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  1. PrestaShop 1.7 turi nemokamą oficialų modulį. PrestsShio 1.6 turi mokamą oficialų modulį. Mes turime mokamą, tačiau pilnai atitinkantį visus ES reglamentus modulį, ko nedaro nei PS1.7 nei PS1.6 pritaikyti moduliai
  2. We have the exact problem, how to override Wishlist class from the module blockwishlist properly? Anyone has a proper solution already for that?
  3. I would suggest also thinking about another module which you can found here: http://www.presto-changeo.com/en/attribute-modules/59-product-list-attributes.html
  4. Taip pat reiktų pasižiūrėt bestsales modulį - dažnai jis tikrindamas per visą užsakymų istoriją sulėtina puslapio veikimą, kuria būna įterptas.
  5. Nuolaidų kuponai -> Katalogo kainos taisyklės. kadangi oficialūs partneriai belekaip su kiekviena versija verčia sistemą, tai gali būti kad vertimas šiek tiek skiriasi.
  6. Ir mes galime pridėti tai, bet tai nėra būtinas sąskaitos-faktūros rekvizitas ir jo kūrimas neturi didelės naudos.
  7. PrestaShop documention is more than clear to dive into PrestaShop development. http://doc.prestashop.com/
  8. Susisiekite su mumis ir atliksime 1 val. nemokamą konsultaciją įskaitant ir SEO optimizavmą. Galite susisiekti per nuorodas mano paraše.
  9. Tai galbūt kažką modifikavote papildomai arba kažkokį papildomą modulį diegėte arba prie Krepšelio Taisyklių priskirta, kad pridėti prekę kaip dovaną. Standartiškai taip nebūna.
  10. Kam tiek daug paveiksliukų vienai prekei 50? Reikia pasižiūrėti Nustatymai -> images kiek prikurta thumbnails. Gal kai kurie jų nenaudojimi, reiktų prasivalyti. Labai daug inode sunaudoja cache PrestaShop. inode yra bet koks failas ar email serveryje. Rekomenduojama persikelti į dedikuoti.lt, jei viršijama
  11. Hello, Maybe someone found or has an easy to implement solution in order to order products in category page based on discount?
  12. The module adds a special widget to dashboard which shows Facebook Likes and G+ likes for every product in catalog. The module works with PrestaShop >1.6.0. More information can be found at our site. You can download it at GitHub. or here: socialstatisticsmodule.zip
  13. I would like to ask other community members if they are not facing any problems with this module? am I the only one having these issues because as far as I can see most of PrestaShop projects which are using this module and its variations have at least one of my mentioned problem.
  14. Hello, Are there any other modules like the one outlined above? want to have discounts 3 for 2, 2 for 1 and a gift.
  15. Hello, I would like to do the same as in first post. I would need a module that would make 0% VAT for a company with valid VAT or tax registration number. I am aware of ability to make different percent of VAT for country, but this rule applies to both customer and bussinesses. I need a 0% only for companies. Maybe there's some better modules than the ones outlined here?
  16. That's the case I know what I am talking about
  17. I have tried to implement this functionality in some earlier versions. You need to override and modify all SQLs which selects products in category list. The views and controllers are pretty much the same. You will need an advance knowledge of SQL.
  18. Hm.. then everything should work fine I guess. Make sure to update modules to the latest version and if that does not help try to downgrade to a version that worked previously. Or try to use another one. There are couple of modules based on region.
  19. This is a JavaScript error. Open your console of browser and take a look. There might be some problem due your custom modifications or jquery version. Basically this error is produced in AuthController.php which sends response from AJAX call back to frontend.
  20. Have you looked in Localization -> Translations -> Installed modules translations -> choose your theme?
  21. You have added to return sentences in one functions. Only the first one is executed.
  22. I cannot see any errors at the moment. Make sure you turn them on and copy here all error text.
  23. No, Paulito is suggesting to use another way to manage hooks in PrestaShop. Live functionality must be integrated with your custom theme. If not, you will not be able to use it. There's another way to manage order of modules and places in PrestaShop. You will find all modules that are hooked to your shop at Modules -> Positions. As previously mentioned you can arrange positions of modules there using black arrows and hook/unhook them.
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