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  1. I`m interested in showing a bigger image in the Order details page in BO. Now it currently displays the mini image, but i`m interested in showing a bigger image. I don't want to modify the mini image size and height, but to ask for another image size. I know this is the code to modify in _product_line.tpl from admin/themes/default/template/controllers/orders <td align="center">{if isset($product.image) && $product.image->id}{$product.image_tag}{/if}</td> I`m using PS Thanks
  2. Do you have an idea how we can add certain custom fields in the Order Form process? I want customers to be able to input their Height and Weight when they make the order. anticipated thanks! My P.S version is
  3. Hello, How can i add in the BackOffice Product Listing two new columns with the "Available for Order" field and "Online Only" field? Something like this was done in this thread: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/275522-solved-add-backoffice-columns-products-list/ But how can it be done with Available for Order field and Online Only field? Thanks
  4. How can you do this, but instead of Manufacturer to show AVAILABLE FOR ORDER and ONLINE ONLY in BO Product Listing? Thanks
  5. Hello, I`m using PS 1.5.31 I`m generating my website sitemap and all my links are incorrect. I think it's a thing with the SEO URLS. My correct product link is www.address.com/category/jeans-for-girls-14.html and the generated link is www.address.com/category/14-jeans-for-girls.html COULD YOU PLEASE HELP? If you know a solution can you post it here? thanks, thanks, thanks
  6. if you manage to find a solution, please post it here for the community... ...or gimme a message please , i`m interested also
  7. is there any possibility to add ONLINE_ONLY selection to product edit? So that we can view/set if the product is for online only or not? thanks
  8. i recently bought this module. i have some problems with it on PS Here are the probl: 1. Some products have no names. 2. Some products (Most) have no short_description 3. If a product have attributes then the product is displayed on multiple lines. 4. I cannot add an empty field (eg let's say i want to export my csv as this Name, Id, MY_X, Short_desc, and i want the MY_X to be an empty field with ,"", - i cannot do this
  9. ceva de exportat si creat feed-uri din magazinul propriu nu ai? as vrea sa creez un feed pentru un alt magazin care sa-si adauge pe site produsele mele
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