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  1. Hi,


    There is a problem with image mapping / scenes.... they are not showing in Front Office. From what i found the problem is because the way the SCENES DIV is called and it's height and width is missing...


    here's the code:


    <div class="screen_scene" id="screen_scene_{$scene->id}" style="background:transparent url({$base_dir}img/scenes/{$scene->id}-scene_default.jpg); height:{$largeSceneImageType.height}px; width:{$largeSceneImageType.width}px; {if [email protected]} display:none;{/if}">


    here's the way it is shown in front office


    <div id="screen_scene_1" class="screen_scene" style="background:transparent url(http://localhost/dx/img/scenes/1-scene_default.jpg); height:px; width:px; ">


    You can see that the HEIGHT & WIDTH is missing. It works only if you set it manually in the scenes.tpl ...


    BUT what's the correct argument for calling the corect scene height and width? We should replace

    height:{$largeSceneImageType.height}px; width:{$largeSceneImageType.width}px;

    with what???



  2. Thanks Pman 77. In reinstalling the theme I'm guessing he sorted out the image names. I've changed them in AdminScenesController.php so I can upload the images and create the image maps. Of course, there's now a second problem - the images don't appear in the front office but the map links do. Will keep trying :)


    In FO the problem is because of the way HEIGHT and WIDTH is setted... they are zero (height:px) ...if you manually set it it will show up...

  3. same f***** problem here with the latest PS released on 31th of Dec 2012. I made the modification suggested by be_tnt. I don't know how PS team can allow this kinds of problems... rumours are that some of PS team managers were fired last year and now they hired some beginners

  4. Hello,



    I have a small clothing shop with tailor services. The thing is that the price for tailoring is never the same, as some of the products need more modification than others.


    Does anyone know how can i place an order in the BO with a custom price for a product (tailor services)?


    So, let's say a client orders: 1 pair of Jeans ...now those jeans needs some tailoring services that cost 2$.


    I want to be able to place the order in BO... so i select the pair he wants, and now the tailoring services of 2$.



    After 5 minutes, another client calls me and orders: 2 pairs of Jeans with tailoring service in the value of 11$.


    I want to be able to place his order in BO... select the pairs, and the tailoring services of value $11.



    Is there a way to do this?

  5. Hello,


    I have an online webshop and recently i gave acces to it to someone that have more skills than i. I want a solution so i can hide my main admin account in the employees tab.



    Something like:


    IF employee name == Perusi then HIDE/do not display it in EMPLOYEES tab.



    any idea?


    thanks a lot

  6. Hi,


    I've modified the checkout page, because i have only 1 carrier and only 1 payment method. So, i've decided to follow some directions from the forum here, and i've managed to skip the carrier by modifying 2 files:


    1. OrderController.php -> from





    2. order-carrier.tpl -> from

    <form id="form" action="{$link->getPageLink('order.php', true)}" method="post" onsubmit="return acceptCGV();">


    <form id="form" action="{$base_dir}modules/cashondelivery/validation.php" method="post" onsubmit="return acceptCGV();">



    Now the problem is that the customers messages/comments they leave are not appearing in the BO in Orders details.


    From my test, i've seen that the problem is from the FORM ACTION.


    Could you please give me some help?

  7. I've changed the line


    <form action="{$link->getPageLink('order.php', true)}" method="post">



    <form action="{$base_dir}modules/cashondelivery/validation.php" method="post" onsubmit="return acceptCGV();">


    In order-address.tpl...


    Also...i've made changes in OrderController.php from here http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/74445-can-i-hide-carrier-selection-step-in-prestashop/



    Everything works, except the messages the customers are leaving...


    From what i've tested, the problem is within the FORM ACTION.


    Any ideas?



  8. Hi,


    I need your help guys... for what i think it is just a simple css modification to jbx_menu.


    I need that the third level to be displayed horizontal, not vertical as all the levels are displayed now.


    I need to display 4 elements in a row on that horizontal 3rd level.




    What do i mean by third level?


    Let`s say i have this menu: Menu A, Menu B, Menu C (this is the 1st level)


    parent Menu A have 3 childs (second level)...so when you go with the mouse over it... it will display the followings:





    Menu A -> subMenu 1 (2nd level)

    -------------- subMenu 2

    -------------- subMenu 3



    Now when someone clicks on subMenu1 ...it will display the followings:


    Menu A -> subMenu 1 -> subsubMenu X (3rd level)

    -------------------------------- subsubMenu Y

    -------------------------------- subsubMenu Z





    NOW... i need to make this 3rd level to be displayed on horizontal, not vertical...




    so it will look like this: subsubMenu X subsubMenu Y subsubMenu Z


    ....and as i said i want that 4 elements to be on the same row... the fifth on the second row... and so on...




    Because i`m a newbie in css... i find it difficult to do it... i tried for about 2 weeks and still no luck... i`m thinking of something like display: none, list-style-type: inline; and something with the nth-child for the elements to be displayed on the same row....


    Hope you`ll help me.



  9. Hi,



    I`m struggling with this beautiful module for about 2 weeks, and because i`m a newbie... i still cannot modify it to work for me.


    All i need is to make the third list to be displayed horizontal (4 elements per row). Why? Because my menu is so long... and it gets out of the monitor area...





    My menu is like this:


    Parent A , Parent B, Parent C, Parent D, Parent E, Parent F


    ...first i want that after the first 3 parents to add a margin... so it will look like this:


    Parent A , Parent B, Parent C,-----------------------------Parent D, Parent E, Parent F





    from Parent A the list is as it follows:


    My subparent A

    My subparent B

    My subparent C

    My subparent D


    ...everything is ok at subparent list...


    now... from My subparent A.... i want the list to be displayed horizontal (4 elements per row)...like this


    My subparent A -> My sub-sub-parent A, My sub-sub-parent B, My sub-sub-parent C, My sub-sub-parent D

    My sub-sub-parent E, My sub-sub-parent F


    ....in other words to display the third parents...on a horizontal line....



    How can i do this? i tried display: inline; list-style-type: none....


    and even the nth-child for the parent-menu to have a margin after the third element.... :(


    ...still no luck...



    Could please help?



    Thanks a lot

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