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  1. I have problems of how to understand the back-office menu (on the left hand side) and how the items corresponds to the different actions. I have tried to upgrade an old 1.4.xx to version and it is somewhat operational, but the menu in BO do not correspond with those modules it is ponting to(menu text) How and in which tables do I change this? How is the data-model actually constructed. How do I add another item to the menu with corresponding module? I have found some tables which influence the structure. I have not found the whole data-model so I can create my own back-office menu. I can see that most of the parent-child is defined in ps_tab-table, but how is actually the menu-model? Which tables is used for what purpose? I cannot find this in the documentation. Yes------ I can follow the code , learn how to php-programming, but it should not be necessary, this should somehow be self-documented or???
  2. I cannot create a new account in Anyone who may help me? I get an error when pressing the button: Register - it says "There is 1 error 1. An error occured while creating your account"
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