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  1. Hi how can I hook this into the hear of all pages I have added {$HOOK_WIZNAV} to the header.tpl but is not working. any ideas?
  2. Hi I have to use the homepage as an introduction with basically 2 links "more about us" and "the shop" - So I am trying to create a new page (called shop) and I want to add the featured hook to the nee page. there are few threads here with similar topic but they dont seem to help, can you help me in any way? thanks
  3. Can you please give me some tips on how I can dublicate category a (on the left) so I get 3 different categories on the left I have managed to dublicate the module, but any modification I make to one module translates to the other product. So if I use id 1 in one module it would be the same in the other module It seems that I have changed the appearance of the module - but I am still writing to the same database record and both modules read and write on the same database record can you help
  4. this is fantastic, I can now disable category b and enable a (as I don't want both). As I said before I would love to have 3 gategory blocks like category a - you said I just need to dublicate them but I don't know how to do it. I tried to follow this link http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/26099/ but it does not work Even better, I tried to buplicate you functions in order to get "category C" within the same module. I got the ne form showing in the admin area but when I it brakes the view pages. would you bee able to suggest how I can achieve this?
  5. Fireman28: this is what I did : the way I understood it is that "category B" and one "categories" on the left hand side one belong to this script. Whereas one other "categories" box belongs to your main (normal) category module (so you just disable that module) the "category B" block could belong to your "Medicinal Plants" (if you add its id to config) then if you place “Echinacea” as the child of "Medicinal Plants" then you will see “Echinacea” under "category B" then you just need to modify line 5 of esblockcategories.tpl to change "category B" to "Medicinal Plants" (Unless there is another way) of course the Ehinarr might explain it easier but thats how it worked for me
  6. how about four blocks, 3 left, one right, and then end up hidding the right column the thing is, I need 3 categories, like: "cars", "bikes", "trucks" - each holding the types of each. and I have designed the layout without using the right column thanks
  7. Hi I was wondering if there was a module which can treat items special. so on a "ipods" category you would have the normal list of ipods But then at the bottom, have a section titled "this weeks gifts" - which would display few ipods at a cheaper price or some thing Is there anything like this already done? thanks for your help
  8. This is fantastic, exactly what I needed. I just have two question? would I get anothe category if I try to duplicate the module? - I really need three Also what would I need to modify to get the new category on the left, instead of on the right (as in my design I do not have a right column) Thanks for sharing this great module
  9. Hi I need to be able to store items in three different sets: Search by Condition - a list of conditions Search by Type - a list of types Search by category - Prestashop already has that So is there a way to have the same functionality dublicate? I thought about using sub-categories, but that not way I need - I thought about using the manufactures function for one; but again the gategory page is different to the manufactures hope you can help thanks
  10. it is now fixed! how, I have no idea - sorry for this thread
  11. Hi been working on prestashop for 2 days and since few hours a go I could modify everything. Now I can modify the code but if I add an image on css (background-image) or directly on html, the image does not appear; something happens when I try to replace an image that I added before this problem happened. the image does not change, but when I try to view the image background, the link directs to the right direction but in the page it shows the old version of the image, or if i'm trying to add a new image, it does not show at all. as I said the css works (as I deleted the global.css, for testing) and the styling changed. I deleted the browser history, used another browser and restarted the computer, and I get the same problem. I believe my setting are correct http://i.min.us/ic0kZA.jpg ? - after what you see in that link I have not changed at all I was working fine few hours a go Hope you can help
  12. Thanks Angora, I am going to read the article you recommended. the image dimension did work, for some reason when I wrote this thread, the effect did not take place but when I re-opened the browser, the dimensions where fine, I was confused maybe if I uploaded the image (instead or manually copying the file) the dimensions register automatically (without having to close the browser) I am interested in this: I tried to: a. copy the file and add ] at the front b. copied the folder, and added ] at the bottom but did not work; if you could explain it again, that be great, as it sounds very usefull Thanks for you help
  13. Hi I have been working on prestashop for little over 2 days and this is my first post, so if I am point this in the wrong place, or asking a repeated question (even-though I searched around), sorry! after playing around with the global.css, I designed a theme in photoshop and started to modify the default theme to suite my createion. In the editorial_block_center there is an iphone image at the moment- in there I want to add a slide show, which needs to look like this http://min.us/mvb1KSq In order to follow the "good practice" rules should I edit the existing code in the modules/editorial./editorial.tpl ? or should I delete the code already in there and creat what I need the way I would normally do (html/css/jquery) If you think I should work with the code that is already there, do you know where can I edit the size of the editorial image? so where does $image_width refer to in this snippet: {if $homepage_logo}getMediaLink($image_path)}" alt="{$editorial->body_title|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'|stripslashes}" {if $image_width}width="{$image_width}"{/if} {if $image_height}height="{$image_height}" {/if}/>{/if} Thanks for your help
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