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  1. I`m interested in showing a bigger image in the Order details page in BO. Now it currently displays the mini image, but i`m interested in showing a bigger image. I don't want to modify the mini image size and height, but to ask for another image size.


    I know this is the code to modify in _product_line.tpl from  admin/themes/default/template/controllers/orders

    <td align="center">{if isset($product.image) && $product.image->id}{$product.image_tag}{/if}</td>

    I`m using PS



  2. Hello,


    How can i add in the BackOffice Product Listing two new columns with the "Available for Order" field and "Online Only" field?



    Something like this was done in this thread: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/275522-solved-add-backoffice-columns-products-list/






    But how can it be done with Available for Order field and Online Only field?



  3. Hello,


    I`m using PS 1.5.31  I`m generating my website sitemap and all my links are incorrect. I think it's a thing with the SEO URLS.


    My correct product link is  www.address.com/category/jeans-for-girls-14.html


    and the generated link is






    If you know a solution can you post it here?



    thanks, thanks, thanks

  4. i recently bought this module. i have some problems with it on PS


    Here are the probl:


    1. Some products have no names.

    2. Some products (Most) have no short_description

    3. If a product have attributes then the product is displayed on multiple lines.


    4. I cannot add an empty field (eg let's say i want to export my csv as this Name, Id, MY_X, Short_desc, and i want the MY_X to be an empty field with ,"", - i cannot do this

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