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  1. Hi Shacker. Finally after six months learning P'shop on another website, I'm ready for the big one using your awesome Grays template. One question... The connect buttons on the left side of frame aren't sliding in and out as they used to. I am using with a fresh download of the template today and the URL is www.milspectv.com. The buttons do link to the correct page, but the animation isn't working. Is there a module that controls these? I can't find one. Any suggestions would be great.
  2. Welcome and good on you for getting stuck into it! I have never heard of or seen anybody putting two products side by side on P'shop. Thinking about how it works I would say don't go there. It is possible for a visitor to compare products. But even that isn't as helpful as side by side. For the homepage I think you need a carousel module. Look at Nethercott Constructions, he (Rocky) might have a good one. I like the social media module from Prestochangeo. Free I think. You can see it on my product pages.
  3. I don't know anything about the UL tag, but you also need to have categories hooked into the header as well for it to show in the left column. Don't ask, because I don't know why... A general response to your comments is that all of these packages are a trade-off. P'shop is real simple to get going and use if you stick to the pre-set parameters. Every time you try to break out of them through some modification you are going to hit a steep wall. It can be done usually, but you have just negated the point of P'shop really and the time you saved by choosing P'shop is now going to be sucked up trying to do something P'shop isn't designed for. I'm not defending it or criticizing it. Just saying that's the way it is in my experience.
  4. I remember something about search needing to be hooked into header to work properly. Does that help?
  5. I don't know how to do this, but conceptually I would be figuring out how to make a product page show as the home page.
  6. You are using the default category block which doesn't have a lot of functionality. Try the Ajax sliding categories block from Nethercott Constructions. You can see it working on my site....
  7. Broadly speaking, yes it will do those things. No Open Registration may be tricky, but should be doable. But you will have to modify the package in several places to achieve all this I think. I once did similar without any code knowledge and a lot of help from this forum. "How?" is a different thing. It would take a book to explain all of it in one hit. You could hire one of the experts here you know.
  8. The simplest way is to use translations under the tools tab. Find the module under translations and change the word category to something else. I use control F to find and change all instances of the word as it is not always easy to see which 'category' you need to change.
  9. PS: Check this link for further information.. http://www.templatemonster.com/help/footer-links-and-copyright-notification-in-prestashop.html
  10. I think the different sets of info appearing on the default footer are driven by a number of different modules. Categories module for the category column. Social networks for the social network column and so on. There is no specific footer module.
  11. You'll get it through Google Analytics. Look for a link in the top right of the Webmaster screen, from memory. Best of luck mate.
  12. Somebody is going to say P'shop's stats work perfectly for them I'm sure. But not for me and not for you. Google Analytics. First search for Google Webmaster and sign up for it. That is the starting place for using Google. You can give Webmaster your URL and they will provide continually updated reports on how Google is seeing your website. Number of pages indexed, errors they have found etc. This is very important because if Google isn't seeing your site well, or liking what they see, nobody will ever find you through Google search. From Google Webmaster you can sign up for Google Analytics. You will have to place a small bit of tracking code on your website using the Google Analytics module you already have in the Analytics and Stats tab. Analytics can give you more information about your visitors then you'll ever be able to get your head around. It's complex and probably needs a special degree to fully use, but at its base it's good at saying how many visitors, where from, what system, how long, and so on. Once you are signed up with Google in this way, you can also access Adsense which lets you earn some money by running Google ads. My experience is that 100,000 visitors will net you 10 bucks so don't get excited. You can also get involved with Adwords, from which you can run ads for your website elsewhere on the web at a fairly low cost. Best of luck.. It's a Geek Jungle and is not very intuitive at times. But Google Analytics is the industry standard and is data gold if you stick to it and learn a bit about using it.
  13. That's nothing. I get different results depending upon the graph engine I use and most of them think 90% of my visitors are on linux. Which is insane. So I do all my stats work through Google Analytics and others.
  14. Go to modules / positions and check that it is hooked to the location you want to use.
  15. I did this my modifying the logo itself. Creating the right amount of padding in the image. But the code solution looks good too.
  16. I would mark this as SOLVED, but the forum software isn't giving me that option right now.
  17. Yes, using the Google Adsense module actually works perfectly fine, but your module is also ideal. Nice work with that one Phrasespot.
  18. I think you are correct. There is only one block and it can only be used in one way throughout the site. Phrasespot has an interesting module that you lets you put pretty much anything in it and place it anywhere. So that should give you the second block that you need. Go to sites.google.com/site/phrasespot/ for that module.
  19. Speaking with limited knowledge here, but it may do till one of the experts gets to your post. A cron job is run from you host Cpanel or the equivalent. Look for the section on cron jobs or scheduled jobs. You can set it to ping a web address at specific times - once per day for example. In your case the web address will be the location of a script that you want activated. In my case it activates a script from Tomerg3 for automatic backup. You can also do this with a Prestashop module. Tomerg's for backups for example. Or there is also a cron job module you can get. I could never get the cron jobs set with my host to work properly, so I use an outside website to do it: SetCronJob But you will need a script to activate. In your case the regenerate images script. Wherever that is in your Prestashop files.
  20. Thank you for the response Phrasespot. What I really want to do is run one kind of widget in the left column of my homepage, and then a different kind of widget in the left column of my product pages. Which maybe can't be done. Maybe if I used your module and the Google Adsense module (running a third party widget ) I could achieve that. Worth a try. What do you think?
  21. This module is an interesting solution Phrasespot. I've been doing the same thing with the Google Ad module by placing another company's widget in it. But I will definitely try yours. Question: Is it possible to have two instances of the one module running? That is, can I run two different html widgets in it? Perhaps by installing it twice and changing the name of the module for the second installation?
  22. I wanted to run ads from Amazon instead of Google but couldn't figure out how to run the Amazon widget on my site. There's no generic widget module. So I tried placing the Amazon widget code in the Google Adsense module where the Google ad code would normally go. It works 90% correctly. The only flaw is that it doesn't seem to update from Amazon 100% of the time. That is, if I change the ad format in my Amazon Associates account, it doesn't always update on my site. Even when I manually update the code. But all in all, using the Amazon code in the Google Adsense module works fine. I'm pleased with this almost fully successful work-around. But wondered if anybody had any tips on how I might adjust the module to get it updating properly. We really need a P'shop module that we can drop any third party widget into and run on the FO. I suspect a stripped down version of the Google Adsense module could do that.
  23. Have you checked with your host that your account is set up to handle uploads of this size? I had to get them to increase my limit to do this. Usually P'shop reports the limit well, in your case it is 50mb as you say. But you should check anyway. There is also some issue with timeout that I don't know very much about. That is, the upload will shut down after x amount of time as detirmined by your host. So look into that too.
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