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  1. Hello, first of all, thanks for your work 😊 mainly, there are 2 issues with this module: 1) the add to cart button is an open invitation for bots, you could have thousands of daily writes/abandoned carts on database if you don't take measures 2) it continuosly writes on the cache folder for any products amp_header/product/ this means high load on server because you write on disk or database. So, it creates a cache file for the header (?) of any product while the main theme has only one header (the right way, eg. themes/mytheme/header.tpl). Or you make a fix to this or I need to check your code (but at the moment I have no time to do it). Thanks, best regards
  2. I had to override the AuthController.php for protected function processSubmitAccount()... and... if (Tools::getValue('freegdpr-consent') != 1) $this->errors[] = Tools::displayError('Please select the checkbox for Privacy Policy and accept'); Please, can you explain why this behavior? Why the HTML forms and inputs as required don't work as expected on OPC ? Maybe because of the javascript method? Is there a kind of conflict? Thanks
  3. Hello, PS 1.6.x and One Page Checkout At the moment the user can register account even if the privacy box not checked. No error message. On the module configuration "Chiedi il consenso?" is set to YES. Thank you
  4. Bonsoir, il y a un problème avec cette méthode... la vérification est également effectuée si le client vient de votre pays (ex. France...) dans ce cas, comment exclure le chèque si le client est français? Merci
  5. ok, cela fonctionne mais quelque chose comme ça http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/vatResponse.html?locale=EN&memberStateCode=ES&number=B61031100 renvoie une erreur d'application. Pour cette raison, J'ai envoyé un courrier électronique au support technique de la base de données VIES, mais si, entre-temps, vous avez la solution avec SOAP ou une autre solution, je vous serais reconnaissant. Merci
  6. "...où 45839048503 est refusé mais ES45839048503 est accepté" précisément...et c'est une erreur parce que ES45839048503 ce n'est pas un numéro de TVA valide dans la base de données VIES
  7. s'il vous plait, veuillez écrire le code complet aussi de "class...extends..." après avoir fait ce test, puisque le code que vous avez écrit précédemment n'est pas correct
  8. Bonjour, Je suis sur prestashop 1.6 si j'insère ces remplacements (override), le formulaire d'inscription renvoie une erreur uniquement si J'écris quelque chose comme 45839048503 car il ne commence pas par le préfixe ES, mais si J'écris ES45839048503 bien que le nombre ne soit pas valide dans le VIES il n'y a pas d'erreur et vous pouvez enregistrer ce mauvais numéro ... merci
  9. peut être que le problème soit catch (SoapFault $e) sur PHP > 7 ? catch (Throwable $e) ??? Merci
  10. Bonjour, cette override ne marche pas, pour deux raisons: 1) vous n'avez pas écrit "class... extends..." et 2) même en ajoutant ces fichiers correctement, en fait, vous pouvez ajouter n'importe quel nombre, même invalide mais avec prefix (exemple ES45839048503) ... et rien ne se passe, c’est-à-dire que chaque numéro de fantaisie peut être ajouté avec le prefix, donc la vérification n’est pas effectuée. s'il vous plaît, vérifiez et corrigez (sauf si cela ne fonctionne que sur 1.7, j'ai testé sur 1.6...et si oui, quels sont les changements à faire sur 1.6?) Merci
  11. dunque, ho aggiunto un true alla linea 166 del file artcokiechoicespro.php Configuration::updateValue('ARTCOKIECHOICESPRO_TEXT', $artcookies_text, true); ed in effetti salva regolarmente i tags nel database. Il problema è che nell'elemento span InformativaSpan, ma pure se lo cambi in div anziché span, l'html non viene parsato...e quindi rimane tutto testo, nonostante la sintassi sia corretta quindi rimane da capire perché, invece, InformativaClick, all'interno dello stesso div funziona regolarmente come a href.... c'è qualcosa forse nella tua costruzione da javascript che fa sì che non venga parsato regolarmente l'html in quel div? grazie
  12. Ciao, grazie per questo modulo. Potresti spiegare perché non salva correttamente in HTML i tag tipo grassetto, sottolineato...? Non ne vuole sapere di parsare i tags dentro lo span InformativaSpan all'interno del div cookieChoiceInfo perché proprio non ci sono in source...probabilmente fai uno strip dei tags prima del salvataggio e poi anche per via dello span? E poi, nonostante l'iframe sia abilitato in HTML, anche quello non mostra. Quindi stai facendo una sorta di strip completo? Per cortesia, potresti fixare a default la questione oppure almeno fornirla come opzione? Anche perché a dire il vero il rich editor non avrebbe molto senso se puoi scrivere solo del normale testo... grazie mille
  13. hello, I also have issues with "Uncaught ReferenceError: tinyMCE is not defined" so, why that's not defined? I'm on version thanks
  14. the issue with this module is that the content (text) inside the div/table is not responsive...on smartphone the text is all over the screen to the right. Have you a quick fix, please?
