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  1. osC 3a5 is very poorly architected at least for today's standards, unlike PrestaShop and Magento. As I said before Magento is too complex and too non-performant to run most shops. PrestaShop is just right, but hasn't got alot of the functionality really needed to make it work. e.g. Pluggable Payment Modules, Shopping Modules and Totals Modules are a must as well as other features I've outlined in my previous post. It's a nice architecture to base your shop on if you want to add all those features yourself. I'm also extremely impressed with the architecture and features of nopCommerce 1.11 and I think it's by far the best ASP.NET based open source shopping cart solution out there.
  2. I do realise that Zen and osC were designed 6 years ago and their architecture is pretty shocking if you look undercovers, which is why we're looking to move to something better. One of the main factors for us is performance with a large catalogue and ability to host cost effectively. Ultimately, it doesn't matter what features Magento has if it doesn't perform well and is difficult to extend. Features is something that can be added, architecture is not something that can be easily changed. Also osC 3.0 Alpha 5 is not that well designed and that's not exactly 6 years old. I certainly agree that PrestaShop is missing some very core and important functionality (absolutely vital before we consider actually using it). Such functionality includes: - Custom Shipping Modules (i.e. where the shipping cost depends on delivery postcode and products (i.e. Cubic Weight, not just weight)) - Custom Order Total Modules (i.e. same as in osC) so you can add surcharges for Credit Cards for example or Shipping Insurance - Advanced Search (i.e. So you can search by Category, Manufacturer, Price Range) - same as in osC - Order Confirmation Screen (Where you can see the total order cost including all surchages, etc) - Separation of Order Creation & Payment - i.e. So you can select payment method, etc. Get the total price, place the order and then pay. This enable orders to be adjusted before they're paid for... Very important in a realistic environment where you have real-time communication. - Shipping Calculation in Shopping Cart & on Product Pages As much as I love the code and think highly of the PrestaShop architecture, I just don't think it's quite ready to be used by us without either the PS team or our guys adding a few critical features. From an architectural perspective though, it's by far the best and I hope those features can be added. For now we'll be sticking with our good old highly customised version of osC. The main reason we use osC is because it's so easy to add new features. No layers and layers of abstraction to drag code through. PS is also simple / quick enough to modify. Personally, I think the PS team needs to concentrate on adding core features such as those described above and not stuff like multi-shop support, because without those features you can't even use it as single fully functional shop.
  3. Guys, just wanted to say how impressed I am with PrestaShop architecture and coding. We're currently using osCommerce in our shop and have been looking for a better shopping cart platform. As someone from a software development background I look very closely at shopping cart achitecture, not just the features it has, as I know we'll want to implement our own additons and customisations and I have to say that PrestaShop puts every other open source php shopping cart to waste. For someone who understands OO programming it's the perfect solution, as it's not overengineered and poor performing like Magento and much much better written than something like ZenCart or osCommerce. Here's our experience with other carts for anyone interesting and trying to select the right cart to use (i.e. PrestaShop). osCommerce - Nice and simple to modify and doesn't have all the bloat like ZenCart, oscMax and creLoaded. We just added the features we wanted and heavily customised it. Customisation is a real pain though, especially when you get into more complex areas that require you to touch much of the codebase. There is no decent templating system and html is generated all over the shop. Still we found it a much better platform that ZenCart or other derivatives as it had less code, so we modified as we wanted it. It also lacks many features, is outdated and contains lots of un-necessary compatibility layer code for PHP4. I've also looked at osCommerce v3.0 Alpha and can't say that I'm too impressed with how its architected. ZenCart, oscMax, creLoaded - These are osCommerce delivatives with far too many features added and not all working properly. Moreover, they are poorly structured and a real pain to modify because there is no solid architecture behind them. HTML is pumped out all over the shop (literally) and so called templates are little more than files extracted out of the main page making it hell to made any major modifications as to make a simple change you need to modify like 10 files. Magento - The functionality is impressive, but its very complex and performance is terrible without alot of tuning. Worst of all you shouldn't even dare run it unless you have at least a VPS as you can't optimise performance without that. It gets worse if you try to run it with 20000+ products as the EAV model used in the DB is not very well suited to that. There is always trade-offs between performance and "flexibility" and I think Magento didn't consider performance enough. To make any changes, especially core changes you really need to know what you're doing with Magento. PrestaShop - Very well architected and lean codebase using modern software develoment methods (i.e. Object Oriented with MVC pattern). Smartly uses the well known and adopted Smarty for the templating engine instead of inventing its own. Great example of OO development in PHP. For an experienced OO+PHP developer will take less than a day to understand. Great use of Hooks (same as Events in Microsoft world) to enable custom code to tap into the core functionality. Unfortunately it currently lacks some much needed documentation and core functionality like Advanced Search, but hopefully this will change sooner rather than later. Either way that's something that can be easily added. I think PrestaShop is the most promising open source PHP shopping cart out there and has awesome potential. However I also think the PrestaShop team needs to focus on getting the core functionality (i.e. what's expected from a decent shopping cart) nailed down before adding new funky features such as multi-store support, which will only be used by few (while everyone needs to search). Also, for modules such as FAQs which can be achieved using CMS functionality the need is not as great. Would love to see the following: - At least one CC module such as Authorize.net in the core - One-page checkout (i.e. Where all customer data is entered on a single AJAX drive page like in Magento) - Ability to edit orders from the backend before payment is made (very very important for shops where negotiation and quoting happens) - Shipping Calculation on Product Pages and Shopping Cart page (with ability to enter destination postcode) Once again... PrestaShop is just brilliant and with a bit of nurturing can become the #1 open source shopping cart, at least for implementers and developers. Great work.
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