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  1. So, the title of the post is misleading. Change it to be more relevant "Can anyone help with the loyalty module" for example I don;t use that module so can't help directly, but change the title and you may catch someones eye
  2. This post is really unclear Do you need help upgrading to the latest prestashop version, or help with modules that are not working Can you give more details
  3. a few more clues may be needed What version of prestashop Standard or other theme any other non standard modules Has this always been a problem, or is it a new issue. If new issue what recent changes have you made to your store url so it can be tested
  4. Not possible in the core system. I would like that functionality myself. I think I found a module once, but have not be able to find it again
  5. Correct - to the general public I believe It is good to know that some users of Prestashop have such a large multinational turnover There are modules that will help Perhaps this one? https://addons.prestashop.com/en/accounting-invoicing/20439-tax-by-country-and-customer-group.html Try searching on the addons site for others
  6. Why do you need to do that? Within the EU you sell at the VAT rate your store is in. We are in the UK and therefore we charge 20% VAT. If someone from France, or Italy or anywhere in the EU they also get charged 20% (unless they are business then they pay no VAT)
  7. Works for me Can you explain why you think it is not working? Error messages? Screen Prints? what browsers etc
  8. Any good? https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/627675-an-error-occurred-while-sending-the-message-on-contact-form/
  9. haylau

    Ripped off

    @Bellini : please do NOT tell people that I am giving false information. I am not. The information I gave is FACTUALLY correct 1) - My first point: ANYONE can download and install prestashop - FACTUALLY CORRECT!!!!. There are no restrictions (apart from user ability / server configurment to prevent this 2) - My second point: Prestashop is NOT in control of any site, or site practices - FACTUALLY CORRECT !!!!!. Or are you saying that Prestashop can turn off my site? Pehaps they are overwriting my debt? Will refund my customers - no of course not. 3) - My third point was "They do not even know all the contact details of people who run prestashop sites". Of course they do not know my contact details. I concede it may be possible for them to see "certain" details such as A name, or An email address.But only those that I type in to the system. What exactly would stop me from entering any name and any email address as contacts? Nothing. I have not worked with the code as I know you do, so I believe you when you say that there is tracking code. But does that code REALLY pinch all my personal details (well those details that I make up and type in). that would be very alamring in this day and age and I will ask them that very question 4) YOU then tell me I am actually correct because the tracking code can be disabled. Whether most people do not not is irrelavant, the information I gave is still factually correct. I think I understand what you mean, that they do track installations, but that does NOT mean they know who every site owner is - or that they have any control of those sites. . Please do not tell me I am factually incorrect unless you can prove it.
  10. haylau

    Ripped off

    Anybody can download prestashop and install it on their own systems. Prestashop is not in control of any of the sites or any of the practices of the site owners. They do not even know all the contact details of people who run prestashop sites. I have downloaded Prestashop and installed it with near a dozen domain names, prestashop would not know any thing at all about any of those websites, or my contact details. As advised, you need to talk to paypal or your card company , or your bank to see if they can help If you know the same of the wesbite you can try entering it here, depending on how it was registered you may get some contact details as a starting point for the police https://au.godaddy.com/whois?isc=gofdau41
  11. Have to talked to the theme developers?
  12. That first "bit" can be due to many things such as the speed and memory on your server, location of server. But for me you site is not slow. I would not worry too much about it. It is my understanding that ecommerce sites are always going to be a little slow than static sites, just because of the amount of info they have to draw down. Also you have to look at which servers the test is being done from : see Germany you r main target is much faster as is the rest of Europe. Try some well known site such as EbAY, not that much faster than yours Bu the main thing, answer the questions, then others can help more full. I asked: " Do you have all the optimisations switched on (Advanced parameters > Performance)
  13. Seems quite fast to me. Do you have all the optimisations switched on (Advanced parameters > Performance)
  14. How do you know the slow site and data usage are linked to Https Perhaps a coincidence - ezpecailly as you say it was some time later it was slow
  15. Try here: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/639177-fatalerrorexception-in-admin-page/
  16. Preferences > products > Allow ordering of out-of-stock products
  17. Was the email actually sent? Not sure about 1.7 but in 1.6 we can see all emails sent at Advanced Parameters > Email If the email was definitely sent, then check all spam / junk folders etc locally and on the server if possible
  18. You need to give some more details Do you mean? 1) You want to stop customers form making a purchase when you have no stock 2) Let them or but stop the "backorder" email 3) Something else? Describe eactly what you want to see / happen
  19. Download and re-install the theme. Or talk to the theme devs
  20. I dont know the fix - is the theme new? Have you spoken to the theme devs? I did notice these errors though, which suggests your CSS file is corrupt - and actually scroll all the way to the bottom and you will see the CSS effects disappear The certificate used to load https://shop.yorkshirebeardcompany.co.uk/ uses an SSL certificate that will be distrusted in an upcoming release of Chrome. Once distrusted, users will be prevented from loading this resource. See https://g.co/chrome/symantecpkicerts for more information. shop.yorkshirebeardcompany.co.uk/:18 GET https://shop.yorkshirebeardcompany.co.uk/themes/charme/css/global.css net::ERR_ABORTED
  21. Thanks, somewhere close, but not great is it? It is just too hard to navigate on here now, probably just won't bother anymore
  22. Forum update is nice - but where has the page gone where we can see all the new posts since our last visit? Now I have to click into every forum to see things.
  23. We never even look at addresses on PayPal - for us it is what is in prestashop that matters. That is where we print delivery notes and invoices etc Perhaps just add a simple note on the checkout page advising customers that the store only looks at the info they have entered in Prestashop
  24. haylau

    Copy a product

    If it is easy, then go ahead and do it Try Storemanager. I copies qty, not sure about the courier though. Talk to them, they may be able to help https://www.prestashopmanager.com/
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