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  1. i was using the original PS theme... now i changed with prestashop alternative now... problem occured again... ...i cannot acces the admin
  2. now... same problem occurs when i changed my theme... Warning: scandir() [function.scandir]: Unable to access /home/_____/admin/themes/ in /home/_____/admin/init.php on line 76 Warning: scandir(/home/_____/admin/themes/) [function.scandir]: failed to open dir: No such file or directory in /home/_____/admin/init.php on line 76 Warning: scandir() [function.scandir]: (errno 2): No such file or directory in /home/_____/admin/init.php on line 76 Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/_____/admin/init.php on line 76 ...any idea why?
  3. now, after many refreshes... many cache clearing... now it works... strange strange strange thing
  4. sent you a pm from what it seems, the script still continues to look for "admin" folder
  5. same problem here. i installed version ( after login... just a BLANK SCREEN in internet explorer i get a 500 error
  6. Hi, I have a "stupid" problem . I don`t know my RSS FEED URL. I activated my RSS products feed 0.2 module... and now i cannot find my RSS URL Can you give me a tip please? Thanks
  7. i have activated it... but i don`t know where to find my RSS (( (at which address) ( heeelp pls
  8. Hi, I would like to get your help on a problem that is urgent for me to resolve it. If i add some borders to my thumbs images from the id="thumbs_list_frame", one of the images will appear on the bottom. It is a CSS problem, as the THUMBS_LIST_FRAME gets and automated inserted WIDTH. How can i override it? From what i managed to understand, images are calculated and the width is on autoset, but now when i add a border, the border adds some pixels to everyimage, so the THUMBS_LIST_FRAME gets bigger and cannot hide all the images and, one of the images will appear on the bottom. Do you have a solution for it? THanks
  9. Hi, I think i will sound stupid... but where can i view the abandoned carts in my backoffice? I searched everywhere... and... no luck for me... thanks in advance
  10. maybe i`ll sound stupid ...but i cannot find META TAGS in Preferences ( ...i`m using PS 1.4.3 thanks
  11. Hi David, Can you confirm that your module works on PS 1.4.3 ? I need to know before i buy it. Thanks
  12. if i replace it with $link->getUrlWith()} ...i see product.php ...blabla i`m getting close... could you help please href="{$link->getProductLink(intval($category->id, $product->id), $product->link_rewrite, $product->ean13)}" anyone?
  13. Hi, I`m using PS 1.4.3 ... i modified my TPL pages as you suggested... but nothing shows up
  14. Hi, I want to include in my the Facebook social plugin to show the comments of my facebook users. The code is this: [removed][removed] How can i automatically call in the fb:comments href (in WHAT_TO_WRITE_OR_INCLUDE_HERE) the actual address of the page. I`m a newbie in PHP and i think i remember seeing some time ago a GETURL or something like that...so i`m thinking if anyone of you can help me please Thanks
  15. how it can be done on multiple pages??/ like CMS, INDEX, products.... thanks
  16. I`m using PS 1.4.3 I tried both solutions provided in this topic. The best solution for PS 1.4.3 is the one provided by MrManchot. Just copy the file in override ...and you are done
  17. Hi, How can we insert an image in the CATEGORY DESCRIPTION (not the logo, but description field) ? I tried entering but it gets erased once i save it... what code do we need to insert so we can use html code in the CATEGORY DESCRIPTION FIELD. thanks Later edit: I tried this solution but it doesn`t work. Maybe because i`m using PS 1.4.3 ??? http://www.jellygnite.com.au/blog/index.php/archive/prestashop-display-html-in-category-description/
  18. hobbystuggu please give us the module link thanks
  19. aceeasi problema si la mine... ...se potriveste cumva cu 1.4.3 ??/
  20. anyone? OMG... Prestashop forum support sucks badly ...i can`t believe it ...sofware rulz...but forum support lacks of...
  21. this is a big problem... i tried modifying their settings and same thing happens... if i set one of the carriers as FREE all the other carriers will appear as FREE... could you help please
  22. Hi, After adding 3 different carriers and setting different fees for everyone of them... a problem occurred at the ORDER page at point no.2 at DELIVERY METHODS. The problem is that the same price is displayed for every different carrier. I set 3 different prices for every carrier, but in the order page every one of those 3 carriers display the same fee... is it my mistake or ???
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