... I have had this corrected on Presta 1.5.4 and PTM generated theme commenting out few lines in global.css: #layout img{ /* max-width:100%; Nivo slider width:auto\9; height:auto; */ } Becouse of that image sizes in front page may have to be corrected
  6. Thanks for a quick response... Waiting eagerly for the new release... btw. there was lot of missing mod='minicslider' code(in language strings) in template files which caused that translations couldn't be seen in admin.
  7. I think I allready sent you back office access before but I just mailed them to you again. Let me know what you think or is the problem in my computer somehow... It is a test site so you can modify slides if you wish
  8. There is a problem with multilanguage in admin side as clicking the language link moves the slides sideways but not in the correct place so its impossible to edit others than first languages information. Clicking the second languages link brings half both second and third languages information so that either of them can't be edited. Can it be adjusted so that the settings would go in the right position?
  9. How can we know that somebody is working on this issue? Days go by and nothing seems to happen. Or is there a fix available somewhere? I think it is a major bug when modules translations don't work...
  10. Maybe its related to bug when modules translations don't show up in admin? http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PSCFV-8559 (only translations in modules in theme folders can be seen) I can send you backend access by email
  11. Multilanguage(4.0.0) seems not to work in Presta 1.5.4 version. I have three languages english, finnish and french. All slices moves automatically under English link in admin no matter to which language they are targeted. And in shop frontpage they only appear in finnish page which is default language.
  12. Great! This seems to work, nothing else. Although "admin/import/index.php" files were similar so I replaced only two other files... Hope this is fixed for next version.
  13. I have installed this theme to several installations and it is always the same. I think it has something to do with css. But I just got mail from Andrej and he promised to fix this by the end of the month...
  14. Well, over a week and no responce to my problem which I sent with attached screenshot and theme zip. I even repeated the question couple of days ago with extra email address just in case... Basicly my first and most important question was of the alignment of the products in the home page (home featured). They don't always align in the left in the beginning of the row as you can see here: http://www.verkkokauppa-ratkaisut.org/asdemo/fi/ Is there some fix coming to this issue?
  15. Thanks, you are right that causes the problem... but as you suspected there are some issues(in product page mainly) appearing when the code is deleted. And becouse the theme is generated with Prestashop Theme Maker I'm not sure if that kind of support is available from there. Otherwise the slider works great, it adjusts automatically to available space. So if I hook it to top of the page there is no need to make bigger images it goes fine from side to side. Hopefully some workaround can be found somehow...
  16. Hi! Here it is, I switched on few other effects (besides fade which is working) also so you can see http://www.verkkokauppa-ratkaisut.org/asdemo/fi/ Thanks for a quick answer....
  17. Thank you for amazing slider....) I have a slight problem though... I'm using theme generated with Prestashop Theme Maker http://prestashop-theme-maker.com/ When I use this generated theme only effects slideinright, slideinleft and fade are working, in others just a small image appears in the top left corner of the big image before it changes. If I change to default theme all effects works normally. What could be the cause for that?
  18. There seem to be a bug, it writes in the lang file: $_LANGMAIL['Your wishlist\\\'s link'] = ''; Two extra slashes maybe causes the error. I translated all titles and after that I was able to import the language pack. Translations in e-mails that is.
  19. Moikka, Onko kenelläkään tietoa onko tämä käännösasia etenemässä millään tavalla? Tuolla aiemmin puhuttiin jostain foorumityökalusta millä useampi voisi osallistua käännöstyöhön, onkohan sellaista jo olemassa..? Joka tapauksessa jos urakan voisi jotenkin jakaa se olisi paljon kohtuullisempi, käännettäviä kohtia tosiaan on kuitenkin tuhansia.
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