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  1. Thank you for explaining that there will be some difficulty with Excel. With the Zen Cart that I have now, I can import and export in .txt file format. All of my inventory files are set up for the Zen Cart way, and using Prestashop would make me have to change all of my files to .csv and run all of them through Notepad++ to get rid of the problems, whereas now, I don't have to do this. Thank you again. I will continue to look at my other options to see if there may be a better way. Kristofer
  2. I appreciate your reply, but that is not the question that I was asking. I am wanting to know if I absolutely cannot use Excel to create the CSV files needed for import into Prestashop. There was so much negativity about Excel, I am not positive that it can be used. If that is true, or if it can be used, but is very difficult, then I cannot use Prestashop for a store. I am aware that most shopping carts can import millions, even billions of items. I would never have suggested to do this in one upload. I was only trying to point out the fact that it is not intelligent for me to enter millions of items by hand, one at a time. And if there is a problem with the images uploading each time creating multiples of the same image, then that would be a negative as well. Because I already have a cart that works, I have to find one that is better than what I have for me to change it. I was hoping that Prestashop would be it, but it isn't looking good with what I have be reading in this forum.
  3. I currently have a live Zen Cart site right now that works well enough to sell stuff for me. Therefore, to replace Zen Cart, this has to be better. I successfully sell individual baseball cards in my store, so my inventory will get into the millions at some point, so I absolutely have to have bulk uploading. With that said, I couldn't help but notice the blatant hatefulness for Excel in some of these posts. I absolutely have to use Excel for my bulk importing. I have been using Excel for so many years that I can't possibly spend the time to learn another program, knowing how long it took me with Excel. If Prestashop is not right for me, with everyone now knowing what my requirements are, please let me know so I don't waste a boatload of my time trying to make something work that isn't going to work no matter what. Kristofer
  4. I need to get the search engine to search for 2 characters and I think it is on 3 by default. I also would like to import my inventory (150,000+ items) with Excel if it is possible. If not, if anyone may have some recommendations as to an open source cart that might be better for this style of inventory uploading would be fabulous. PrestaShop is the best open source cart I have seen so far, but I really need Excel to be a part of it, just too much inventory to do it one at a time. Thanks to any who can help and to PrestaShop for creating a high quality product and then giving it away to people like us. Kristofer Benham BenhamCollectibles.com
  5. Sorry I never posted when I found a solution. I ended up just loading 1.1 into the site and it works very well. I will stick with that one for now until I have a need for an upgraded version. I still am not sure what was wrong with the 1.2 version and the tick box unticking itself. I stopped looking for answers when I changed to the previous version so I am not in the loop about the recent changes. Again, I apoligize about not closing the post out when I felt that I had a solution.
  6. Yes, that is my problem. I have the 1.2 version and I am not the only one with this exact problem. I am currently looking over the php scripts to see if I can find any missing characters or something simple that I can fix. I am thinking about just changing to 1.1 until the 1.2 is fixed, but I have to have someelse set it up for me. I am waiting for him to get up for the day and get on it. Thanks for trying to help me out, but I think we now realize why it works for you and not for me. Thanks! Kris
  7. I probably spent more than an hour trying to do that last night. I added more and more and I am still not getting a table when I click on the shipping tab after saving a new carrier. I read that other people were having this problem with 1.1 and 1.2 versions. It is the table in the guide that has Europe at 1.00 and US at 2.00 when it talks about doubling the amount because the US costs more. When I save the carrier info, nothing shows up and I go back into the carriers and the checkbox that I marked by US is not checked anymore. I even tried the "disable carrier" trick and it still didn't work. Should I upload 1.1 and work with that version instead? I just tried it again and the table with the countries where I punch in an amount is still not coming up. It does have my weights in the top bar of the chart, but it just has the "save" button below that. Not sure what it is, but I know we will figure it out eventually.
  8. So Far it seems to be a pretty good guide, but I having one big issue. I can't seem to find where I need to put the shipping prices for each weight range. Could it be that I am using ounces (oz) or maybe that I deleted the default shipping option that was in the store when it loaded? In the live store, it is telling me in the cart that there are no shippers that will travel to the area I want. I have USPS in the carriers tab, but something is missing that connects everything and I have no idea what it may be. Any help would be great!! Thanks for the link to the guide!! Kris
  9. My name is Kristofer and I am very new to PrestaShop. I am also not great with knowing what things to do to set up my store. I have gone through many different open source carts, but find tremendous difficulty getting all of the settings the way I want them. I am wondering if there is somekind of guide that I can read and follow along with that lists all of the options for each setting in PrestaShop. This would keep me from asking 100,000 questions on this forum that all of you have probably answered 20 times in the past. The store is loaded and ready to be filled with inventory, just want things like Paypal and Shipping to be correct when I start selling. Any help would pretty much allow me to keep the store. I do like it alot.
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