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  1. Where should i report this issue about prestashop.com website?
  2. Hi, I tried downloading my Romanian language pack for version 1.4.3 from your site but when i click on it, it gets me nowhere could you please verify and give me the correct address as i need this language pack very badly
  3. Hi, How can i display "Cart Block" in the "Top of Pages" . I`m using PS 1.4.3 with Prestashop_Alt theme. Now my Cart Block is showing only on my left. I tried transplating the module, but when i`m trying to move it to TOP OF PAGES it says it cannot be moved there. Now my Cart Block positions are LEFT column and HEADER. I see it on the left but not on the header. Can you please help? Thanks
  4. Hey RickieSee how did you managed to move the cart in the HEADER ? I`ve seen it on your page now... pls give us an answer
  5. i tried using your solution, but i think i`m missing something... i`m not so good at php code...so i think this is my problem... i`ll try again, maybe i will work. thanks again
  6. Hi, I think there is a problem that need to be considered by Prestashop developers. In the PRODUCT PAGE the main image (bigpic) is the same image as the product cover image (image you select to be the cover image so it can represent the product in categories all over your website). From what my mind can understand, a cover is a cover, so... when you acces PRODUCT PAGE you go beyond the cover, like opening a book... so the cover is not needed anymore. Likewise, a cover image may have another ratio than the ratio you select for the images inside PRODUCT PAGE... maybe you want to display an image of 200px x 200px as product cover for your categories, and in the product page you may want to display an image of 600px x 350px ...so the ratio cannot be the same and the picture will look strange. Can one of the Prestashop developers actually tell us how we can use the product cover image only in categories, and in the product page to use other images as the main pic? Thanks
  7. where can we find some roadmap or what`s new to PS 1.4.3 or what's different from
  8. Hi, Where from can i modify the thumbnail list so it will display 4 or 5 images, not just 3 as it display now. I`m refering to thumb_list that is found under the bigpic (large image) on the product page. Hope to get some answer, although from what i`ve experienced on this forum.... help comes very hard. thanks
  9. anyone??? ...or from where can i edit the .tpl or .php of the bigpic (big main picture in product page)
  10. How can we display another image on the product page, other than cover image. So we select an cover image for listing and and image special for displaying on the product page. thanks
  11. Hi, I`m using Prestashop version with Prestashop Alt Theme. How can i display in product page (product.tpl) an image other than the cover image. I managed to do this on an old version, but now i cannot find the solution. Any ideas? Thanks
  12. Hi to all, I have an urgent problem, so i hope someone will give me an idea or even the solution. I need to disable the additional images to appear/load on the "image-block" (where bigpic/cover image is displayed) , so when someone clicks on one of the additional images they will load up in the thickbox pop-up only. In this way the cover image will remain still and it will not change when you hover over an additional image. I hope my english is understandable. Thanks
  13. From where can i set to display more than 3 images on the thumbnails ? thanks
  14. I`ve done that, but now no products are displayed ( I`m using the Prestashop_ALT theme... maybe is there another way?!.... thanks again
  15. Hi, I want to display my products in PRODUCT LIST as a GRID (gridview), not as a list as it is now. I tried every solution that was proposed in this forum, but i had no luck. My theme is Prestashop ALT , the alternate default theme as i understand. Could you please tell me what i need to do to display my products in a 3 columns gridview? I know that i must make some modifications to my product_list.css, and .tpl ....but i really had no luck. Could you please help me out? My version of Prestashop is the latest (1.4.1). Thank you so much.
  16. any new link for PS 1.4 version for the GRID VIEW ???
  17. Thanks for your answer. I`ve done it ...now... i`m working on how to display product in subcategories in a grid (gridview), if you have some suggestions it would be great thanks again
  18. Hi, Could you please tell me where can i find it or how can i install it? I`m running the Prestashop version 1.4.1 ... i tried looking through the admin page... but i cannot find anything Please help
  19. Hi I just installed my first Prestashop 1.4.1 version. My theme is Prestashop_ALT, the alternative offered by Prestashop with 2 columns. I want to modify the way the product title looks on the product page. I tried modifying product.tpl, but it doesn`t matter what i change in product.tpl because nothing happens. Now, the product title appears in a H1 tag, i can change the H1 tag from global.css, but i want to give my title a special look, so i don`t want to modify the whole H1 tag from global.css How can i change the way product title is displayed on the product page? Thanks a lot
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