  15. Hello, I have the same problem with incomplete index. It can't index all my active products. What's the culprit, please? Possible that PS devs are not aware of this and in 2018 still a big issue like this? I'm sure that's not a problem about product title or visibility (that's "both" on all the products, on ps_product and ps_product_shop both)... thanks for your help
  16. Hello, I have another issue with PS search (latest 1.6 version, 1.6.18) eg. for the phrase "graphics card" I have so many indexed product names with graphics card into them but it doesn't work the same for any language. Eg. If I write "scheda grafica" (italian) it returns absolutely wrong results, even if "scheda grafica" is there on the name for sure the only note I can give here is that italian is the default shop language but that doesn't seem the culprit because even in portuguese it does the same thing with "placa gráfica": on the ajax search it just returns CPUs (processors) and those have obviously nothing to do with graphics cards so, how's this possible ? thanks for your help p.s.: I think I found it: 1) search weight for long description was greater than 0 and this is a problem if the product description has the word eg. "grafica" (as in this case) repeated more times. Honestly, don't know why this behavior, it should not stand above the product name, but that's it. Since I don't need the product description, I set the long description weight to 0 and rebuild the index 2) since version 1.6.10 the search class doesn't work very well with phrases (eg. two words) because of an OR condition inside the sql query and I'm using an override search.php found here somewhere so, now it's fixed
  17. maybe something weird with that PS update, but I'm sure I have not touched anything...I would never have written "return true;" for no reason...It's incredible and I can not understand where it came from, If it comes from the Prestashop 1-click update it is serious if modules are touched this way
  18. FOUND but don't know why on custompopup.php public function hookDisplayHeader() if you keep return true; it adds that number 1 at the top of the page, if you just use return; instead it doesn't add that number and it works as usual can you explain why, please? p.s.: as you can see here http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS16/Displaying+content+on+the+front+office when you create a module and public function hookDisplayHeader() { .... } you don't even need a return or you could output something on the page on purpose so, why the op here didn't respect the PS rules? Thanks
  19. This module adds a "1" (number 1) at the top of the page on and both, when you {HOOK_HEADER}. Indeed, when I disable it, this number 1 goes away from the body. At the moment, I can't find the culprit if you know why, please reply. Thanks
  20. Hello, have you found the cause of PHP Warning: htmlspecialchars() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in /.file.header.tpl.php where css_uri and media ??? Thanks
  21. Hello, I'm not even using PayPal here and after the update to PS I have this issue on FRONT page... What I need to inspect, please? and what's "braintree" ?
  22. Hello guys, are you using Firefox? (here testing v57) On Firefox it doesn't save the cookie named responsive_popup why? Simply, it doesn't work because jquery-cookie is an abandoned project Now it's named JavaScript Cookie and you can find it here https://github.com/js-cookie/js-cookie (works on all browsers, also Firefox) So, now: download the .zip from github extract js.cookie.js and copy to the plugin folder views/js/... edit custompopup.php at line 1216 $this->context->controller->addJS($this->_path.'views/js/js.cookie.js', 'all'); Then, on file views/templates/hook/custompopup.tpl replace if ($.cookie('responsive_popup') == null) { with if (Cookies.get('responsive_popup') != 'yes') { replace $.cookie('responsive_popup', 'yes', { expires: {/literal}{$popup_cookie*0.000694}{literal}, path: '/' }); with Cookies.set('responsive_popup', 'yes', { expires: {/literal}{$popup_cookie*0.000694}{literal}, path: '/' }); At this point, I also suggest this: IF your popup contains a link (eg. a link with image inside) and you want to set the cookie in order to NOT show the popup again, add this: $('.popup a').click(function(){ popup.close(); Cookies.set('responsive_popup', 'yes', { expires: {/literal}{$popup_cookie*0.000694}{literal}, path: '/' }); }); it correctly sets the cookie "responsive_popup" and the popup is not there on reload. It's also possible to close the popup if you click outside or press ESC... but please, do something on your own p.s.: also, on Firefox it doesn't center the popup, so I should investigate why....
  23. <?php require(dirname(__FILE__).'/config/config.inc.php'); //change 'abc123' to any value you wish to use $token = Tools::getValue('token'); if (!$token || $token != 'abc123') { echo "Wrong token"; die(); } Tools::clearSmartyCache(); Tools::clearXMLCache(); Media::clearCache(); Tools::generateIndex(); echo "Cache cleared"; ?> this works, but you need to keep attention. It seems it doesn't work if you have cache on /tmp mounted on tmpfs and PrivateTmp on systemd config for php-fpm is set to true... so, or you keep the tmp on disk or you need to set PrivateTmp to false on /usr/lib/systemd/system/php-fpm.service (here on CentOS 7) and then reload the systemd daemon and restart php-fpm. So, tmp must be set as usual and not on systemd-private-***/tmp/... that's all
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