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  1. Well, i got almost the same just getting catalog "on" and getting off the "add to card" button and cart module. However I would prefer to work as a catalogue with prices displaying. I would appreciate a lot if anyone may help with this. Cheers
  2. PAra quitar logearse , se debe desactivar el modulo de informacion de usuario. Ese sistema lo he probado. De todas formas pienso que seria mas sencillo y seguro que mas amigable con pretashop el ponerlo en Catalogo y mostrar precio. En algun lado tiene que estar la orden de mostrar precio. ( product.tpl y alguno mas).. Nadie sabe nada de esto?
  3. Does anyone know how to make in catalogue mode the prices displaying. I mean for what i wany catalogue mode is perfect, but if I cant show the price it doesn't make any sense.Please, can anyone let me know how to get that. I believe that this option should be there already, come on catalogue is not sales but price is basic information for potencial customers.
  4. ALguien sabe que tengo que cambiar y donde para que en modo catalogo muestre precios aunque sin opciones de compra como normal. Vamos que quiero mostarr a los clientes mi catalogo, que sepan los precios aunque no sean capaces de comprar atraves de la web. La verdad es que la opcion catalogo, creo que definitivamente deberia de tener la opcion de mostrar precios. A ver si alguien me puede decir algo
  5. It looks that everyone is gone... I would appreciate a lot if someone may have a look at that code and let the categories not to work as a link but just open subcategories and off course subcategories to open up the products on it that is exactly what isn't working is the methos I used ontop. I would appreciate any comments,please
  6. Sorry, is not solved. It looks good and is not opening the main categories as I wanted but the proble is that is not opening the subcategories either. This is the code for: > {$node.name|escape:html:'UTF-8'} {if $node.children|@count > 0} </pre> <ul> {foreach from=$node.children item=child name=categoryTreeBranch} {if isset($smarty.foreach.categoryTreeBranch) && $smarty.foreach.categoryTreeBranch.last} {include file="$branche_tpl_path" node=$child last='true'} {else} {include file="$branche_tpl_path" node=$child last='false'} {/if} {/foreach} </ul> <br> {/if Does anyone know how to achieve this? Thanks in advance
  7. ALMOST SOLVED with some information from "badjoker" and time. 1st step – edit file ‘category-tree-branch.tpl’, located in yourshop/modules/blockcategories/ replace {$node.name|escape:htmlall:'UTF-8'} with {$node.name|escape:htmlall:'UTF-8'} 2rd step – edit file’global.css’, located in yourshop/themes\prestashop\css\modules\blockcategories.css remove or comment classes {* #categories_block_left span.grower { display: block; float: left; background-position: 0 3px; background-repeat: no-repeat; width: 9px; height: 15px; margin: 0 0 0 -12px!important; margin: 0 0 0 -8px; padding: 0 } #categories_block_left span.OPEN { background-image: url('../../../img/icon/less.gif') } #categories_block_left span.CLOSE { background-image: url('../../../img/icon/more.gif') }*} Hope it helps someone.
  8. Thank u, shokinro: I will try all in a fresh installation to see how it works. I wil ltell u how it goes. I appreciate your help. All the best
  9. Thank you, shokinro; what about to set the default value, shoul I do it in the same tag? ( I mean, in this case, for example to set Lewis as default value for surname).
  10. I want the parent category (like ‘iPod’) top open the menu and not go to the page with subs. So basically I want the parentcategory to behave like the ‘+’ and ‘-’, open/close the tree. Any ideas?
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