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  1. not sure when i can get it done. just waiting for the client to provide me with their client id. once i get that, then i can test it and release it. again, i can't release it for free if the client decides not to release it for the public (they're paying for it anyway).
  2. I'm currently developing NAB's Hosted Payment Gateway. you can find it here: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/72017/ not yet done though
  3. just an update: now supports discounts and vouchers. Sorry, can't release this one yet as I haven't been provided with a client ID yet, so can't test it out. But as far as checking out, place an order, redirect to NAB, all working fine.
  4. yes, no link yet. this is still in alpha stage. still have a lot of things that need to be done (eg. integrate vouchers, etc). And i haven't actually tested it on NAB yet, as I'm still waiting for the client to provide me with their ID (apparently you will need an active customer ID to use the test gateway). I'll keep you updated
  5. Hi Guys, I have created a payment module for us Australians At the moment, it's for their Hosted Payment Gateway. Good for you guys that don't have SSL on your website. Have a look at the attached pictures Please let me know what you guys think
  6. Hi Guys, Is there a way to set prestashop so that it only apply TAX when your billing and delivery address is NOT in the tax zone? I need to do this: - Billing: Local, Delivery: Overseas -> Apply Tax - Billing: Local, Delivery: Local -> Apply Tax - Billing: Overseas, Delivery: Local -> Apply Tax - Billing: Overseas, Delivery: Overseas -> NO TAX Help please?
  7. Hi guys, I have a problem with tax. At the moment, the tax is only applied when the billing address is within the zones you set on the back office. Is there a way to set it so that the tax will only be applied when the delivery address is within the zones you set on the back office? For example, those people that purchase something on my store and get the orders delivered OUTSIDE Australia, they will not be taxed (prices will be EXCLUDING GST), however, those orders delivered INSIDE Australia, they will be taxed (prices will be INCLUDING GST). Is there a way to do this? Thank you
  8. yes I did, as I specified in first post Basically, i have added 2 new attributes on the table cms: – position – intiger – active – tinyintiger
  9. also, can someone please help me with the display/undisplay the cms when you click the icon?
  10. this is my update function on \classes\CMS.php public function updatePosition($way, $position = NULL) { $id_cms = intval(Tools::getValue('id_cms', 1)); if (!$res = Db::getInstance()->ExecuteS(' SELECT c.`id_cms`, c.`position` FROM `'._DB_PREFIX_.'cms` c WHERE c.`id_cms` = '.intval($id_cms).' ORDER BY c.`position` '.(intval($way) ? 'ASC' : 'DESC'))) return false; foreach ($res AS $key => $values) if (intval($values[$this->identifier]) == intval($this->id)) { $k = $key ; break ; } if (!isset($k) OR !isset($res[$k]) OR !isset($res[$k + 1])) return false; $from = $res[$k]; $to = $res[$k + 1]; if (isset($position)) $to['position'] = intval($position); return (Db::getInstance()->Execute(' UPDATE `'._DB_PREFIX_.'cms` SET `position`= position '.($way ? '-1' : '+1').' WHERE position between '.intval(min(array($from['position'], $to['position']))) .' AND '.intval(max(array($from['position'], $to['position']))).' AND `id_cms`='.intval($from['id_cms'])) AND Db::getInstance()->Execute(' UPDATE `'._DB_PREFIX_.'cms` SET `position`='.intval($to['position']).' WHERE `'.pSQL($this->identifier).'` = '.intval($from[$this->identifier]).' AND `id_cms`='.intval($to['id_cms']))); } when the up or down icon is clicked, i get 1 error 1. Failed to update the position. Help?
  11. Oh, i'm using Prestashop version 1.3 RC3
  12. Hi guys, Can you expert please help me on how to make this work (see image)? I basically wanted to extend the CMS module a bit more by allowing you to publish/unpublish page and re-order them easily. I know the sort-order mod for this module is available, but not the publish/unpublish page. Basically, i have added 2 new attributes on the table cms: - position - intiger - active - tinyintiger and added the following code to the AdminCMS.php on line 19 'position' => array('title' => $this->l('Position'), 'width' => 40, 'align' => 'center', 'position' => 'position'), 'active' => array('title' => $this->l('Displayed'), 'active' => 'active', 'align' => 'center', 'type' => 'bool', 'orderby' => false) No, I don't know how to make it so that when you click the Displayed icon to set the active to 1 or 0, and the ordering of the position. Help guys? I'm sure this would benefit to others as well.
  13. PM and Email sent. Please let me know as I'd need the module asap. Thanks
  14. hi, yes, i would like to purchase it, but first where can i see a demo? Thanks
  15. Hi, I'm in need for Australian TNT shipping module. Can anyone help me? Thank you
  16. Is there a way to integrate prestashop with SugarCRM. Like, if someone creates an account in prestashop, it will also create a profile in SugarCRM and the contact us form when submitted will create a record in sugarcrm and sends it to someone. Any idea?
  17. d'oh! i feel stupid now Thanks though! So into my next question, how do we restrict tax to only a certain country(ies) ?
  18. How do i go about doing this? Been looking at all the options but couldn't find it. This was actually my next question Yeah, i want it to set so that when someone's shipping address isn't australia, then GST will be taken off. Please help
  19. Is there a way to include tax in an order when someone selects a currency and not include tax when someone select another currencies? Eg. When someone selects Australian Dollar as their main currency, all products they order will include GST (tax), however when someone selects currencies other than australian dollar (eg. Euro, Pound etc), all their products will not include GST (tax). How do i do that?
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