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  1. Hi Pascal, Very thanks for your help. I solved this problem this morning. The origin of problem is the module "pss_wpinps". This module need to add a few lines in config.php of prestashop to work. I delete this lines and it work again. Thanks for all! By the way, I dont have any order of you...
  2. I found the problem! but not the solution! the problem is when I'm not logged in, can not add products to the basket, but if I'm logged in it works. any suggestions?
  3. Thanks for your reply. But the cookies problem reappears, and not know why. Cant add products to cart.
  4. Hi people, I have a problem with my new shop. pulserasjolie.com Seems to be a problem with cookies. to add a product to cart is not saved, and you can not login. Anyone can help me? Thanks in advance. edit: The cart work good right now, i dont not why, but work. The login work, but the LOGOUT doesn't work.
  5. Thanks guys! Now it working. Thanks a lot. Regards,
  6. Hi, Thanks for your help, but I think that incomplete the info in: "then assign $mobile_class to smarty" I cant do it this work. Any help? Thanks.
  7. Hola comunidad, tengo un problema. En la ficha del pedido de un cliente, donde el apartado de dirección de envío. aparece el DNI/NIE pero sin la letra. como soluciono esto? Algúna idea? Muchas gracias de antemano
  8. Buenas, Que pasa si mi tienda tiene muchas categorias? juguetes, regalos, tecnología, etc. Con este modulo solo puedo exportar todos con una misma categoría verdad?
  9. Hello pepople, When I try to enter in my shop (front) or backweb, the follow message appear: Fatal error: Class 'Dispatcher' not found in /usr/home/MYWEB/www/new/backweb/index.php on line 53 Who can help me? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi, thanks for your reply, but I can't try it, now wherever show this message: Fatal error: Class 'Dispatcher' not found in /usr/home/URLMYWEB/www/new/backweb/index.php on line 53 What is the problem now? Thanks in advance!!
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