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  1. Hi, I followed your instructions but Google has still indexed at least one of the cms pages. Would it help if I disallowed the "content" folder which is where the cms pages appear to reside ? Or would this disallow valid content which I want indexed ? The problem is that robots.txt is for crawlers and can't be used if the pages are already in Google index. You should use no index for these pages. And it actually makes it worse to have them in robots.txt. Because the crawlers will get to robots.txt and see that it shouldn't visit these pages. So remove them from robots.txt and add noindex to them.
  2. Can anyone help with this redirect / duplicate content problem?
  3. When I test the 2 URL's on your sites they can be accessed with and without www That's a duplicate content problem.
  4. Yes you need to register on my shop for ordering iPrestaShop. It didn't ask in the right way. If I buy iPrestashop, is it then possible for the customers on my webshop to order via iPrestashop without registering? I want them to just buy without having an account first.
  5. Hi Joël It looks nice! Is it required to register for ordering from a shop?
  6. I have some problems with my SEO friendly urls in the CMS pages. I use the canonical URL, and it does not really seem to work with my SEO friendly urls in the CMS pages. For example this url with www: http://www.fungadgets.dk/content/12-mobil-nyheder becomes: "http://fungadgets.dk/cms.php?id_cms=12" It would of course like to just be turned into: http://fungadgets.dk/content/12-mobil-nyheder Does anyone have a solution for this? Have a nice day
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